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1 Flight attendant union endorses Biden | TheHill
2 Flight Attendants Face an Uncertain Future
3 Association of Flight Attendants President on how the stimulus standstill will impact the future of the airline industry
4 Furloughed flight attendant's future uncertain as industry fights for aid
5 American Airlines workers running out of furlough pay
6 Flight attendants rally for a Coronavirus relief package
7 United Airlines Plans to Extend Pre-Flight Rapid COVID-19 Flight Attendant Testing
8 U.S. airlines lay off thousands of workers, including United flight attendants, others in Cleveland
9 American, United move ahead with more than 32,000 furloughs, but will recall workers if coronavirus aid deal reached
10 Furloughed flight attendants rally outside Sen. Ed Markey's office in Boston
11 Long-Time Flight Attendant Furloughed After Federal Aid Expires
12 Flight Attendant Union President Says Airline Workers Need COVID Relief Now
13 Flight attendant union boss blasts White House, Democrats, and GOP for failing to reach new stimulus deal
14 Sara Nelson: the union boss fighting to ‘put workers first’
15 American Airlines Suspends Flight Attendant Training After Several Trainers Fall Ill with Coronavirus
16 Airline unions desperate for assistance after aid runs out; workers implore Congress for assistance
17 Airline workers worry about the future as airlines move forward with major layoffs
18 Airline Industry Lays Off, Furloughs Thousands Of Workers
19 Hundreds of American Airlines flight attendants are losing jobs at Philadelphia International Airport
20 ‘Devastated’: United Airlines Flight Attendants Furloughed On Eve Of Wedding
21 Nation's "most powerful flight attendant" speaks on health and safety
22 Delta adds 460 people to no-fly list for refusing to wear masks
23 Association Of Flight Attendants Hold Rally Near Rep Barbara Lee Office In Oakland
24 As Airline Industry Loses $5 Billion A Month, Flight Attendants Fear Massive Furloughs Without Help From Congress
25 Nationwide airline layoffs affect hundreds of workers in Arizona
26 Stand-alone airline bill under discussion after broader coronavirus aid stalls
27 We Must Sever Law Enforcement From the Labor Movement
28 American Airlines CEO, union leader on deadline for more federal aid
29 Flight attendant's tearful goodbye ahead of furloughs goes viral
30 Flight Attendants Tell Airlines: Don't Even Think About Concessions
31 Delta Pilots Vote on Measure to Cut Furloughs, Further Talks Possible
32 Sara Nelson Won't Stop Fighting for Flight Attendants: Women Who Travel Podcast
33 A travel group report says flying is safe. The doctor whose research it cited says not so fast.
34 Cathay Pacific: ‘hugely disappointing’ Hong Kong meeting sees no give on flight attendant contracts; pilots plead case to Labour Department
