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1 Pentagon begins rolling out replacement for the F-35 system that maintainers hate the most
2 Finland gets the green light to buy F-35, F-18 and billions of dollars in weapons
3 First Lockheed Martin F-35s loaded with ODIN hardware
4 Team Edwards helps pave way for new F-35 ODIN hardware
5 Marine Corps Tests Lockheed-Built ODIN F-35 Logistics System
6 The Real F-35 Problem We Need to Solve
7 New ODIN Hardware Destined To Host F-35's ALIS Replacement Successfully Tested At MCAS Yuma
8 Congressional watchdog skeptical on new F-35 logistics system
9 Trouble with the F-35’s logistics information system
10 F-35 logistics system to be reinvented and renamed, official says
11 House committee targets Lockheed in probe of F-35 parts problems
12 F-35 ALIS open deficiencies grow to 4700 over two years
13 Rafales & Typhoons Come Under Direct Attack From F-35 As US Offers Its 'Stealth Jets' To Switzerland
14 Sustainment issues plague F-35's logistics IT backbone
15 Switzerland Gets State Dept OK for $16.2B in F-35, Super Hornet, Patriot Procurement Requests
16 Lockheed is Maturing F-35 ALIS Data System for the Navy and Marines
17 Defense Department Improves 'Ready for Issue' Rate for F-35 Parts
18 F-35 Sustainment: DOD Needs to Address Key Uncertainties as It Re-Designs the Aircraft's Logistics System
19 Replacement For F-35's Troubled ALIS Cloud-Based Brain Rebranded ODIN And Is Still Years Away
20 That one scene in 'Live Free or Die Hard' that revealed a real-life problem with the F-35
21 Wert provides Digital update, insight into DPA efforts
22 The Pentagon plan to save the F-35's logistics system hinges on whether Lockheed will relinquish data control
23 First Operational Stealth F-35C Squadron Conducts Flight Deck Certification on USS Carl Vinson
24 Key piece of F-35 logistics system unusable by US Air Force students, instructor pilots
25 JUST IN: F-35 Sustainment Challenges Take Center Stage
26 F-35 Jets To Compete Against French Rafales, Typhoons As US Approves Sale Of Its 'Stealth Jets' To Finland
27 F-35 Program Dumps ALIS for ODIN
28 Japan plans to increase number of F-35’s bases
29 How the US Air Force's Kessel Run team plans to solve one of the F-35 program's biggest headaches
30 DOD tester’s report: F-35 is still a lemon
31 US gives the green light to Japan's $23B F-35 buy
32 A broken computer system is costing F-35 maintainers 45,000 hours a year. Now Lockheed Martin has to rebuild the whole thing
