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1 TCPA Is Unenforceable Since 2015 – Federal Courts In Louisiana And Ohio Rule
2 Class Rips Real Estate Website's Attempt To Duck TCPA Suit
3 A Political Consultant Who Ennobled the Profession
4 Educational seminar: Preview of Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants
5 Educational seminar: Debrief of Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants
6 Supreme Court Decides Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants
7 Jockeying Begins in California for Senate Appointee to Succeed Kamala Harris
8 AAPC Will Appeal After Losing Suit For PPP Fund Access
9 Take Two—Or Three: High Court December Calendar Full of Sequels
10 Ohio District Court Holds TCPA Unenforceable From 2015 Through 2020
11 Symposium: The court should not “sever” where the president cannot
12 Political Consultants Sue for Access to Small Business Loans
13 SCOTUS: Barr v AAPC & Chiefalo v Washington
14 AAPC Launches Lawsuit Over Access to SBA Funds
15 Appeals court denies lobbyists' efforts to access small-business loan program | TheHill
16 If You Thought the TCPA Was on Its Way Out, Think Again: The Supreme Court Expands Its Prohibitions Instead
17 Health Care Law Looks Primed to Survive Latest Turn at High Court
18 Political consultants sue over exclusion from small business loans
19 Supreme Court Decision In TCPA Case Could Lower Costs For Campaigns
20 Supreme Court Strikes Down TCPA Exception—While Keeping the Remainder of the Act Intact—and Will Soon Address “Autodialer” Definition in Highly Anticipated Decision
21 SCOTUS Strikes Again! The Supreme Court Upholds the TCPA but Severs the Debt-Collection Exemption
22 Lobbying Firms Say They're Not Getting Fair Shake at U.S. Virus Loans
23 Small Business Rescue Cash Isn't for Lobbyists, Judge Rules
24 How a Brooklyn Sisterhood of Black Women Became National Power Brokers
25 Lobbyists, Political Consultants Sue U.S. for Coronavirus Bailout
26 What strip clubs and political consultants have in common: They’re fighting for PPP loans.
27 Robocalls Get the Boot: Supreme Court Tackles Annoying Practice | The Legal Intelligencer
28 This week at the court
29 To Sever or Not to Sever: Supreme Court Grapples With Political Consultants’ First Amendment TCPA Challenge
30 TCPA Tracker
31 TCPA Class Actions
32 Live blog of opinions (Update: Completed)
33 SCOTUS Hears TCPA Case: Barr v. AAPC
34 Argument preview: Justices take on First Amendment challenge to robocall law
35 Lobbyists Take Fight Over Virus Relief Ban To DC Circ.
36 INSIGHT: SCOTUS Curtails Government Power to Regulate Through Speech Restriction
37 Part I: Barr v. AAPC and Judicial Departmentalism
38 Lobbyists Fighting for Bailout Money Promise Not to Play Politics
39 Among those who got PPP loans: Washington lobbying firms
40 Supreme Court Issues Highly Anticipated First Amendment Ruling in Barr v. AAPC
41 MSU Wonderlust to host a free online reception featuring a keynote address by Raymond D. Strother
42 Toilet heard flushing in background of Supreme Court oral arguments
43 When Washington Helped Small Business, Washington Was Helped
44 OCA Begins Collecting Voluntary Data on Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation of Attorneys, Judges | New York Law Journal
45 CHS alum's firm wins 7 'Oscars' of political advertising
46 Purple Strategies' Co-Founder and Chairman Alex Castellanos Inducted into the American Association of Political Consultants Hall of Fame Class of 2019
47 Money & the Law: Political robocalls, texts governed by convoluted law
48 TCPA In Jeopardy? US Supreme Court Reviews Constitutionality
49 Which lobbying and public affairs firms got PPP loans
50 Argument analysis: Justices skeptical of robocall law, but appear to want to keep it
51 How to Evolve the Media Mix to Reach Voters in the Final Stretch
52 Safrans' $1 million gift endows new merit scholarship
53 TCPA Updates for Summer 2020
54 America's economic pain arrives on K Street
55 Does Political Consulting Work?
56 Robocalls get their day in the Supreme Court
57 TCPA’s 2015 Government-Debt Collection Exception Struck Down- Now What?
58 Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is back in hot water. He’s escaped before.
59 Global Political Campaigns Draw on US Expertise to Win Elections
60 Sunburn — The morning read of what's hot in Florida politics — 12.3.20
61 Campaign Managers in State and Local Races Are Often Recent College Graduates
62 What's Up With That? District Court Refuses to Stay TCPA Case Despite SCOTUS Ruling Being Just
63 SCOTUS Will Review Constitutionality of TCPA's Government Debt Exception
64 KC law firm's First Amendment case heads to U.S. Supreme Court
65 Wednesday round-up
66 The case for certified political managers
67 Henry E. 'Eddie' Mahe, Jr. | Obituaries |
68 Berman and Company Wins Four 2020 Pollie Awards
69 Mellman: The folly in questions people can't answer | TheHill
70 Local hospitals offer children's vaccination days
71 Biden campaign names 2 key Arizona staff members, will run first ads in state
72 AAPC & USPS Study: 5 Insights to Boost Your Campaign
73 TCPA Update: SCOTUS Oral Arguments on Barr, ATDS
74 Some Latinos Voted for Trump. Get Over It.
75 TCPA Constitutionality Review Heads to U.S. Supreme Court
76 Do Not Hire This Man
77 INSIGHT: High Court Wary of TCPA Debt Exemption, But Not TCPA
78 Podcast: Rose Kapolczynski
79 Schoen Consulting Rebrands as Schoen Cooperman Research, Appoints Carly Cooperman as CEO
80 “A scalpel rather than a bulldozer”: Severability is in the spotlight as the newest ACA challenge looms
81 Robocallers Stumble in High Court Bid for Cellphone Access
82 SCOTUS Debates TCPA Autodialer Restriction Barr v. AAPC
83 Novel Arguments Could Help Defend Against Expansive TCPA Liability
84 Fourth Circuit Strikes Blow to Government Debt Collectors With TCPA Constitutionality Ruling
85 Constitutionality of TCPA Government-Backed Debt Exception
86 Justices grant three new cases
87 Supreme Court Weighs In On TCPA Constitutionality | Jackson Lewis PC
88 Court sets cases for May telephone arguments, will make live audio available
89 Supreme Court Reaffirms Traditional Severability Principles in Barr v. AAPC
90 Tuesday round-up
91 Friday round-up
92 Refusing push polling tactics
93 Progressives raise alarm over letting lobbying groups access PPP funds | TheHill
94 Joe Biden Omega: A New President Means a New President's Watch
95 REPUBLISHED: Why the Supreme Court’s Review of the TCPA is Likely to End the Biggest (And Weirdest) Class Action Cash Cow of All Time In the Name of Freedom
96 Supreme Court to hear challenge to auto-dialing ban
97 Event announcement: SCOTUSblog oral argument seminars (Updated)
98 SCOTUS Upholds TCPA but Strikes Government Debt Collection Exception
99 Alert: Supreme Court Preserves Limits on Autodialed Calls to Cell Phones, Overturns Government Debt Collection Exception
100 Florida politicians and Democratic Party got loans through PPP