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Result Content Idea Research
1 Some “Stimulus” Math
2 The Fair Access to Banking Rule
3 Stimulus and Lessons for Program Design
4 December Jobs
5 Benefits, Costs, and Doing Arithmetic at the EPA
6 2020: The Year in Regulation
7 Market Forces and Clean Energy
8 Building on the Legacy of the Pai FCC
9 No, Big Tech Did Not Violate the First Amendment
10 $2 Billion in Savings to Ring in the New Year
11 Key Labor Provisions in the COVID-19 Response Package
12 A Billion Dollars in Costs in Three Days
13 Education Provisions in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021
14 A New Congressional COVID-19 Relief Bill and Housing Assistance
15 EPA Transparency at the End of the Tunnel
16 A New Congressional COVID-19 Relief Bill and The Paycheck Protection Program
17 A New Congressional COVID-19 Relief Bill and The Federal Reserve's Emergency Lending Facilities
18 Carbon Pricing
19 Alaska, Oil, and Severance Taxation
20 Projecting FY 2020 Regulatory Budget Results
21 Congressional Republicans balk at Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief plan, complicating push for quick passage
22 Climate Change and Financial Stability
23 “Fixing” the PPP
24 The Future of Apprenticeships
25 Financial Services Provisions in the CARES Act
26 Memphis church holds forum with leading vaccine researcher
27 Severance Taxes: A Case Study Analysis of Alaska's Ballot Measure 1
28 Has the Trump Administration Reached 'Peak Deregulation'?
29 State Unemployment Benefits and Returning to Work
30 Addressing the Economic Impacts of COVID-19
31 In Defense of the PPP
32 Debt Forgiveness Dilemma
33 Wealth Tax Would Disproportionately Harm Workers
34 The Future of the Paycheck Protection Program
35 Balancing Growth Versus Other Agendas – The Public Option Example
36 Combatting COVID-19 After the Peak
37 US Dependence on Chinese Pharmaceuticals is Overstated
38 The Department of Labor's Proposed Rule on Independent Work
39 The 2020 Global Culture Forum
40 CFOs face challenging labor landscape under Biden administration
41 The Gig Economy, Pandemic, and Policy
42 Ending Surprise Medical Bills
43 DACA Returns
44 Dodd-Frank Week: AAF Assesses the Consequences, 10 Years Later
45 American Action Forum: 'Economic Headwinds and a Public Option'
46 Congress Considers Budget Execution Reforms
47 Do Tariffs Impact Prices? The Case of Aluminum
48 Democrats eye Trump-era rule rollbacks, but their reach will be limited
49 Biden to unveil $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan with more stimulus checks | TheHill
50 The Budget Outlook
51 The Internet Is Still Not Broken
52 HR 6201
53 Implementation of Title IV of the CARES Act
54 Federal Reserve's Balance Sheet Tops $7 Trillion for First Time
55 Why 'GILTI' Must be Fixed
56 National Apprenticeship Week
57 A Day to Inspire Action and Equity
58 Biden Climate Plan 2.0
59 Comparing Trump and Biden's K-12 Education Plans
60 Restricting Legal Immigration to America Won't Help Our Economy
61 What Does the Department of Justice Case Against Google Mean for Calls to Break Up Big Tech?
62 Revisiting the Unemployment Insurance Situation
63 The Impact of a Most Favored Nation Drug Price Rulemaking on Innovation
64 The Fed and a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea
65 Background: The Relationship Between External Factors and Chronic Disease
66 Biden's Day One
67 Conservative Health Care Reform
68 HHS Proposes to Sunset Its Regulations
69 DACA Do Over
70 Biden's “Tax” Plan and “Growth”
71 The Readers' Forum: Monday letters | Letters |
72 Understanding the Proposed Capital Requirements for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
73 How the CARES Act Impacts Mortgage Servicing
74 GREEN NEW DEAL: Group tied to shadowy network created $93T estimate
75 Chronic Disease in the United States: A Worsening Health and Economic Crisis
76 The Details of the RCEP Trade Deal
77 To File or Not To File
78 EPA Proposes Benefit-Cost Analysis Rule
79 The Need for Testing Advanced Nuclear Power
80 Update: Deregulation Under Trump
81 GSE Reform and the Senate
82 CBO and CARES
83 Assessing the Department of Labor's Rule Raising Wage Requirements for H-1B Workers
84 An Unintended Consequence of Limiting High-Skilled Immigration to the US
85 Comparing Trump and Biden on Immigration
86 China, Again
87 Supreme Court Rules CFPB Structure Unconstitutional
88 Reducing Uncertainty and Restoring Confidence during the Coronavirus Recession
89 CFTC Acknowledges Climate Change As A Systemic Risk To The Economy
90 Health Policy Provisions in the HEROES Act
91 The Regulatory Impact of the Green New Deal
92 The Challenges Facing the Trump Administration's Drug Importation Plan
93 Health Provisions in the HEROES Act
94 The truth about the Dodd-Frank Act
95 Mixed Signals on COVID-19 Testing
96 The C-Band Auction: Market-based Approaches to Spectrum in Advancing 5G
97 November Jobs
98 Section 230 as a Pro-Competition Policy
99 Scotiabank and Mitacs Launch the Scotiabank Economic Resilience Research Fund
100 PBMs File Complaint Against Unwise HHS Rebate Rule