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1 Liberty and Justice for All: American Civil Liberties Union intern Alton Coston III '23 fights for racial justice in hometown, advocates for civil rights across Virginia
2 The Affordable Care Act — and With It, Our Civil Rights — Are Under Attack
3 Bloody Masks and Fevers on Shift: Immigrant Workers Face Abuse in Nebraska Meatpacking Plant
4 ACLU of Indiana sues school officials over T-shirt dispute
5 A Clear Victory for Civil Liberties
6 ACLU sending letter to Kern County supervisors, says actions violate First Amendment
7 Michigan groups unite to urge passage of criminal justice reforms before year’s end
8 The ACLU reach settlement agreement with DPD
9 Pregnant Migrants Turned Back at Southern Border
10 Supreme Court hears arguments in Trump plan to cut undocumented
11 How the ACLU is Flexing its Political Muscle in the 2020 Elections
12 Biden announces all-female senior White House communications team
13 Eye on Civil Liberties: Where You Can Have an Impact in Elections Closer to Home
14 ACLU calls Tosa PD discussion of high records fees 'unlawful'
15 Judge refuses Missouri tenants request to halt evictions
16 Justice Alito: Worried about religious liberty? Follow news in higher education
17 Diagnosed at 54, Bucks County man fights to keep Alzheimer’s fade away
18 Ways To Give
19 US Will Appeal Order Barring Expulsions of Migrant Children
20 How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Got Her Start at the ACLU
21 Civil Liberties Never Sleep: The ACLU in the Pandemic
22 Melvin Rakowski Obituary (1928-2020)
23 Genetic Gold Rush: How Supreme Court Heard A Case On Patenting Human Genome
24 Montana Women Detained By Border Patrol After Speaking Spanish Settle Lawsuit
25 The ACLU Loses Its Way
26 COVID-19 Pandemic Response | News & Commentary
27 The US Postal Service Was Never a Business. Stop Treating it Like One.
28 How the ACLU is Responding to the Pandemic, Visualized
29 Montana ACLU announces settlement of Havre border patrol profiling case
30 Supreme Court Takes Up Census Case As Other Count Issues Loom
31 Conagra Brands Foundation Partners with United Way and American Civil Liberties Union Foundation for "United For Change" Campaign
32 U.S. criticized for police brutality, racism at U.N. rights review
33 ACLU, community groups get voice in Chicago police reforms
34 Michael Shreves, groundbreaking St. Louis drag performer, dies at 61
35 After 100 years, the American Civil Liberties Union is still fighting
36 On eve of Charleston budget vote, activists continue calls to rethink public safety
37 License plate readers installed in UF area
38 Dismantle the Department of Homeland Security. Its Tactics are Fearsome.
39 'The Fight' serves as love letter to dedication of American Civil Liberties Union
40 American Civil Liberties Union Of W.Va. Launches Hotline To Help Voters
41 'See you in court': American Civil Liberties Union files nearly 400 cases versus Trump
42 APD use of force highest at Walmarts, report says
43 Who We Are
44 Montgomery to halt arrests of panhandlers in settlement pact
45 Melka magnums to benefit American Civil Liberties Union
46 Coronavirus 'Immunity Passports' are not the Answer
47 Decarceration and Crime During COVID-19
48 Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1933–2020
49 American Civil Liberties Union of VA calling for state legislatures to reform police funding
50 Hope Works: City sees multiple benefits from new anti-poverty project
51 A look at the candidates seeking to replace Cy Vance as Manhattan DA
52 Immigration advocates push Biden to bring back DACA and expand it
53 The Constitution and the courts make possible criminal justice reform
54 Focusing on the commonalities
55 Wisconsin American Civil Liberties Union issues statement on deaths in Kenosha
56 Can We Trust the Government to Respond to the Coronavirus in a Fair and Effective Manner?
57 Wrongfully Arrested Because Face Recognition Can't Tell Black People Apart
58 Know Your Rights While Protesting Police Brutality
59 Apple and Google Announced a Coronavirus Tracking System. How Worried Should We Be?
60 Civil liberties group files lawsuit against Los Angeles over data sharing
61 An extra $450000 in unanticipated legal costs? Budget request feels wrong for several reasons
62 Doctors Beg to be Heard, Omaha City Council Okays New Police Union Contract, ACLU Sues Meat Processor and More Local News for Wednesday, November 25
63 How Conservatorship Threatens Britney Spears' Civil Rights
64 In Memory of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933-2020)
65 ACLU sues Baltimore Police over contract for private planes to survey city for photographic evidence of crime
66 ACLU to Press Biden for 'Concrete Answer' on Criminal Justice
67 A Constitutional Crisis in Portland
68 With no action by Washington, states race to offer virus aid
69 New Model Shows Reducing Jail Population will Lower COVID-19 Death Toll for All of Us
70 Area police look to license plate readers as crime-fighting tool
71 Supreme Court Says Firing Workers Because They Are LGBTQ Is Unlawful Discrimination
72 What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus Outbreak: A Civil Liberties Perspective
73 Trump attorneys to take case to Supreme Court | News, Sports, Jobs
74 Proposition 24 Weakens Privacy Protections; Opposition Grows Rapidly: Californians for Real Privacy
75 The ACLU Is Ready to Help Free Britney
76 ‘We the people’ means all of us, ACLU director says
77 ‘The Fight’ Review: Pressing the Case, or Cases
78 Ohio lawmakers consider lessening penalties, encouraging treatment for low-level drug offenses
79 President Trump's Assault On Inspectors General Threatens Our Civil Liberties
80 "Mighty Ira:" A Documentary About The Man Who Defined American Civil Liberties
81 St. Paul Jaycees call it quits, but $800K in charitable cash lives on
82 ACLU History
83 American Civil Liberties Union sues to release Moose Lake inmates
84 Opinion: Letter to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
85 Nashville considers implementing license plate readers, weighs safety vs. privacy
86 US appeals judge's ban on expelling migrant kids
87 The Trump Administration is Banning Talk about Race and Gender
88 Those “Free” Remote Learning Apps Have a High Cost: Your Student's Privacy
89 Border Patrol Violently Assaults Civil Rights and Liberties
90 ACLU files lawsuit against border coronavirus restrictions
91 NM Supreme Court again faced with COVID-19 in prisons, Guv says there is not much else that can be done
92 American Civil Liberties Union calls on Honolulu Police Department to act on reported bias
93 US agents apprehend 1000 migrant children in 6 days
94 Affiliates
95 ACLU sues Trump administration over controversial clearing | DW | 05.06.2020
96 1 arrested after police shot at | News, Sports, Jobs
97 ACLU Drops Lawsuit Alleging Agency's Retaliatory Complaint | Kansas News
98 Know Your Rights
99 About the ACLU
100 Giving to the American Civil Liberties Union and the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation: What Is the Difference?