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1 Back In the Air: Flight Attendants on Coming Off Furlough
2 Flight attendant union wants pro-Trump rioters barred from flights
3 Flight attendants play 'babysitter for adults' as bad behavior onboard spikes; FAA threatens hefty fines
4 A Special Message from Sara Nelson about Why Labor Notes Matters
5 Flight Attendants President Calls on Airlines To Coordinate on Safety Issues
6 Sneezed on, cussed at, ignored: Airline workers battle mask resistance with scant government backup
7 Airlines begin complex process of calling back more than 32,000 furloughed workers
8 New coronavirus legislation a ‘Hail Mary’ for airline workers
9 Airlines, FAA Tighten Security Ahead of Biden Inauguration
10 TSA weighs barring hundreds from flights, steps up security before inauguration
11 American, United prepare to recall thousands of employees as relief nears
12 FAA Chief Issues Stern Warning to Travelers After Politically Motivated Flight Disruptions
13 FAA toughens unruly passenger policy after flight disruptions in wake of Capitol riot
14 US lawmaker wants mob of rioters added to No-Fly List
15 Passengers Being Notified Of Possible COVID-19 Exposure After Death Of Man Who Collapsed On United Airlines Flight
16 Minnesota woman Melody Marie Black kicked off flight after being identified as Capitol rioter [VIDEO]
17 Flight Attendants Tell Airlines: Don't Even Think About Concessions
18 FAA warns of jail time, fines as airports and airlines prep for unruly passengers ahead of the inauguration
19 Biden's Options for Reviving Travel Economy Ravaged by COVID-19
20 FAA issues special order aimed at cracking down on unruly airline passengers after Capitol riot
21 MN woman kicked off flight after being identified as rioter
22 Airline industry urges Cuomo prioritize airline workers for vaccines
23 United Airlines Working with CDC after Suspected COVID-19 Related Death During Flight to California
24 'Desperately needed': Travel industry praises COVID-19 stimulus package; $15 billion for airlines
25 Delta Airlines places Mitt Romney hecklers on no-fly list
26 What Is the No Fly List, Who's On It and Will It Be Used for Capitol Rioters?
27 Sara Nelson Won't Stop Fighting for Flight Attendants: Women Who Travel Podcast
28 President of flight attendants union says it’s ‘absurd’ masks aren’t mandated
29 Flight attendant advocate Sara Nelson fights to protect their jobs
30 Sara Nelson on What's at Stake for Travelers in the Election
31 Two largest U.S. airline flight attendant unions endorse Biden
32 Congress Passes COVID-19 Relief for Airlines –
33 Airline industry is facing its biggest crisis ever, says flight attendant union president
34 Here’s a Rescue Plan That Puts People First
35 President of Flight Attendant Association Shares Photo of Packed Plane
36 Association of Flight Attendants President Urges FAA Action on Face Mask Policy
37 Biden, Travel Leaders Praise Passage of Stimulus
38 MLK's Legacy Looms Larger Than Ever
39 From Nazi to Pro-Trump Chants: Airline Crews Grow Weary From Harassment Over Mask Rules
40 America’s Business Community Shows Its Own Disgust Over Capitol Riot
41 United Airlines flight attendants raise alarm on crew quarantine protocols
42 Flight attendants urge feds to limit leisure travel due to coronavirus | TheHill
43 Democratic House member suggests Cruz and Hawley be placed on no-fly list after Capitol siege
44 Airline workers seek negotiations with Senate on more pandemic relief
45 Looking Ahead to Restarting Travel—and a Brighter Future
46 Nation's “most powerful flight attendant” speaks on health and safety
47 Delta’s Flight Attendants Are Organizing
48 Flight attendants rally for COVID-19 relief package as stimulus talks continue
49 Flight Attendants Say United Airlines Quarantine Protocols Are Unsafe
50 Flight attendants union president makes ‘historic’ visit to Hawaii amid ongoing contract negotiations
51 US airline employees report lower rate of COVID-19 infection than public, CEOs say
52 ‘Hot bargaining’ brings in president of national flight attendants union for Hawaiian Airlines contract talks
