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Result Content Idea Research
1 AWI Lauds New Legislation to Curb Wildlife-Human Disease Transmission
2 New Website Offers Shelter Resources for Domestic Violence Survivors with Pets
3 Animal Law Practice Series: Animal Welfare Institute
4 Protecting Birds at Slaughter
5 After Santa Anita Deaths, Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act Passes House to Protect Thoroughbreds
6 Fall 2020
7 A Voice for Animals Contest Winners Step Up Advocacy During Pandemic
8 Help Feed Animals in Need on #GivingTuesdayNow
9 USDA Sued to Compel Humane Handling of Birds at Slaughter
10 Library and Store
11 Animal Cruelty Reporting Scorecard
12 Spring 2020
13 Report: JBS, Smithfield Worst Slaughter Plants in US
14 Statement from AWI RE: Australian Wildfires
15 AWI Releases State Scorecard on Animal Cruelty Reporting
16 Summer 2020
17 Resources for Laboratories
18 Lawsuit Seeks Trade Sanctions Against Mexico as Vaquita Porpoise Faces Extinction
19 Pressure Mounts on USDA to Enforce Animal Welfare Act
20 Extreme Weather
21 Safe Horse Transport Included in New Federal Transportation Legislation
22 Norway's 2020 Whaling Season is Deadliest in Years
23 More than 700 Sea Lions to Be Killed, Despite Widespread Opposition
24 Dissection Alternatives
25 USDA: Animal Welfare Institute & Farm Sanctuary Sue Over Poultry Treatment
26 Ending the Slaughter of Nonambulatory Pigs
27 Partnership between Unity House, animal organizations helps domestic violence victims and their pets
28 Animal Welfare Institute Funds Original Research on Human-Wildlife Conflicts
29 Farm System Reform Act
30 Trump Administration Again Tries to Undermine Endangered Species Act
31 “Humanely Raised” Thanksgiving Turkey? USDA Ignores Deceptive Welfare Labels
32 Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources
33 Aquariums Receiving COVID-19 Bailout Must End Cetacean Breeding
34 House Votes to Ban Unsafe Horse Transport in Federal Transportation Legislation
35 Devastating Year for Barn Fires, 450000+ Farm Animals Killed
36 New Rules Would Protect Farm Animals Transported By Sea in Hawaii
37 Shark vs. Human: Who Is More Dangerous?
38 US House Subcommittee Hears Testimony on Federal Legislation to Ban Horse Slaughter
39 OHSU continues to face scrutiny from animal welfare organizations
40 AWI Offers Free Animal-Friendly Lesson Plans, Publications for Virtual Back to School
41 Humboldt County Agrees to Prioritize Nonlethal Solutions to Urban Wildlife Conflict
42 Winter 2019
43 Trump Administration Reverses Ban on Egregious Wildlife Killing Methods on Alaska National Preserves
44 After “Tiger King,” 53 Members of Congress Urge USDA to Crack Down on Animal Abusers
45 Washington, DC, Passes Law to Ban the Sale of Ivory and Rhino Horn
46 USDA sued by animal welfare groups claiming mishandling of poultry slaughter
47 NEPA Rollback Endangers Communities and Wildlife
48 Trump Administration Reauthorizes Wildlife-Killing 'Cyanide Bombs' Despite Strong Opposition
49 Fall 2019
50 Ventilation Shutdown Used to “Depopulate” Farm Animals During Pandemic Causes Severe Suffering
51 Chronic animal welfare violations at UW-Madison demonstrate need for animal testing alternatives
52 Animal Protection Groups Sue Perdue, USDA Over Slaughter of Sick, Injured Pigs
53 AWI Endorses Bill to Ban Lead Ammunition on Fish & Wildlife Service Land
54 New Bill Aims to Strengthen Animal Welfare Act Enforcement
55 Who We Are
56 Policy Work
57 Colorado Becomes Sixth U.S. State to Outlaw Cruel and Unsporting Wildlife Killing Contests
58 Summer 2019
59 Animal Welfare Advocates Criticize Proposal Allowing Killing of Animals by Live Burial, Baking
60 Make a Donation to AWI
61 CECIL Act
62 New Jersey Barn Fire Kills 280000 Hens; Poultry Industry Must Act
63 AWI Statement: Fiscal Year 2018 Spending Bill a Win for Animals
64 AWI Supports Bill to Prohibit the Use of Performing Exotic Animals
65 Fall 2017 (/awi
66 Increasing Government Transparency to Improve Humane Slaughter Enforcement
67 Shark Fins Remain on the Menu, Despite State Bans
68 National Animal Protection Organizations, Celebrities Protest Use of Live Elephant in New Film Production
69 Veterinarians Call on BLM to Abandon Barbaric Surgical Sterilization Experiments on Wild Horses
70 Contact Us
71 AWI Endorses CECIL Act to Restrict Imports of Protected Species Killed for Sport
72 What You Can Do
73 New Recovery Plan Seeks to Ward Off Extinction of Taiwanese White Dolphin
74 Farm Bill Includes Major Victories for Animal Welfare
75 AWI Statement on House Bill to Protect North Atlantic Right Whale
76 AWI Opposes Nomination of Oil Lobbyist to Lead Department of the Interior
77 World Heritage Committee Designates Vaquita Porpoise Habitat as “In Danger”
78 Animal Welfare Institute Supports Bill to Keep Primates Out of Pet Trade
79 Winter 2018
80 Animal Welfare Institute and Farm Sanctuary Sue USDA to Disclose Slaughterhouse Records
81 Barn Fires
82 Animal Welfare Institute Praises House Defeat of Farm Bill
83 Government Erred in Deciding to Grant Waiver to Makah Tribe
84 BLM Bucks Controversial Policy for Wild Horse Sale
85 Refinement Database
86 Bill to Protect Companion Animals from Unscrupulous Animal Dealers
87 History of AWI's Leadership on Establishing and Upholding Farm Animal Standards
88 AWI Commends Bipartisan Effort to Stop Horse Slaughter
89 History
90 A Voice for Animals Contest Prize Winners Announced
91 Court Orders Seafood Import Ban to Save Mexico's Vaquita Porpoise
92 Financial Information
93 Wildlife Law Enforcement Leaders Honored at CITES
94 Annual Report
95 Canada Prohibits the Captivity of Marine Mammals
96 AWI Policy
97 Staff
98 Barn Fires Killed 150000+ Farm Animals in 2018
99 Senate Bills Introduced to Keep Primates and Big Cats Out of the Pet Trade
100 The Committee on Animal Care solicits feedback