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1 American Civil Liberties Union calls on Honolulu Police Department to act on reported bias
2 Facebook civil rights audit
3 American Civil Liberties Union of VA calling for state legislatures to reform police funding
4 ACLU presses New Mexico to better protect inmates from virus
5 Court halts Montana's ballot collection law, ACLU says
6 ACLU study says Connecticut police union contracts violate state law
7 ACLU of Hawaii hosts virtual Honolulu prosecutor candidate forum
8 ACLU files lawsuit against border coronavirus restrictions
9 Mississippi Rep. Dortch resigns, takes job with ACLU – Ballotpedia News
10 The Racist History of Abortion and Midwifery Bans
11 ACLU of North Carolina files lawsuit against Graham for denying protest permits at Confederate monument
12 COVID-19 Deaths in Nursing Homes are Not Unavoidable — They are the Result of Deadly Discrimination
13 American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado files a federal lawsuit against Denver
14 ACLU joins lawsuit over Alabama voting amid COVID-19 pandemic
15 Exults Supports the American Civil Liberty Union's Programs in Support of Ongoing Civil Rights Movements
16 ACLU calls on Congress to approve COVID-19 testing for immigrants | TheHill
17 ACLU, SF Board of Supes request release of footage in Monterrosa shooting
18 ACLU Calls on Imperial County to release more COVID data
19 Racial disparities in Florida's criminal justice system are shameful
20 Justin Timberlake says all Confederate monuments must come down for the US to 'move forward'
21 Oklahoma attorney general convinced of Julius Jones' guilt
22 Coronavirus inside prisons doesn't just affect inmates. It affects communities of color
23 Turn Up Tuesdays to Confront Barriers to the Ballot Ahead of Primaries in Alabama and Louisiana
24 Ways To Give
25 Civil Liberties Never Sleep: The ACLU in the Pandemic
26 How Partisan Gerrymandering Limits Voting Rights
27 How the ACLU is Responding to the Pandemic, Visualized
28 COVID-19 Pandemic Response | News & Commentary
29 After 100 years, the American Civil Liberties Union is still fighting
30 Cutting American police budgets might have perverse effects
31 NAACP, ACLU and Hillsborough police leaders announce agreement
32 Who's Backing Protesters, Civil Liberties Groups, Climate Change Suits and More? Track Public Interest Advocacy With's Legal Radar
33 North Carolina civil rights groups sue city of Graham over protest permit ordinance
34 Black drivers stopped nearly twice as often as white drivers in Lansing
35 'Weaponised' Facebook fails to protect civil rights, audit says
36 Can We Trust the Government to Respond to the Coronavirus in a Fair and Effective Manner?
37 The ACLU Loses Its Way
38 Apple and Google Announced a Coronavirus Tracking System. How Worried Should We Be?
39 "Fight of the Century" Looks at 100 Years of Landmark ACLU Cases
40 Guidepost Solutions Appoints Robert F. Roach, Former NYU Compliance Chief, as Senior Advisor
41 Who We Are
42 Harper's Letter: Artists and Writers Warn of an 'Intolerant Climate.'
43 Immigrants' Rights | News & Commentary
44 What to Know in Washington: Trump at Odds With Voters on Race
45 Privacy & Technology | News & Commentary
46 Know Your Rights While Protesting Police Brutality
47 EXCLUSIVE: ACPD Arrest Data Shows Race, Residency Disparities
48 Rights For All Volunteers are Shaping Policy in the 2020 Presidential Election
49 Prosecutors Bump Black Lives Matters Supporters from Juries
50 A.C.L.U. Sues Minneapolis, Claiming Police Tactics Violated Freedom of Press
51 How Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Broke Through in Iowa
52 New Model Shows Reducing Jail Population will Lower COVID-19 Death Toll for All of Us
53 What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus Outbreak: A Civil Liberties Perspective
54 ACLU, Survivor Advocate Groups Sue Dept. of Education
55 Defund the Pentagon, Too
56 What You Need to Know About the LGBTQ Rights Case Before SCOTUS
57 The ACLU created an app to help people record police misconduct
58 American Civil Liberties Union sues to release Moose Lake inmates
59 American Civil Liberties Union sues to protect health of Minnesota prisoners
60 LGBTQ icon Aimee Stephens found 'second purpose' fighting her case
61 ACLU sues Trump administration over controversial clearing
62 ACLU petitions for Elkton inmates to be released in light of virus outbreak
63 Should You Buy a Ring Doorbell Camera?
64 American Civil Liberties Union sues Los Angeles city and county over curfews
65 Juvenile Justice | News & Commentary
66 When You Have Data, They Will Come
67 Human Rights | News & Commentary
68 The FBI is Tracking Our Faces in Secret. We're Suing.
69 American Civil Liberties Union to Press Joe Biden For 'Concrete Answer' On Criminal Justice
70 Say No to the “Cashless Future” — and to Cashless Stores
71 American Civil Liberties Union Of Minnesota Criticizes Conviction Of Myon Burrell
72 American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia responds to shooting death of unarmed man in Brunswick
73 Rights for All Will Put Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Front and Center in the 2020 Presidential Race
74 The ACLU On FISA Concerns
75 Foreign students being 'ICED' out of US
76 With the Right to Boycott Under Attack, Some Members of Congress Are Pushing Back
77 Wrongfully Accused by an Algorithm
78 President Trump's Assault On Inspectors General Threatens Our Civil Liberties
79 Rapid DNA Machines in Police Departments Need Regulation
80 ACLU History
81 How Laws Targeting Clinics Could End Abortion Access
82 Trump's Whistleblower Attacks Are Troubling, But Not Unprecedented
83 ACLU sues ICE, wants high-risk detainees in Ohio jails released over coronavirus concerns
84 The Supreme Court Considers Mandatory Government Funding of Religious Education
85 Facebook Settles Civil Rights Cases by Making Sweeping Changes to Its Online Ad Platform
86 The U.S. Government Tracked, Detained, and Interrogated Journalists. We're Suing.
87 It's Time to End Forced Arbitration
88 Stripped of Their Rights
89 ACLU Artist Ambassador Project
90 Reducing HIV Transmission Requires Decriminalizing Sex Work
91 ACLU sues St. Paul for withholding public police records
92 ACLU Responds To Supreme Court's Asylum Order
93 Family Separation, Two Years After Ms. L
94 How to Help Families at the Border Right Now
95 Why the ACLU Is Suing Florida For Its New Poll Tax
96 This County Criminalized Students for Bad Grades – Until Now
97 How the ACLU Plans to Engage in the 2018 Midterm Elections
98 ACLU Files Lawsuit Against DHS To Turn Over Records on Facial Recognition Use at Airports
99 An Indictment in All But Name
100 Does Your Shiny New Gadget Come With Privacy Pitfalls?