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1 ARPANSA supports World Health Organization radio wave research
2 Is 5G exposure like living in an airport scanner?
3 Commonwealth skirts full support for half of 5G inquiry recommendations
4 Updated guidance for radioactive waste
5 Australia's government agencies increasingly refusing environment-related FOIs, audit finds
6 ARPANSA appoints new electromagnetic energy Director
7 An Anti-5G Group Is Trying To Become A Federal Political Party In Australia
8 Australia's radiation safety agency reinforces that 5G is safe
9 Australian radiation safety agency fires back at 5G health fearmongering
10 School set to get controversial phone antennas
11 Peer Review and Advisory Missions Help Member States' Enhance Nuclear Safety and Security | IAEA
12 Storm to smash Gold Coast before heatwave hits
13 and Australia's Regulatory Body Strengthen Cooperation to Enhance Radiation Protection of Uranium Mining and Processing Workers | IAEA
14 Aussies getting less radiation from CT scans than 5 years ago
15 ARPANSA renews 35-year partnership with World Health Organization
16 IAEA team completes review of Australian regulator : Regulation & Safety
17 ACMA EME tests find LTE small cells putting out less than 0.8% of exposure safety levels
18 Mission Says Australia Committed to Strengthening Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Sees Areas for Enhancement | IAEA
19 Enhancing Cooperation for Effective Nuclear and Radiation Regulatory Systems: IAEA Conference Begins
20 UK mobile radiation tests top out at 1.5% of safe levels
21 Mission Says Indonesia Strengthened Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Sees Areas for Enhancement | IAEA
22 No, 5G Radiation Doesn't Spread The Coronavirus. Here's How We Know
23 Radiation Watchdog Deems 5G Safe for Customer Use
24 No evidence that 5G radiation is harmful to human health, experts say
25 Nuclear watchdog 'sniffs' the wind at Mawson — Australian Antarctic Program (News 2020)
26 Expensive, dirty and dangerous: why we must fight miners' push to fast-track uranium mines
27 Experts decline invitation to speak on 5G
28 No, 5G radiation doesn’t cause or spread COVID-19. Saying it does is just plain daft
29 International role for ARPANSA deputy
30 Trendy wristbands with a huge risk
31 Canberra to spend AU$9 million combatting 5G misinformation
32 Morning Briefing for Thursday, October 29, 2020
33 When 5G met COVID
34 There is no evidence that low level radio waves from smart meters can harm plants, experts say
35 Australian public's confidence in 5G 'shaken' by misinformation campaign
36 A man exposed his family to nuclear radiation after he peed in the backyard
37 5G health concerns and COVID-19: the facts
38 5G and belief – Echonetdaily
39 Recommendations for Nuclear Medicine Technologists Drawn from an Analysis of Errors Reported in Australian Radiation Incident Registers
40 5G is not linked to the coronavirus pandemic in any way. Here's the science.
41 A Man Exposed His Family To Radiation By Urinating In His Backyard
42 Health fears as two workers exposed to radiation at Sydney plant
43 Papers for International Conference on Effective Nuclear and Radiation Regulatory Systems due 28 May
44 Defence grilled on alternate site
45 Pigeon racers keen to know why some birds never make it home, and it's most likely bigger birds
46 5G activists flooding MPs inboxes with "unfounded" health concerns
47 5G, electromagnetic energy and your health: here are the facts
48 IAEA Completes Nuclear Security Advisory Mission in Australia | IAEA
49 ACMA to set EME standards for mmWave 5G devices
50 Radiation monitoring and ALARA News, Page 1
51 What do GPs need to know about the new 5G network?
52 Radiation risk as copter lands on nuclear waste dump
53 Man who exposed family to radiation among hundreds of nuclear mishaps
54 Scientific observatories
55 Nu Scientific safe proofs underground mines
56 ANSTO to act on medicine production safety culture : Regulation & Safety
57 No evidence for 5G rollout rush or rush of symptoms
58 5G radiation no worse than microwaves or baby monitors: Australian telcos
59 Australian isotope facility to begin full-scale operations : Regulation & Safety
60 Use an Online Tool to Comprehensively Navigate IAEA Safety and Security Publications
61 Russia denies nuclear incident after international body detects isotopes
62 How neoliberal culture and 5G are related
63 No link between mobile phones and brain cancer in the over-60s
64 'No current plans' for 5G technology in the Whitsundays
65 5G radiation fears debunked
66 Biggest myths about safety of 5G technology
67 ANSTO suffers nuclear medicine meltdown
68 7 Ways Technology Can Make Things Better for Germaphobes
69 Keep an open mind about nuclear power for our carbon-neutral future
70 Does 5G Radiation Cause COVID-19 And Other Diseases? A Fact Check
71 Review for repaired isotope production facility : Regulation & Safety
72 Woomera's 10000 nuclear waste barrels have 'low levels of radiation'
73 Nuclear Cooperation between Australia and Viet Nam strengthened with the support of the IAEA
74 A viral post claims fish in Alaska are getting cancer because of Fukushima. They aren't
75 5G protests in Byron, while councillors sit on fence – Echonetdaily
76 Resident outrage as 5G tower planned close to property
77 Nuclear radiation spills spur Lucas Heights review
78 5G is being rolled out in Australia. Is the radiation safe?
79 The answers to your biggest 5G questions
80 People often don't trust us on 5G: Telstra asks government to help combat health fears
81 Chernobyl scientist still backs nuclear power for Australia's future energy mix
82 Do blue light blocking glasses work?
83 Radiofrequency expert warns 5G radiation could be carcinogenic
84 Coronavirus forces rethink on Gladstone's 5G rollout
85 Cancer diagnoses crisis after shutdown at Lucas Heights nuclear facility
86 Fears over 5G spark shire investigation
87 Why 5G Doesn't Cause Coronavirus
88 Aust OECD nuclear power claim is false
89 COVID-19: hoax circulates that viral outbreaks are linked to new telecommunication technologies
90 Father exposed family to radiation by peeing in backyard following nuclear medicine treatment
91 Nurse Naomi Cook and Australians for Safe Technology leader explains why she links 5G to coronavirus
92 Australian man urinates in his back yard, sparks radiation alert
93 How to dress to protect yourself from UV rays
94 What are gamma-rays?
95 Former Home And Away actor Isabel Lucas protests against 5G
96 Parliament Inquiry Urges Plan To Make 5G Gear In Australia
97 Mullumbimby: The counterculture town fighting 5G
98 New phone tower proposed for Ipswich growth hot spot
99 Radioactive waste to be moved from uni to safe storage in Yallambie
100 Are wireless earbuds a risk-free Christmas present?