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1 Flight attendant union wants pro-Trump rioters barred from flights
2 Man Pleads Guilty to Touching Up, Assaulting Southwest Flight Attendants
3 A Special Message from Sara Nelson about Why Labor Notes Matters
4 Flight Attendants President Calls on Airlines To Coordinate on Safety Issues
5 Sneezed on, cussed at, ignored: Airline workers battle mask resistance with scant government backup
6 Airlines, FAA Tighten Security Ahead of Biden Inauguration
7 TSA weighs barring hundreds from flights, steps up security before inauguration
8 United's Flight Attendants On Collision Course With Boss Scott Kirby Over "Temporary" Reprieve to Mass Furloughs
9 Flight attendants call for pro-Trump rioters to be added to the No Fly List
10 FAA Plans Crackdown on Anti-Mask Plane Passengers
11 Flight attendant union leader on Trump signing Covid relief bill
12 Flight attendants voice concern over onboard 'political violence'
13 US Airlines Finally Get Their Hands On Another $15 Billion Federal Bailout
14 Airlines Brace For Flight Disruptions By Trump Supporters Ahead Of Inauguration
15 Airlines begin complex process of calling back more than 32,000 furloughed workers
16 American, United prepare to recall thousands of employees as relief nears
17 Trump mobsters flying called 'dangerous' by some flight attendants. Other peers say that's 'prejudicial.'
18 American Airlines pilots, flight attendants facing layoffs
19 Airlines need to get back to work amid vaccine distribution: Flight Attendants Association president
20 VIDEO: Woman refuses to wear mask properly on flight, yells at passengers
21 13 things you need to know about getting COVID-19 tested for US-bound international flights
22 Delta Airlines places Mitt Romney hecklers on no-fly list
23 Flight Attendants Tell Airlines: Don't Even Think About Concessions
24 Sara Nelson Won't Stop Fighting for Flight Attendants: Women Who Travel Podcast
25 President of flight attendants union says it’s ‘absurd’ masks aren’t mandated
26 Flight attendant advocate Sara Nelson fights to protect their jobs
27 From Nazi to Pro-Trump Chants: Airline Crews Grow Weary From Harassment Over Mask Rules
28 Industry groups, unions hail Buttigieg pick for Transportation secretary | TheHill
29 Two largest U.S. airline flight attendant unions endorse Biden
30 Association of Flight Attendants President Urges FAA Action on Face Mask Policy
31 Flight Attendants Say United Airlines Quarantine Protocols Are Unsafe
32 Airline industry is facing its biggest crisis ever, says flight attendant union president
33 The Future of Flight Attendants
34 Airline industry still ‘right in the middle’ of coronavirus crisis: Association of Flight Attendants president
35 Association of Flight Attendants President Calls Out Airlines for Undermining CARES Act
36 President of Flight Attendant Association Shares Photo of Packed Plane
37 United Airlines flight attendants raise alarm on crew quarantine protocols
38 Flight attendants urge feds to limit leisure travel due to coronavirus | TheHill
39 American Airlines Flight Attendant Union Applauds Service Animal Safety Enhancements
40 Flight attendants turn to dog walking, contact tracing for extra income as they brace for job cuts
41 Flight attendants rally for COVID-19 relief package as stimulus talks continue
42 United's Flight Attendants Claim Management Are "Intent On Dividing" Them; Will Resist Foreign Base Closures
43 Here’s a Rescue Plan That Puts People First
44 Flight Attendants Call for CDC Relaxation in Quarantine Rules Not to Apply to Them
45 US Flight Attendants Call For Government Support Through January
46 Airline workers seek negotiations with Senate on more pandemic relief
47 Nation's “most powerful flight attendant” speaks on health and safety
48 Furloughed flight attendant's future uncertain as industry fights for aid
49 US airline employees report lower rate of COVID-19 infection than public, CEOs say
50 COVID-19 Threatens Flight Attendants, Future Of Global Aviation
