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1 #BlackInAstro Unsung Heroes: Crystal Tinch | astrobites
2 Gateway Arch National Park to offer family-friendly events all summer long
3 'Super Bowl of Astronomy' kicks off online due to global pandemic
4 Fermilab scientist Josh Frieman awarded American Astronomical Society Fellowship
5 Two UCSC astronomers elected Fellows of the American Astronomical Society
6 Three Penn State faculty elected to National Academy of Sciences
7 Gary Ferland Named American Astronomical Society Fellow
8 USRA's Erick Young Named Legacy Fellow of the American Astronomical Society
9 High Energy Astrophysics Division of the American Astronomical Society Announces 2021 Award Winners
10 Yes, satellites are making it more difficult for astronomers to observe space
11 Jill Tarter elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
12 236th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society Goes Virtual
13 American Astronomical Society honours McGill astrophysicist
14 It's T-minus-three and counting for our solar eclipse (three years, that is)
15 Astronomers document the rise and fall of a rarely observed stellar dance
16 American Astronomical Society Honors Unlikely Astrophysics Leader From UCSB
17 IceCube Collaboration awarded 2021 Rossi Prize by American Astronomical Society | Penn State University
18 Geomedia: Books: A brief history of our cosmic origins
19 We're entombing the Earth in an impenetrable shell of dead satellites
20 Astrobites at AAS 237: Day 4
21 MIT scientists present exoplanet data at the 237th American Astronomical Society meeting
22 American Astronomical Society: COVID-19 and the 236th AAS Meeting
23 Shining a new light on dark energy
24 Amounts of organic molecules in planetary systems differ from early on
25 American Astronomical Society Names Recipients of 2020 Awards And Prizes
26 AAS Names 29 NASA-Affiliated Legacy Fellows
27 Vizgan '21 Honored with Chambliss Medal by American Astronomical Society
28 American Astronomical Society honors an unlikely astrophysics leader from UC Santa Barbara
29 UW astronomy professor Paula Szkody elected to American Astronomical Society leadership
30 NASA Highlights Astrophysics Missions at 'Super Bowl of Astronomy'
31 Astronomy society pushes for diversity in US PhD programmes
32 AAS #237: five things we learned
33 April 20: Erez Lieberman Aiden '02 Is Sequencing the DNA of Animals
34 AAS Solar Physics Division Invites Nominations for Popular Media Awards
35 Three UW–Madison students named 2021 Goldwater Scholars
36 French Honored in First Class of American Astronomical Society Fellows
37 SpaceX wins approval for lower Starlink orbits, overcoming rival objections
38 Thousands gather for American Astronomical Society conference at Hawaii Convention Center
39 The 2020 'Super Bowl of Astronomy' Kicks Off in Hawaii
40 Astronomy Genealogy Project Launched
41 RIT professor designated as an American Astronomical Society Fellow | RIT
42 Benjamin Banneker: How cicadas led this Maryland farmer to become the country’s first recognized Black scientist | COMMENTARY
43 The Milky Way does the wave
44 "How satellite 'megaconstellations' will photobomb astronomy images
45 Dawson honored with Helen B. Warner Prize for Astronomy | Penn State University
46 American Astronomical Society Announces First Class of AAS Fellows, Including three from the SETI Institute
47 American Astronomical Society awards ASU students Chambliss medals
48 ‘Oddball supernova’ oddly cool without hydrogen before explosion; stuns astrophysicists
49 Hints of life on Venus Royal Astronomical Society
50 Students, Alumni Attend Meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Hawaii
51 Loren Acton named to first class of American Astronomical Society fellows
52 Astrobites at AAS 237: Day 1
53 Bard Physics Professor Shuo Zhang Discusses Her Research on Galactic Center Filaments at American Astronomical Society Press Conference
54 Four Johns Hopkins faculty members named American Astronomical Society fellows
55 Caltech: Three Faculty Elected to the National Academy of Sciences
56 How to Be an Ally During Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month and Beyond
57 Meet Kelsie Krafton | astrobites
58 Astronomers dissect the anatomy of planetary nebulae using Hubble Space Telescope images
59 'Old Faithful' cosmic eruption shows black hole ripping at star
60 Laboratory Astrophysics Division (LAD) Virtual Summer Meeting — June 7–9, 2021 | Planetary News
61 Astrobites at AAS 237: Welcome
62 American Astronomical Society names two Iowa Staters to its first class of fellows
63 Arecibo observatory helps find possible 'first hints' of low-frequency gravitational waves
64 New study finds satellites contribute significant light pollution to night skies
65 Astronomer receives American Astronomical Society's highest award | University of Hawaiʻi System News
66 Alumna among '20 trailblazing women in astronomy and astrophysics' | University of Hawaiʻi System News
67 Complete Coverage of the 221st AAS Meeting
68 Vera Rubin, astronomer extraordinaire — a new biography She confirmed dark matter, probed spiral galaxies and fought
69 Basu, Fischer, Urry named inaugural AAS Fellows
71 New study suggests supermassive black holes could form from dark matter
72 It’s good Biden is suspending vaccine patents. But the whole rotten system needs overhaul
73 Robert Lupton, David Weinberg Awarded 2021 Dannie Heineman Prize for Astrophysics
74 AAS Names Enrique López Rodríguez as Fred Kavli Plenary Lecturer
75 Kaltenegger details diversity of exoplanets in lecture | Cornell Chronicle
76 Spectacular 'honeycomb heart' revealed in iconic stellar explosion
77 SpaceX's Dark Satellites Are Still Too Bright for Astronomers
78 'Super Bowl of Astronomy' Kicks Off Without NASA Amid Government Shutdown
79 Scientists still stuck on Betelgeuse antics a year after strange dimming episode
80 Most distant quasar discovered sheds light on how black holes grow
81 Major physics society won't meet in cities with racist policing record
82 ESO telescopes record last moments of star devoured by a black hole
83 Astronomers are studying the atmospheres of faraway planets
84 AAS/LAD: 2021 Lab Astro Early Career Award Goes to Javier Garcia
85 'Super Bowl of Astronomy' Attracts a Galaxy of Space Scientists (and Others)
86 Astrophysicist's 2004 theory confirmed: Why the Sun's composition varies
87 Astronomers spotted a rare galaxy shutting down star formation
88 'We're part of the problem.' Astronomers confront their role in—and vulnerability to—climate change
89 A Stellar Physicist | The UCSB Current
90 #BlackInAstro: AAS237 Special Session on Anti-Blackness in Astronomy
91 Reaching for the stars: Westport's Emily McMahon pursues dream of becoming an astrophysicist
92 Astronomers warn about effects of other satellite megaconstellations
93 Rocky planet discovered around one of the galaxy's oldest stars | University of Hawaiʻi System News
94 Astronomers are still reeling from the loss of iconic Arecibo radio telescope
95 Gaia: astronomers to release most accurate data ever for nearly two billion stars
96 The N-Word: a volcano kept active by the flickering embers of racism
97 Like Peas in a Pod: UVA Astronomer's Survey of Young Stars Published
98 Class of stellar explosions found to be galactic producers of lithium
99 Triple-star system's strange antics entrance scientists digging through 125 years of data
100 'Virtually' Impossible to Miss: JES Global Summit XII