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1 LAMOST helps Gaia achieve millimagnitude photometry precision
2 Enormous flare from sun's nearest neighbor breaks records
3 Researcher uses geology to help astronomers find habitable planets
4 Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Include Lower Frequency Radio Waves Than Previously Detected
5 Humongous, Record-Breaking Stellar Flare From Sun’s Nearest Neighbor
6 Murchison Widefield Array Discovers Its First Pulsar | Astronomy
7 Gravitational-wave scientists propose new method to refine the Hubble Constant—the expansion and age of the universe
8 What Proxima’s massive flare means for our chances of alien neighbors
9 Hydroxyl Radical Detected in Atmosphere of Ultrahot Jupiter | Astronomy
10 Is the Universe Different In Different Directions?
11 Researchers Detect Largest, Violent Flare from the Sun’s Nearest Neighbor
12 A colorful image of a black hole
13 uGMRT reveals for the first time the patchy environment of a rare cosmic explosion
14 Telescopes unite in unprecedented observations of famous black hole
15 Astrobites Airlines: We're going to Planet 9!
16 One of the most powerful flares in our galaxy erupts from star next door
17 New images reveal magnetic structures near supermassive black hole
18 LOFAR Detects Lowest-Frequency Fast Radio Bursts to Date | Astronomy
19 Ultra-high-energy gamma rays originate from pulsar nebulae
20 Astronomers discover first cloudless, Jupiter-like planet
21 Telescopes Unite in Unprecedented Observations of Famous Black Hole
22 Geomagnetic Storm Watch Issued; Solar Tsunami Unleashed
23 Most distant quasar discovered sheds light on how black holes grow
24 Surprise Twist Suggests Stars Grow Competitively – Unprecedented High-Resolution Map of the Orion Nebula Cluster
25 'Galaxy-sized' observatory sees potential hints of gravitational waves
26 Astronomers Discover What Could Be One of The Oldest Stars in The Known Universe
27 LIGO-Virgo finds mystery astronomical object in 'mass gap'
28 New lunar research answers old questions, poses others
29 Dazzling dispatches from the heart of a galaxy
30 Quasar discovery sets new distance record
31 There might be many planets with water-rich atmospheres
32 Fast-rotating stars at the centre of the Milky Way could have migrated from the outskirts of the galaxy
33 Chandra studies extraordinary magnetar
34 Scientists uncover warehouse-full of complex molecules never before seen in space
35 Faint super-planet discovered by radio telescope | University of Hawaiʻi System News
36 Astrophysicist probes cosmic 'dark matter detector'
37 USTC detects a sharp rise in detection rate of broad absorption line variations
38 Embry-Riddle alumna helps unravel key mysteries of rare stars
39 New research on imposter stars may improve astronomical data
40 Scientists propose plan to determine if Planet Nine is a primordial black hole
41 First exoplanet with evidence of tectonics
42 A pair of lonely planet-like objects born like stars
43 Astrophysics Team Lights the Way for More Accurate Model of the Universe
44 Gran Telescopio Canarias finds the farthest black hole that belongs to a rare family of galaxies
45 First evidence that water can be created on the lunar surface by Earth's magnetosphere
46 Scientists determine 'Oumuamua isn't made from molecular hydrogen ice after all
47 `Astronomical breakthrough`: Scientists record humming sound of the Universe
48 Did an Alien Life-Form Do a Drive-By of Our Solar System in 2017?
49 An Earth-sized rogue planet discovered in the Milky Way
50 Black hole shows magnetic fields surrounding it are strong enough to resist gravity
51 Astronomers discover activity on distant planetary object: Findings lead to reclassification of Centaur as comet
52 A Multi-Decade Mystery Settled: Presence of Resonating Cavities Above Sunspots Has Been Confirmed
53 Harvard Astrophysicists Help Make Historic Discovery in Understanding Black Hole's Magnetic Fields | News
54 Moon could get water from wind in the Earths magnetosphere: Study
55 Cloudless Hot-Jupiter Exoplanet Spotted | Astronomy
56 Planet collision simulations give clues to atmospheric loss from Moon's origin
57 Could life exist deep underground on Mars?
58 Hubble finds best evidence for elusive mid-sized black hole
59 Astronomers Estimate Spin of Supermassive Black Hole in the Milky Way | News
60 Establishing the origin of solar-mass black holes and the connection to dark matter
61 Titan's atmosphere recreated in an Earth laboratory
62 Early Solar System May Have Had Two Suns | Astronomy
63 Can ripples on the sun help predict solar flares?
64 Surprise twist suggests stars grow competitively
65 Most massive black hole merger yet puzzles astronomers
66 Life on Venus claim faces strongest challenge yet New studies knock down a controversial report observing
67 Measurements of pulsar acceleration reveal Milky Way's dark side
68 Daily briefing: Stunning black-hole image reveals details of magnetic field
69 New study details atmosphere on 'hot Neptune' 260 light years away that 'shouldn't exist'
70 Astronomers discover new galaxy clusters hiding in plain sight
71 Commentary: High journal acceptance rates are good for science
72 Internal Heating from Radioactive Elements May Be Crucial to Planet Habitability, Study Says | Astronomy, Planetary Science
73 Giant star spots, not dust, likely culprit in dimming of Betelgeuse – Astronomy Now
74 Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole is Spinning Slowly, Astronomers Say | Astronomy
75 Astronomers Discover Activity on Distant Centaur Planetary Object
76 March Stargazing: Looking for Life Beyond
77 Astronomer Avi Loeb Says Aliens Have Visited, and He's Not Kidding
78 Astronomers Have Captured the Most Detailed Photo of a Black Hole Ever—See the Magnetic Fields That Power It Here
79 Monster black hole found in the early universe: The second-most distant quasar ever discovered now has a Hawaiian name
80 HAWC: Are photons of extreme energies coming from the Galaxy's largest accelerator?
81 Extremely Powerful Cosmic “Dark Matter Detector” Probed by Astrophysicist
82 Slow Spin of the Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole
83 Scientists are getting closer in race to find gravitational wave background and dark matter
84 A ‘Front-Row Seat’ to the Birth of a Comet
85 RIT scientists contribute to the first discovery of an intermediate-mass black hole | RIT
86 The sun may have started its life with a binary companion
87 Century-old data help measure the Sun’s magnetic field
88 Can life survive a star's death? Webb telescope will explore | Cornell Chronicle
89 Feedback from AGN-driven Winds | astrobites
90 Okay, new idea: 'Oumuamua is an interstellar 'dust bunny'
91 Three Bodies and You're Out: Ejecting the First Known Hypervelocity Globular Cluster
92 Harvard scientists new study claims sun once had a binary twin in our solar system
93 Harvard Study: We Shouldn't Rule Out Underground Life on the Moon and Mars
94 Faint 'super-planet' discovered by radio telescope for the 1st time
95 Volcanoes might light up the night sky of this planet
96 CHiPS: MIT Astronomers Discover New Galaxy Clusters Hiding in Plain Sight
97 Ripples in the pond of magnetic field reconnection
98 Looking sharp: Most detailed image yet of famous stellar nursery
99 Bucknell professor, researcher part of team that discovered new planetary system
100 NANOGrav finds possible 'first hints' of low-frequency gravitational wave background