35 Pelosi open to stand-alone airline aid bill to prevent layoffs
36 Most Cathay Pacific pilots and cabin crew accept permanent pay cuts
37 Cathay Pacific Flight Attendants Could be Moved to Budget Subsidiary in New Cost-Cutting Move
38 Airline industry still ‘right in the middle’ of coronavirus crisis: Association of Flight Attendants president
39 American Airlines pilots, flight attendants facing layoffs
40 Company wide furloughs are beginning at American Airlines
41 Thousands of furloughed US aviation workers see no relief from US Congress
42 Flight attendant advocate Sara Nelson fights to protect their jobs
43 President of flight attendants union says it’s ‘absurd’ masks aren’t mandated
44 Association of Flight Attendants President Urges FAA Action on Face Mask Policy
45 Covid-19: Most Cathay Pacific pilots and cabin crew accept permanent pay cuts
46 Flight attendants turn to dog walking, contact tracing for extra income as they brace for job cuts
47 Waiting for aid: U.S. airline workers 'pawns' in stimulus battle
48 Flight attendants urge feds to limit leisure travel due to coronavirus | TheHill
49 Association of Flight Attendants President Calls Out Airlines for Undermining CARES Act
50 President of the Association of Flight Attendants says employees at breaking point
51 President of Flight Attendant Association Shares Photo of Packed Plane
52 Here’s a Rescue Plan That Puts People First
53 Frontier Airlines pushes ahead, with some success, despite pandemic
54 Flight Attendants Warn: Leisure Travel Needs To Stop Now
55 Flight attendants union president: 'Absurd' the FAA has not mandated masks for passengers | TheHill
56 US Flight Attendants Call For Government Support Through January
57 Airline Union Leader To Push For New Climate Rules Amid Fight Over Bailout
58 Airline workers seek negotiations with Senate on more pandemic relief
59 United Only Needs 3000 Out of 25,000 Flight Attendants in June... But is it Even Newsworthy?
60 United Airlines Given Go-Ahead to Close Flight Attendant Bases in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Frankfurt
61 America's Most Powerful Flight Attendant Weighs In On Slaying of George Floyd: "An Injury to One, is an Injury to All"
62 President of Flight Attendants' Union Talks Solidarity, Prison, and Police Unions With Ex-NYT Labor Reporter
63 CDC to passengers and workers: Wear a mask when you are on a plane, train, bus or other public transit
64 Delta’s Flight Attendants Are Organizing
65 Flight Attendants warn layoffs could end any hope of economic recovery
66 COVID-19 Threatens Flight Attendants, Future Of Global Aviation
67 Delta Flight Attendants To Revisit Union Question | 90.1 FM WABE
68 Flight attendant union to America: Please don't fly for leisure amid coronavirus
69 United Airlines Warns 36,000 Employees Could be Furloughed in Just Three Months Time
70 Flight attendants union president makes ‘historic’ visit to Hawaii amid ongoing contract negotiations
71 As coronavirus spreads, United Airlines flight attendants are afraid for themselves, flying public
72 A flight attendant dies, and colleagues are 'very much on edge'
73 Flight Attendant Leaders, Newly Unified, Say Mnuchin Could Scuttle Plan To Pay Airline Workers
74 Flight attendant union president calls for Congress to put ‘workers first’
75 Flight Attendants and Pilots Ask, ‘Is It OK to Keep Working?’
76 100 American Airlines flight attendants have been diagnosed with COVID-19, union says
77 US airline employees report lower rate of COVID-19 infection than public, CEOs say
78 Coronavirus: Flight attendant union head calls on US government
79 Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, has been called the most powerful labor leader in the country
80 The Coronavirus Is Jump-Starting Union Organizing at Delta
81 A Cape Cod native on life as a flight attendant during the coronavirus pandemic
82 Flight attendants, aviation workers rally, push for payroll support extension
83 Flight attendants union pleads with FAA to mandate masks on all flights
84 AFA-CWA leader Sara Nelson calls for a new American labor movement
85 Flight Attendants Less Likely to be Infected with COVID-19 Claim Airlines CEO's Touting New Safety Processes
86 Delta flight attendants organize labor union drive with AFA
87 Flight Attendants Fear They're Spreading COVID-19 | TIME
88 Hawaii Gets A Visit From A Flight Attendants Union President
89 ‘Hot bargaining’ brings in president of national flight attendants union for Hawaiian Airlines contract talks
90 House Transportation leader in the race of his life
91 Coronavirus stimulus bill: Flight attendant union 'achieved something unheard of in American history'
92 Covid Threatens Female Airline Pilots’ Progress
93 Flight attendants' union denounces sudden European travel ban
94 US flight attendants seeing financial strain due to coronavirus, union president says
95 Nation's largest flight-attendant's union makes another run at Delta
96 150 Japanese United Airlines flight attendants may lose jobs
97 'This will lead to airline bankruptcies' — flight attendant union furious with Treasury bailout offers
98 Flight attendants union president: We need worker relief, not corporate bailouts | TheHill
99 Is It Safe to Fly for the Holidays? Airlines Working to Convince Virus-Wary Travelers
100 United's Flight Attendants Claim Management Are "Intent On Dividing" Them; Will Resist Foreign Base Closures