53 Fighters for democracy target Trump and his enablers
54 The Finance 202: Biden fills out economic team as Trump's coalition continues to implode
55 Flight Attendants Call for CDC Relaxation in Quarantine Rules Not to Apply to Them
56 Coronavirus: Flight attendant union head calls on US government
57 Flight attendant union official congratulates Biden, Harris
58 Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, has been called the most powerful labor leader in the country
59 Flight attendants turn to dog walking, contact tracing for extra income as they brace for job cuts
60 Flight Attendants warn layoffs could end any hope of economic recovery
61 President of Flight Attendants' Union Talks Solidarity, Prison, and Police Unions With Ex-NYT Labor Reporter
62 United Airlines to notify 36,000 workers of potential furloughs
63 Flight attendants urge no leisure travel amid coronavirus
64 Flight Attendants Warn: Leisure Travel Needs To Stop Now
65 Flight attendants union boss talks pay, wildcat strikes, Delta organizing drive
66 Airline workers plead for their jobs back as potential help looms
67 Flight attendants union president: 'Absurd' the FAA has not mandated masks for passengers | TheHill
68 United's Flight Attendants Claim Management Are "Intent On Dividing" Them; Will Resist Foreign Base Closures
69 150 Japanese United Airlines flight attendants may lose jobs
70 Delta Flight Attendants To Revisit Union Question | 90.1 FM WABE
71 Airline union president discusses federal response to pandemic: 'Strangest thing I have ever seen'
72 AFA-CWA leader Sara Nelson calls for a new American labor movement
73 United Airlines Given Go-Ahead to Close Flight Attendant Bases in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Frankfurt
74 U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund to resign later this month; new Capitol fence in place for 30 days
75 United Only Needs 3000 Out of 25,000 Flight Attendants in June... But is it Even Newsworthy?
76 Flight Attendants Are ‘Mobilizing Immediately’ Over Shutdown, Union Says
77 Sara Nelson: Our Airline Relief Bill Is a Template for Rescuing Workers Instead of Bailing Out Execs
78 US flight attendants seeing financial strain due to coronavirus, union president says
79 Flight attendants rally for a Coronavirus relief package
80 United Flight Attendants Union Reaches Compromise Over Closure of Foreign Crew Bases
81 Airline execs and unions express 'disappointment' after stimulus negotiations halted
82 Waiting for aid: U.S. airline workers 'pawns' in stimulus battle
83 Furloughed flight attendants rally outside Sen. Ed Markey's office in Boston
84 Flight attendants' union denounces sudden European travel ban
85 United Airlines to cut 16370 workers, many more going without pay
86 Delta flight attendants organize labor union drive with AFA
87 Airline workers worry about the future as airlines move forward with major layoffs
88 Nation's largest flight-attendant's union makes another run at Delta
89 Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants to seek industry-standard wages in next round of talks
90 Long-Time Flight Attendant Furloughed After Federal Aid Expires
91 United is latest to back union-led effort to extend coronavirus employment protections
92 Delta Tells Sick Flight Attendants: “Do Not Post” on Social Media or Notify Fellow Crew
93 Unionizing Google Workers: We Want Democracy at Work
94 The Fight to Save Jobs in the Airline Industry
95 Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants hold first major union protest in 20 years
96 Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants hold a ‘friendlier’ labor demonstration
97 Flight attendants union: Halt leisure travel until coronavirus contained
98 United’s Hong Kong Crew Attempts Avoiding Job Losses Through Arbitration
99 Flight Attendants Cheer 10 Hours Rest, No Calls or Knives on Planes, Air Quality Initiative, and Numerous Other Safety Priorities in FAA Reauthorization Bill
100 How airlines are responding to Wednesday's siege at the US Capitol as they're faced with the prospect of flying rioters home