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Result Content Idea Research
1 Australian National University cuts 465 jobs due to strain from falling international numbers
2 Australia leading the world in deploying renewable energy
3 Mammoth collision of `impossible' black holes detected
4 Help complete Australia's longest daily weather record
5 People power key to getting through COVID-19 pandemic
6 ANU to axe 215 jobs as part of COVID-19 recovery plan
7 Australian National University library donates hundreds of signed political books
8 Spy agency and Australian National University fight over axed book contract
9 'Science is political': Scientific American has endorsed Joe Biden over Trump for president. Australia should take note
10 The unofficial history of ANU's University House
11 Which Australian universities are most at-risk due to coronavirus?
12 Federal government urged to step in for struggling universities following thousands of job losses
13 University of Canberra rises, ANU slips in Times Higher Education World University Rankings
14 ANU's shoddy treatment of academic freedom
15 Diet, exercise and brain training reduces risk of Alzheimer's — if people are given a little bit of 'extra assistance', ANU study finds
16 'We're in deep strife': Fertility wipe-out set to derail COVID-19 recovery
17 'It's not my shame': The process of speaking out as a victim of sexual harassment
18 Discovery could lead to new malaria treatments
19 newsGP
20 Why our unis are essential to beating COVID-19
21 Covid 19 coronavirus Australia: ANU blood test finds 60000 undetected Covid-19 cases
22 Brian Schmidt on the ANU's 2018 cyber attack
23 Hungry black hole among the most massive in the Universe
24 Mystery gas discovered near centre of Milky Way
25 STEM Challenges
26 Eyes in space to spot bushfire danger zones
27 The new online tool helping voters make an informed choice at ACT election
28 Vale Susan Ryan, pioneer Labor feminist who showed big, difficult policy changes can, and should, be made
29 ANU to pause coursework teaching for one week
30 Science Case Study Competition
31 ANU at forefront of Australia's quantum future
32 ANU campuses move to remote work and study
33 Coalition to cut $2 billion a year from university research
34 Record number of Australian universities crack world's top 200
35 Have you ever noticed these seven hidden architectural gems on campus?
36 Why outer space matters in a post-pandemic world
37 COVID-19 update to students on changes to ANU campus
38 Unis are key to meeting our climate change challenge
39 From ANU to Cambridge: Marika is changing healthcare on the nanoscale
40 ANU Council says we must act on climate change
41 Indian Ocean phenomenon spells climate trouble for Australia
42 Australian Research Council discovery project scholarship
43 Can a river sing? ANU researchers say 'absolutely'
44 STEM, we have a problem
45 New report tells grim story of heat, drought and fire
46 A quantum leap that's been decades in the making
47 ANU to base admission on year 11 because of 'significant disruption' from coronavirus
48 meriSTEM helps ensure the flow of Australian science grads
49 These are the 10 Australian universities with the highest full-time employment rates for graduates
50 ANU and ABC partner to promote science for the public good
51 COVID-19 lockdown leads to huge drop in seismic noise
52 Researchers develop tiny but tough lasers
53 ANU researchers set new solar-to-hydrogen efficiency record
54 This is not a climate emergency. It's much more serious
55 Science student experience
56 Diversity, inclusion & gender equity
57 Australian cities are quiet during lockdown. Earthquake scientists are making the most of it
58 Chinese investment in Australia plunges as tensions mount
59 DoST’s scicom efforts cited in international book – The Manila Times
60 Statement on precautionary measures for COVID-19 on ANU campuses
61 All Rhodes lead to ANU
62 Study shows how Australia's burrowing frogs handle the heat
63 Coronavirus restrictions leave Australian cruise industry and businesses who rely on it in limbo
64 New study shows wildfires increasing in size and frequency across Victoria
65 Pathway to secondary teaching with University of Canberra
66 Lead engineer of Australia's planet hunter receives national award
67 $50 million endowment for Indigenous university scholarships
68 Health and environmental protections at risk during COVID-19
69 Australian National University embroiled in harassment claim against New Zealand academic
70 One cat, one year, 110 native animals: lock up your pet, it's a killing machine
71 Quantum leap for frog research
72 Why universities shouldn't write our spy agencies' official histories
73 Research to turbocharge rice given major funding boost
74 NSW universities make record number of early offers to Class of 2020
75 We dug up Australian weather records back to 1838 and found snow is falling less often
76 Coronavirus, hail storm, bushfires cause $225m financial loss for Australian National University
77 University of Canberra and Australian National University fly in 300 foreign students
78 Dean's International Science Excellence Scholarship
79 Next-generation navigation technology developed in Australia
80 The heat is on for Australia's beloved marsupials
81 Need a mood lift? We've tracked 4 ways Australia's environment has repaired itself in 2020
82 Big shooting star show set to light up our self-iso lives
83 ANU wins $8 million for innovative medical research
84 Birds are the “canaries in the climate-change coal mine”
85 Grim prediction as world nears 1m virus deaths
86 Welcome
87 Podcast: Unmuting the muses
88 Break in supply chain means elite unis struggle to survive
89 Scientists hate to say 'I told you so'. But Australia, you were warned
90 New mathematical research partnership announced
91 We should listen to coronavirus experts, but local wisdom counts too
92 Bushfire crisis spells trouble for Aussie insects
93 How an internship can jump-start your start-up
94 11 koalas being cared for at the Australian National University (ANU) after wildfires destroyed habitat
95 ANU gives koalas a home and care after bushfires
96 Some say we've seen bushfires worse than this before. But they're ignoring a few key facts
97 New infrared telescope to help find Universe's “hidden treasures” in real time
98 2020 Virtual Art Music Awards recognise luminaries
99 Student accused of putting a camera in a uni shower cubicle bailed
100 Conservation scientists are grieving after the bushfires