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Result Content Idea Research
1 Global Ag Innovation Forum launches with first virtual event
2 Australia Seeks to Bolster Agricultural Trade to Indonesia
3 Nestlé nominates Lindiwe Majele Sibanda to join its Board of Directors, provides update on Annual General Meeting
4 Australia and Southern Africa can work together on climate action and energy transition
5 Academics discuss issue of groundwater overuse at Nalanda varsity workshop
6 Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)
7 Nestlé Nominates Lindiwe Majele Sibanda To Its Board of Directors
8 Young agripreneurs bet on networking to beat Covid shocks
9 Scientist boosted global wheat yield with disease-resistant varieties
10 Coffs Harbour researcher helping our Pacific neighbours with Samoan marine snail study
11 The scientific breakthrough that could turn Australia's arid land into green pasture
12 Chinese Tariffs on Australian Wine in 2020: The Domestic Drivers of International Coercion
13 One Health approach could be Australia's contribution to the COVID-19 response
14 Wet markets – close down or keep?
15 Pandemic threatens Indo-Pacific food security
16 Farmers help grow water plan
17 International travel from Australia: 22 trips to plan for in 2022
18 Improving agriculture research
19 Fruit and vegetable spoilage problem: Irradiation solution | FNB News
20 Australian aid's plans to revive global coconut conservation
21 Papers published by APHA in 2020
22 Learning from COVID-19 to strengthen food and nutrition security in the Indo-Pacific
23 NA Proactive news snapshot: Essex Minerals Inc, Numinus Wellness Inc, Kenorland Minerals Ltd, MagicMed Industries Inc UPDATE ...
24 Food security in the Indo-Pacific following COVID-19
25 US-UK-EU Trade News, Deals & Sanctions Updates
26 Researchers call to increase LGBTQ representation in agricultural studies
27 Indonesian researchers visit rural Queensland to learn best-practices, see how Australian dairy farmers operate
28 Safe pork program working to improve food safety in Vietnam
29 Combating Zoonotic Diseases in our Region
30 Q&A: Inside the Pacific Week of Agriculture with ACIAR
31 CABI study updates safer options for fall armyworm control in Africa
32 CABI launches new portal to help facilitate collaboration on fall armyworm research
33 Australia to engage in new agri-research projects in Pakistan
34 Plantwise honored with International IPM Achievement Award
35 University invests in agriculture with multimillion-dollar research centre
36 Arnab Chakraborty
37 For when the chips are down -- preserving UK soil microbial biodiversity for agriculture
38 New research maps potential global spread of devastating papaya mealybug pest
39 Online education enables research and capability development project to continue through worst of COVID-19
40 Expert advice for continuing agricultural research during COVID-19
41 Australia High Commissioner meets Punjab CM
42 Prosopis juliflora acutely reduces water resources in Ethiopia, costing rural livelihoods
43 Diversification urged as part of Australia response to China trade actions
44 Policy Forum’s top 10 of 2020
45 Stronger promotion of natural pest control in association with BioProtection Global
46 Study calls for urgent plan to manage invasive weed which threatens livelihoods in Africa
47 Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law
48 Invasive harlequin ladybird causes severe decline of two-spotted ladybird, new study shows
49 New report recommends transforming food systems under climate change
50 Narrabri to get new $12M crop, farming research centre
51 Amid multiple global crises, global forestry and agroforestry centres “reset” with engagement landscapes
52 Australia, PH renew stronger AANR ties
53 Australia reveals new agri projects for Pakistan
54 Popular doesn't mean influential among Cambodian farmers
55 AustralianBangladesh partnership in agriculture research
56 For West Bengals indigenous communities, farming innovations reduce dependence on forest reserves
57 UWA agricultural leader named WA Indian of the Year 2021
58 Australian farmers in 'culture shock' visit to rural Pakistan for pulse research
59 Field Connections- How technology is supporting Pacific agriculture
60 Recruiting the youth to agriculture: Advice from young researchers
61 Australian agriculture institute launches Myanmar research project
62 Covid-19 and Food Security in the Pacific: Considerable Challenges with an Opportunity to “Build Back Better”
63 Does Europe's renewable energy mostly come from burning wood?
64 PNGeans successfully complete Fellowship
65 What we know today, Wednesday March 3
66 Q&A: Jessica Hall on making the switch to digital data collection
67 Green Muscle providing strength against devastating locusts in the horn of Africa
68 Pacific warned of food crisis
69 Funding to boost agriculatural research and development
70 Galip production slowed
71 A global overview of restorative shellfish mariculture « Global Aquaculture Advocate
72 Andrew Campbell – The Conversation
73 CGIAR Launches Seed Breeding Initiative for SDGs | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
74 Hybrid Wheat: More than Yield
75 Challenges, solutions in selling agri insurance
76 The Logic of China's Economic Coercion on Australian Agriculture
77 Critical for survival- Focus on diversified revenue streams
78 COVID-19 – the Pacific response: 18 November
79 Gates Foundation discusses gender investment at Seeds of Change
80 Canberra chocolate makers assisted by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research to source cocoa beans from Bougainville
81 Home
82 Cosmos Q&A: Future biosecurity challenges
83 Coronavirus has touched every corner of the globe, but these countries have reported no cases
84 The road to climate-smart agriculture
85 Plant Health Laboratory to be launched on Thursday
86 One Health approach key in tackling increasing risk of zoonotic diseases
87 Borlaug initiative announces global wheat prize winners | Cornell Chronicle
88 New research: How to drive production, smash livestock emissions
89 The buffel kerfuffle: how one species quietly destroys native wildlife and cultural sites in arid Australia
90 Who are the donors taking on GMOs?
91 The impact of climate inaction on food security
92 MERS-CoV IHR Emergency Committee
93 New research: nitrous oxide emissions 300 times more powerful than CO₂ are jeopardising Earth's future
94 27 Organizations Working to Conserve Seed Biodiversity – Food Tank
95 Agricultural specialists team up to provide locally-grown food solutions for Tuvalu
96 26 Organizations Working to Conserve Seed Biodiversity
97 New free-range meat guide helps small-scale farmers level up
98 MSU, USDA Agricultural Research Service Celebrate New Partnership, 'Atlas' Supercomputer
99 America has corn and Asia has rice. It's time Australia had a native staple food
100 Regional aid: International researchers gain agricultural insights