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Result Content Idea Research
1 Australian wheat production seen jumping 91% on plentiful rains
2 The Millennium Droughts and Australian Agriculture Effects
3 Eco-anxiety: Taking its toll on global youth
4 Valmont Secures USD $240.0 Million Multi-Year Order for Irrigation Products and Services
5 House lists & cancels cannabis research vote (Newsletter: September 28, 2020)
6 Choosing security over wealth
7 Australian agriculture looks long-term
8 Gas Without a Fight: Is Turkey Ready to Go to War for Resources in the Mediterranean?
9 How to harness the power of biosolids to make hydrogen: Biosolids are the driving force behind a sustainable new method for producing hydrogen from wastewater
10 Climate Watch: From the effect on fish to carbon pricing initiatives, there’s a lot happening
11 Coronavirus: Texas cases rise by smallest amount since mid-June — as it happened
12 Bill would let cannabis biz get disaster aid (Newsletter: September 25, 2020)
13 A city named Asbestos, venomous trees and more of this week's weirdest news
14 Political will is needed to foster multilateralism in Europe
15 Farm exports primed for post-pandemic rebound
16 Coronavirus: Creeping state aid spooking farmers
17 A “Global Safety Net” to reverse biodiversity loss and stabilize Earth's climate
18 The 17+1 Framework between China and Europe
19 Social capital, social cohesion, and health of Syrian refugee working children living in informal tented settlements in Lebanon: A cross-sectional study
20 David L. Ortega – The Conversation
21 Where in the world is Edward Barbier?
22 House leaders move to extend hemp pilot program (Newsletter: September 22, 2020)
23 WHO warns 2 million COVID-19 deaths possible
24 Todd Sanderson – The Conversation
25 Michael Harris – The Conversation
26 Will COVID 19 further exacerbate xenophobia and populism?
27 Global agricultural economic water scarcity
28 Drought relief could be counter-productive, ABARES conference told
29 Harvesting water: the most lucrative crop of all
30 Hi-tech farm jobs ready for take-off
31 Central banks don't dispense “Stimulus” – they peddle poison
32 Does Australia have the highest food security in the world?
33 David Littleproud claims Australia has the most secure food security in the world. Is he correct?
34 Lack of seasonal workers a concern ahead of 2020 cherry harvest
35 Coronavirus: Seasonal visas to be extended for farm workers to aid harvest
36 Farmers help grow water plan
37 Drought-ravaged profits
38 Australian Indigenous banana cultivation found to go back over 2000 years: Findings help dispel the view that Australia's first peoples were 'only hunter gatherers'
39 Over 40 Agricultural & Economic Researchers Recognized at the 2020 AAEA Virtual Meeting
40 Agricultural exports doing relatively well – Ohio Ag Net
41 Is the rhino horn trade a cartel? Economic analysis suggests it works like one
42 John Rolfe
43 Agriculture ready for return to economic prosperity
44 Australian vegetable value up
45 Gauging the effects of water scarcity on an irrigated planet
46 Australia’s Economy Faces Immigration Shift From Pandemic
47 Bushfire report warns climate change will cause more intense and more frequent blazes
48 Rains on the plains a fillip for farmers
49 Desperate farmers risk hiring illegal workers
50 John Quiggin
51 The rotten apples of Brazil's agribusiness
52 More Farmers Declare Bankruptcy Despite Record Levels of Federal Aid
53 Coronavirus Hits Already Frail U.S. Farm Economy
54 Socio-economic, environmental impacts of COVID-19 quantified: Holistic study charts effects of the coronavirus on sectors and regions globally
55 Agricultural pesticides can affect prawns and oysters
56 Farmers in Crisis Turn to High-Interest Loans as Banks Pull Back
57 Farmers Dump Milk, Break Eggs as Coronavirus Restaurant Closings Destroy Demand
58 Economics Research & Working Papers | College of Business
59 Bushfires in Australia: a serious health emergency under climate change
60 Tim Nelson
61 As California Struggles With Covid-19, Farmworkers Are Among Most Affected
62 Would China extend its boycott to Australian resources and energy?
63 Climate-driven farming 'frontiers' pose major environmental risks: Global warming will making farming possible in regions important for biodiversity and carbon storage
64 No time to waste to avoid future food shortages
65 Amid drought despair, up crops a winner
66 Coronavirus: Australia ‘in no danger of running out of food supplies’, says ABARES
67 Global warming will boost agriculture weed threat
68 Carbon pricing isn't just blowing smoke
69 Gamini Herath
70 Conversation on World Bank's Agriculture & Food Global Practice
71 Farmer Ben Haslett wants water speculators left high and dry
72 Health, trade bigger priorities than stimulus, assistant Trade Minister Andrew Gee says
73 Popular doesn't mean influential among Cambodian farmers
74 The Coronavirus Challenges Facing U.S. Farms: Get Workers, Keep Them Healthy
75 Wheat and Rice Prices Surge in Coronavirus Lockdown
76 Trump Announces $19 Billion Relief Program for Farmers
77 Bad news. Closing coal-fired power stations costs jobs. We need to prepare
78 The State of China's Agricultural Research
79 Relying on 'local food' is a distant dream for most of the world
80 Plant cell gatekeepers' diversity could be key to better crops
81 A study compares how water is managed in Spain, California and Australia
82 Sustaining roads with grape and agricultural waste
83 First confirmed underwater Aboriginal archaeological sites found off Australian coast: Underwater techniques enable researchers to discover submerged ancient Aboriginal cultural sites
84 Alien frog invasion wreaks havoc on natural habitat
85 The Sprout: Congress schedules vote on USMCA
86 Vertical Farms Fill a Tall Order
87 Bruce Davidson and the myth of a northern food bowl – The Northern Myth
88 'Low' socioeconomic status is the biggest barrier to STEM participation
89 The importance of agriculture for Pakistan’s future
90 Agricultural lands key to mitigation and adaptation
91 Australia's wish list of exotic pets
92 Impact of Xylella fastidiosa subspecies pauca in European olives
93 Avian Influenza in China Adds to Economic Concerns Amid Coronavirus Spread
94 'Price of life' lowest in UK during COVID-19 pandemic, study finds
95 Trump's trade policies drain profits from Montana wheat farmers
96 Extremely unlikely weather still happens
97 A United Front on China Starts to Take Shape
98 Beyond the green revolution
99 Recipe for disaster: The IMF and World Bank's role in the financialisation of food and agriculture
100 COVID-19