33 Lockheed Made A Three Minute Long Cartoon Just To Explain F-35's ALIS
34 Lockheed’s Orlando division wins major jet deal
35 Lockheed Gets $2 Billion in F-35 Contracts, Plans 141 Deliveries for 2020
36 Mad Hatter Begins Delivering Apps to F-35 Flightline
37 F-35 Program and Lockheed Martin Starting Transition to Cloud-Based Logistics Program
38 Watchdog: Pentagon Needs to Answer Questions on New F-35 Logistics System
39 Finland Receives Green Light to Purchase US F-35, F-18 Amid Ongoing Fighter Jet Competition
40 Here we have the poster child for how not to develop technology
41 Bad data in F-35 logistics system resulting in lost missions
42 To improve F-35 reliability, Pentagon plans performance-based logistics contract
43 ALIS 3.0 Testing Complete But Improvements Are Slow
44 Five F-35 issues have been downgraded, but they remain unsolved
45 Synergy-centered maintenance key to F-35A reliability, high mission capability rates
46 Lightning Rods Protect F-35 Lightnings From Lightning At Exercise Northern Lightning
47 Singapore gets the green light to buy F-35s
48 Air Force Tries To Fix F-35’s ALIS — From A Big, Broken Box To the Cloud
49 Hill AFB F-35 maintainers speed egress inspection and servicing
50 The Pentagon's weapons tester has concerns about the F-35's new software development process
51 From ‘Mad Hatter’ To ‘Torque:’ Kessel Run Makes Software For F-22, CV-22
52 Poland Signs $4.6 Billion F-35 Deal
53 Critical software not working in F-35 fighter jets
54 US DOD works to improve RFI rate for F-35 aircraft parts
55 The Pentagon Finally Ditches the F-35’s Faulty Logistics System
56 Report to Congress on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program
57 Air Force working through F-35 readiness rate issues
58 GAO: F-35 central logistics system 'does not work properly,' needs redesign
59 F-35 Logistics System Faces Challenges
60 Lockheed Martin Advances F-35’s Maintenance Backbone
61 Inventory management failures are grounding F-35 jets
62 ALIS Glitch Grounds Marine F-35Bs
63 Billions In Military Aircraft Sales To Swiss May Benefit US Cos.
64 Pentagon to Replace F-35 ALIS Logistic System with ODIN
65 British Government Says It Might Pass On $27M Upgrade For Some Of Its F-35s
66 F-35’s ALIS ‘Way Behind,’ Bogdan Says; One Step Forward Last Week
67 Lockheed Martin (LMT) Wins $88M Deal to Support F-35 Program
68 Covid Dents F-35 Production as Development Continues
69 US Air Force moves to fortify F-35 weak points against hacking
70 The F-35 Is Still Broken and the F-35A Can't Shoot Straight
71 Here's How The US Could Allay Israeli Concerns Over Selling F-35s To UAE
72 F-35 Maintenance Reporting Evolves as Aircraft Matures
73 US Air Force works to let foreign militaries rearm, refuel and repair F-35As in the field
74 Coming in 2020: A new technology to link F-35 simulators across the globe
75 Cyber security risks in $17bn F-35 system
76 Deployed F-35s Raise Mission-Capable Rates, Help Form New Logistics System
77 Eielson stands up field training detachment, hosts first F-35 courses
78 Logistics: ODIN Replaces ALIS
79 F-35's computer now integrates propulsion data
80 Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome
81 The F-35's Greatest Vulnerability Isn't Enemy Weapons. It's Being Hacked.
82 Kessel Run brings new software to Vermont ANG aircraft maintainers
83 Carl Vinson, Navy's first operational F-35C squadron conduct flight deck certification
84 Uncorrected Design Flaws, Cyber-Vulnerabilities, and Unreliability Plague the F-35 Program
85 Pentagon Needs Hill Help With Software Fixes, Including On F-35
86 RAAF F-35s on the rise Down Under
87 The F-35 is an overpriced lemon that doesn’t work
88 Lockheed Tapped For ALIS Transition To ODIN | A-29 Crashed Afghanistan | DoS Approves MK 54 FMS To Germany
89 15 Things You Didn't Know About The F-35 Jet | HotCars
90 House considers scrapping Pentagon F-35 office as an option to cut upkeep costs
91 Problems with new F-35 fighter planes shouldn't fly under the radar
92 U.S. Air Force, Navy Approve Latest F-35 Logistics Software
93 How Lockheed Martin Is Trying To Link Everything on the Battlefield
94 Lockheed Martin Tapped For F-35 Support | Indonesia Wants To Buy Austria's Eurofighters | Royal Marines Test Drones Near Glasgow
95 Lockheed Martin Wins $18 Billion In Orders
96 Record-setting first sortie for wing's newest F-35A
97 US Green-Lights Sale of 105 F-35 Fighters to Japan for $23 Billion
98 DoD inspector general slams F-35 program office for allowing Lockheed to manage government property
99 One thing that won’t help ongoing F-35 issues? A continuing resolution.
100 Question Marks Remain Over F-35 Availability, Support | Defense News