51 Flight Attendant Leaders, Newly Unified, Say Mnuchin Could Scuttle Plan To Pay Airline Workers
52 How I Get It Done: Flight-Attendant Union President Sara Nelson
53 Flight Attendants At Lower Risk Of Getting COVID-19
54 Flight attendant union president calls for Congress to put ‘workers first’
55 Flight attendants ask for kindness during holiday travel
56 United Airlines Given Go-Ahead to Close Flight Attendant Bases in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Frankfurt
57 Airline Industry Lays Off, Furloughs Thousands Of Workers
58 100 American Airlines flight attendants have been diagnosed with COVID-19, union says
59 Flight attendants rally for COVID relief outside Cornyn’s office
60 Flight attendant union official congratulates Biden, Harris
61 Flight attendants union president: 'Absurd' the FAA has not mandated masks for passengers | TheHill
62 Delta’s Flight Attendants Are Organizing
63 Flight attendants face an uncertain future
64 Association of Flight Attendants President on how the stimulus standstill will impact the future of the airline industry
65 Flight attendants union president makes ‘historic’ visit to Hawaii amid ongoing contract negotiations
66 Flight Attendants warn layoffs could end any hope of economic recovery
67 United Flight Attendants Union Reaches Compromise Over Closure of Foreign Crew Bases
68 President of flight attendants union: ‘It is absurd’ masks aren’t mandated on planes
69 150 Japanese United Airlines flight attendants may lose jobs
70 Flight Attendants Warn: Leisure Travel Needs To Stop Now
71 President of Flight Attendants' Union Talks Solidarity, Prison, and Police Unions With Ex-NYT Labor Reporter
72 'This will lead to airline bankruptcies' — flight attendant union furious with Treasury bailout offers
73 Flight-Attendant Union Head Nelson May Take Off for AFL-CIO Top Job
74 Flight attendant union leader makes the case for more federal aid for airlines
75 American Airlines Will Have 20
76 Flight attendants, aviation workers rally, push for payroll support extension
77 As coronavirus spreads, United Airlines flight attendants are afraid for themselves, flying public
78 Flight Attendant Union President Says Airline Workers Need COVID Relief Now
79 Flight attendants rally for a Coronavirus relief package
80 Furloughed flight attendants rally outside Sen. Ed Markey's office in Boston
81 COVID-19 devastates travel industry, leaving many airline workers furloughed
82 A flight attendant dies, and colleagues are 'very much on edge'
83 Airline workers push to be among first groups to get COVID-19 vaccine
84 Flight Attendants and Pilots Ask, ‘Is It OK to Keep Working?’
85 No hot towel service, more masks — flight attendants seek protections against coronavirus spread
86 Tens of thousands of airline workers are out of jobs after Congress fails to reach deal
87 ‘Hot bargaining’ brings in president of national flight attendants union for Hawaiian Airlines contract talks
88 United Only Needs 3000 Out of 25,000 Flight Attendants in June... But is it Even Newsworthy?
89 American Airlines Flight Attendants Protest At Crowded Phoenix Airport
90 Coronavirus: Flight attendant union head calls on US government
91 U.S. airlines lay off thousands of workers, including United flight attendants, others in Cleveland
92 Flight Attendants Less Likely to be Infected with COVID-19 Claim Airlines CEO's Touting New Safety Processes
93 Coronavirus stimulus bill: Flight attendant union 'achieved something unheard of in American history'
94 Flight Attendants, Airline Unions Plead With Government to Avoid Layoffs
95 American Airlines Flight Attendants Could Be Made to Take COVID-19 Vaccine
96 Hundreds of American Airlines flight attendants are losing jobs at Philadelphia International Airport
97 Flight attendant union leader speaks about coronavirus
98 Southwest Airlines warns it could furlough 6,800 employees to cut costs
99 Delta asks more flight attendants to take unpaid leave
100 America's Most Powerful Flight Attendant Weighs In On Slaying of George Floyd: "An Injury to One, is an Injury to All"