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1 Governor Kristi Noem declines request to help house migrant children
2 A look into why migrants might be coming to the U.S.
3 Pandemic leads to backlog of work visas across the United States
4 US Immigration Updates (March 2021)
5 The American Dream May Be Quenched For All Immigrants By the 2021 Dreamers Act
6 The Good Things About Noem's Tweet | Editorials |
7 Brooke Medina | The beauty of American diversity
8 Biden to offer 22K additional guest worker visas, 6K targeted toward Northern Triangle | TheHill
9 Opinion: Pandemic highlights how immigrants have contributed to our state's welfare
10 Why Kamala Harris’s new immigration assignment could be a big deal
11 Vulnerable immigrants, refugees in Lehigh Valley struggle to get COVID-19 vaccine
12 Groups Urge US End Discriminatory ICE "Gang" Prioritization
13 Committee OKs bill to limit cooperation with immigration authorities
14 From drug safety to immigration, Biden leaves key posts unfilled
15 Rise in unaccompanied migrant children began in November, spans administrations, experts say
16 The Real Border Crisis
17 Bill introduced to guarantee access to counsel for children during immigration removal proceedings
18 Ohio Lawmakers Debate Solutions to Border Crisis
19 "My parents did the best for me": DACA recipient shares story, reacts to Dream Act
20 Immigration activists sue Berks commissioners to learn plans for ICE detention center
21 Without federal assistance, undocumented families face limited options during COVID-19
22 Human Rights Watch Letter in Support of the California VISION Act
23 US work visa backlog increases amid coronavirus
24 Why Central American Migrants Are Arriving at the U.S. Border
25 Does Biden’s messaging about the border crisis matter?
26 April 4, 2021 Newsletter Powered by ABIL
27 Guest Op-Ed: Pandemic Highlights the Contributions of Immigrants to Mass.
28 Biden seeks to deploy federal employees to immigrant detention facilities
29 'Worse and worse': Surge in unaccompanied minors at border hits all-time high
30 American Immigration Council
31 DHS Sanctioned Over Border Officers' Note-Shredding
32 ICE watchdog slams agency for conditions at Arizona detention facility | TheHill
33 Letter to the Department of Homeland Security re: ICE Detention File Revi
34 Biden Budget Ask Addresses Border Issues, Asylum Backlogs
35 Biden to let Trump-era visa restrictions expire | TheHill
36 Biden's Border Problem, and How to Fix It
37 Officer says racism at Port Huron-Canada border happens daily: 'It needs to be exposed'
38 More Essential Travelers Are Crossing The Border Than Migrants, As Frustration Grows Over Pandemic Restrictions
39 Federal Agencies Seek Workers for Humanitarian Relief at Border
40 Why Letting in More Refugees Could Work for President Joe Biden
41 Biden's H1-B Approach Will Benefit Foreign Workers And US
42 ANALYSIS: The marijuana fight isn't over – and here's why
43 How the Powerless Win Power
44 Fentanyl Seizures at Southern U.S. Border Have Increased 233% in One Year
45 A 'crisis' for Biden at the border: a look at the numbers
46 US Dispatches Officials for Migration Talks in Mexico, Guatemala
47 ACLU’s Family Separation Lawyer Threatens White House With ‘Litigation’ After Biden Says Immigrants ‘Should All Be Going Back’
48 The 1960s song ‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes’ becomes immigration anthem of empathy in new ad campaign
49 Vice President-elect Kamala Harris Vows to Reform Immigration Within First 100 Days After Taking Office
50 Despite Campaign Promise, Biden Admin Seizes Family’s Property in Court to Build Trump’s Border Wall
51 A New Paradigm for Humane and Effective Immigration Enforcement
52 White House considers broad range of migration plans ahead of Harris visit to Central America
53 Letter to the Attorney General on FOIA
54 Lawsuit now covers H-1B petitions for market research analyst positions filed by US businesses
55 US: Newly Released Files Show Fast-Track to Deportation
56 Fact-Checking Claims on the Migrant Surge at the U.S.-Mexico Border
57 Maryland immigrants await Biden moves on immigration policy promises
58 AP: Trump leaves mark on immigration policy, some of it lasting
59 Debate Over License Plate Readers Returns To Metro Council
60 Trump Administration's New Rule Spells 'Death Knell' for Asylum Seekers, Say Immigrant Groups
61 Immigrants make up about 5% of North Dakota's population, report says
62 Trump Loyalists Across Homeland Security Could Vex Biden’s Immigration Policies
63 DMV 'Dreamers' hopeful immigration reform plans will finally lead to citizenship
64 Trump's COVID-19 visa bans may alter the face of American immigration beyond the pandemic
65 Tyson boosts workers' legal aid
66 Trump issues sweeping new curbs on asylum eligibility
67 New data on immigrants in the state of Washington: A demographic and economic profile
68 On the Left: Our immigration dilemma: Part 3
69 Can immigrant rights advocates get Biden to end for-profit ICE detention?
70 Protecting Undocumented Workers on the Pandemic's Front Lines
71 Immigration Primer
72 Biden immigration policy looks beyond reversing Trump | TheHill
73 How President Joe Biden's immigration reform could impact Georgia
74 A Snapshot of Immigrant Women in the United States
75 Two Dozen Asylum-seekers Enter US as Biden Unwinds Trump Program
76 A pardon for 'Dreamers'? Some activists tout amnesty for undocumented immigrants if Congress doesn't act
77 Biden's plans on immigration bring a flicker of hope for Reno DACA recipients
78 Study: Michigan Immigrants Have $18.4B in Spending Power, Paid $7.1B in Taxes
79 Federal Court Blocks Dramatic Immigration Courts Fee Increases
80 Court Voids Public Charge Rule Denying Immigrants US Entry (1)
81 Through the Lens of the Law | CMCI Now Magazine
82 The Ad Council is urging everyone to do their part in making America a more welcoming nation
83 Biden is still blocking people like me, with visas, from entering the U.S.
84 Michigan's DACA immigrants celebrate as Trump blasts Supreme Court ruling
85 Rebuilding the US Refugee Program for the 21st Century
86 Under Trump, hundreds of small changes in immigration rules have had a huge impact
87 Immigrants comprise 5% of North Dakota's population
88 Increase in US Immigration Fees Announced
89 To Stem Migration, Biden Proposes Foreign Aid
90 An undocumented Pennsylvania family is driven to the center of American misery
91 DPD Changes Weed Pollicy Just in Time For 4/20
92 Biden administration won't defend Trump's green card immigration rule
93 Joe Biden’s immigration orders leave skilled workers guessing
94 How immigration reform may unlock economic potential in the West
95 Perspectives: Refugees bolster South Dakota's success, add to America's 'melting pot'
96 American Immigration Council focuses on values amid protests
97 Federal Judge Blocks Biden's 100-Day Deportation Moratorium
98 Trump’s Final Push on Immigration
99 How the Trump Administration Uses the “Hidden Weapons” of Immigration Law
100 Rosendale warns of dire consequences if southern border wall is not completed