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1 Rare 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse Over North India on June 21, Summer Solstice
2 Pune’s Iucaa to organise online programmes for awareness, viewing of annular solar eclipse
3 AFAS Press-Release on the June 21 ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE
4 ‘Astronomy just happened’ to first woman to head Astronomical Society
5 royal astronomical society Archives
6 38th annual meeting of Astronomical Society of India gets underway at IISER-Tirupati
7 British-Indian team puts in a winning $1B bid for OneWeb satellite broadband venture
8 Lockdown not akin to Emergency, default bail an indefeasible right: SC
9 Astronomical Society of India gets first woman president
10 Is COVID-19 airborne
11 Astronomers Find Ultraluminous X-Ray Pulsar in Magellanic Bridge | Astronomy
12 Exoplanet and its host star assigned to India set to get Sanskrit or Bengali names
13 Nabta Playa: The world's first astronomical site was built in Africa
14 ESO’s Very Large Telescope Just Saw A Massive Star Disappear!
15 Stars, Galaxies Formed Much Earlier Than Previously Thought—Within Half a Billion Years of Big Bang
16 Glass Ceiling Smashed: Meet the 1st Woman President of the Astronomical Society of India
17 This Hungriest black hole can eat one sun a day. Check deets
18 The Fastest Growing Monster Black Hole Is Devouring A Sun's Mass In A Day
19 India’s planetary system needs ‘Indian’ name, students get 15 more days to send entries
20 UGC NET 2020 History Syllabus: Check Paper-2 Chapterwise Detailed Syllabus with Latest UGC NET 2020 Exam Pattern
21 Kudos: Read about faculty, staff and student awards, appointments and achievements
22 ‘Young stars’ shine at national astronomy meet in Tirupati
23 Meteorites may have come from small worlds with lava oceans in the early solar system
24 Anupama elected Astronomical Society of India president, first
25 The Unsung ‘Coolie’ Who Made the First Astronomical Discovery by an Indian
26 Hyderabad to host 36th Astronomical Society of India (ASI) meeting
27 GC Anupama Is Astronomical Society’s First Woman President
28 Scientists at Nainital-based ARIES shed new light on evolution of stars
29 IAU centenary celebrations quiz: Here is a chance to name an exoplanet and its star
30 Here's why Hyderabad continues to be the cradle of modern astronomy in India
31 A star and its planet get Indian names after a global contest
32 Three Extraordinary Indian American Astrophysicists Named Inaugural Fellows of American Astronomical Society
33 This 19-Yr-Old Boy Is Helping Students Explore Space By Building Low-Cost Astronomy Labs In Schools
34 How This Inspiring 19-YO Boy is All Set To Build 500 Astronomy Labs Across India
35 India is giving Bengali, Sanskrit names to a lonely exoplanet and its star
36 Don't be Afraid of Solar Eclipse, it Won't Infect Your Food or Harm Your Child
37 A four-day meet on Astronomy begins at Hyderabad on February 6
38 India must prepare for a growing mental-health epidemic
39 India picks Sanskrit, Bengali names for exoplanet and its host star 340 light years away
40 Pune astronomers discover gigantic ring of hydrogen gas around distant galaxy
41 As Women Lead India's Journey to Moon, First Woman President of ASI Asks Young Women to Take Up Science
42 Good News: From Blues musicians in Italy playing music, to thieves returning goats
43 Indian youth now have a chance to officially name a star and its exoplanet
44 Astronomers capture a pulsar 'powering up'
45 Astronomers reveal interstellar thread of one of life's building blocks
46 This newspaper vendor’s son is setting up affordable astronomy labs in schools across India
47 New front emerges in battle to build giant telescope in Hawaii
48 Lunar eclipse: Astronomers dispel superstition about eating during the eclipse
49 Gender Bias In Indian Astronomical And Astrophysics Institutes, Says Survey
50 Ultra-bright X-ray source awakens near a galaxy not so far away
51 India needs more astronomers, astronomy education
52 SpaceX tests black satellite to reduce 'megaconstellation' threat to astronomy
53 International Astronomy Day on May 2
54 Trump: The Man and his State of the World
55 No ring of fire, but Pune to witness a partial solar eclipse
56 NASA Names Acting International Space Station Program Manager
57 Slum boy to start-up founder — 19-yr-old to now help govt build astronomy labs in schools
58 Coronavirus prevention measures take their toll on astronomy
59 This 18-Year-Old Becomes The Youngest Member To Be Elected For UK’s Royal Astronomical Society
60 Interview: Shrinivas Kulkarni, Finder of a Thousand Exploding Stars
61 How COVID-19 Is Changing Big Astronomy
62 Indians, Here’s Your Chance To Name a Star & Its Jupiter-Like Planet!
63 NASA to Announce New Discoveries at Annual Astronomy Meeting
64 Tens of thousands of communications satellites could spoil view of giant sky telescope
65 The woman who explained the stars
66 MK Vainu Bappu: The Only Indian to Have a Comet & an Asteroid Named After Him
67 Student from Pune-based Astronomy Institution Captures Unprecedented Details of Black Hole in a Movie
68 India Suggests Bengali and Sanskrit Names For Exoplanet and Its Star
69 Astronomers' Concerns Intensify With SpaceX's Latest Starlink Launch
70 Portals closed ahead of Solar eclipse in Birla Mandir, Tirupati temple
71 Aster Public students visit planetarium
72 E. Margaret Burbidge (1919–2020)
73 A Nest of Alien Asteroids Orbits Our Sun
74 SpaceX Changes to Starlink Satellites Earn Astronomers’ Praise
75 Dr G C Anupama: The first woman to head Astronomical Society
76 Royal Astronomical Society elects Patna teenager as fellow
77 Success to Adani DAV School students’ in various online competitions; 14 students to be felicitate by NASA
78 How the Fight over a Hawaii Mega Telescope Could Change Astronomy
79 Pune Institute Student Reveals Violet Flaring At The Centre Of Black Hole
80 Astronomers leave Hawaii with slim hope for big telescope
81 Astronomy society pushes for diversity in US PhD programmes
82 From the archive
83 Astronomers use the upgraded GMRT to measure the gas mass of galaxies in the distant Universe
84 Space-based radar suggests North Korean nuke equivalent to '17 Hiroshimas'
85 Astronomers say theyve found a dead monster galaxy lurking in a distant universe
86 Stars are being born next to the Milky Way's supermassive black hole in a stunning new image by the world's la
87 Roundup 2019: Indian women who broke the glass ceiling this year
88 Google celebrates Scottish writer Mary Somerville’s legacy with a doodle
89 Jargon-less research is latest ISRO tool to bring the universe to our living rooms
90 A New Effort to Bring Astronomy and People Closer
91 The Orionids meteor shower peaks this week. Here's how to see the shooting stars from the dust of Halley's Com
92 Milky Way could be catapulting stars into its outer halo, UCI astronomers say
93 Indian Astrophysicists Discover Additional Wings of Butterfly Nebula
94 A ring of gas discovered circling a galaxy
95 Astronomers have serious concerns about satellite constellations
96 Shweta Kulkarni is RAS fellow at 23. But don’t ignore her AstronEra work
97 The next launch by Elon Musk's SpaceX will try to keep Starlink's satellites from blocking the stars
98 Black holes caught in the act of swallowing stars
99 Hyderabad’s guide to the galaxy
100 A Black Hole Threw a Star Out of the Milky Way Galaxy