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Result Content Idea Research
1 Accident: Key Lime SW4 and private aircraft at Denver on May 12th 2021, midair collision
2 Accident: Falcon B733 at Bosaso and Sharjah on Apr 25th 2021, unknown object collided with horizontal stabilizer
3 Incident: Antonov A124 at Sao Paulo on May 11th 2021, overran runway on landing
4 Incident: Transavia B737 at Rotterdam on Apr 24th 2021, we think we are 6500 feet, military radar tells FL110, unreliable speed and altitude on both left and right pitot systems
5 News: Conflicting information about a suspected aircraft crash in Mexico
6 Incident: Caspian MD83 and Qatar A35K near Isfahan on Apr 12th 2021, MD83 autopilot malfunction triggers A35K stall warning
7 Azul A320neo Suffers Engine Troubles Departing Rio De Janeiro
8 News: The I CAT approach
9 Accident: VivaAeroBus A320 at Puerto Vallarta on Mar 18th 2021, nose gear collapse during backtrack for departure
10 Incident: Airexplore B738 enroute on Jul 19th 2020, who was in control of the aircraft?
11 S7 A321 Unable To Taxi Off The Runway In Novy Urgengoy
12 Accident: THY A21N at Hanover on Mar 13th 2021, hard landing
13 Air France Boeing 777 Involved In Runway Incursion In Mexico City
14 Incident: Delta B752 at Salt Lake City on Mar 30th 2021, bird strike
15 Accident: Volga-Dnepr A124 at Novosibirsk on Nov 13th 2020, overran runway after uncontained engine failure and communication failure
16 Incident: SAA A346 at Johannesburg on Feb 25th 2021, Alpha Floor Activation on departure
17 Incident: Airest SF34 at Budapest on Mar 2nd 2021, 4 runway edge lights found damaged following departure, cause of damage to the lights unknown
18 Crash: Sriwijaya B735 at Jakarta on Jan 9th 2021, lost height and impacted Java Sea
19 Crash: South Sudan Supreme L410 at Pieri on Mar 2nd 2021, crashed on emergency return after both engines failed
20 Accident: Trigana B734 at Jakarta on Mar 20th 2021, engine failure, subsequent right main gear failure causes runway excursion on landing
21 Incident: Ethiopian B738 at Ndola on Apr 4th 2021, landed at airport under construction
22 Accident: Djibouti B735 at Garowe on Dec 2nd 2020, touched down short of runway, gear collapse on roll out
23 Accident: Longtail B744 at Maastricht on Feb 20th 2021, rain of engine parts
24 Accident: DHL B752 at Leipzig on Feb 13th 2021, cargo door opened in flight
25 Incident: Frontier A321 at Nashville on Feb 15th 2021, flight attendant prevents takeoff with contaminated wings
26 Incident: LAM B737 at Quelimane on Feb 26th 2021, runway excursion on landing
27 Incident: Batik A320 at Jambi on Mar 6th 2021, nose gear rotated sideways after departure
28 Accident: West Atlantic B734 at Exeter on Jan 19th 2021, hard touchdown
29 Incident: Southern B772 at New York on Nov 15th 2020, stall on departure
30 Airport runway set to close beginning of June
31 SpiceJet Boeing 737-800 Diverts To Iran With Cracked Windshield
32 Incident: Transcarga A30B at Bogota on Mar 11th 2021, rejected takeoff due to uncontained engine failure
33 Incident: United B738 at San Jose on Dec 30th 2020, temporary runway excursion on landing
34 Incident: Lion B739 at Bandar Lampung on Dec 20th 2020, runway excursion during backtrack
35 Incident: EAT Leipzig A306 at Brussels on Nov 26th 2020, rejected takeoff above V1 due to difficulties becoming airborne
36 Banner, Building Permits Herald Coming Aviation Maintenance School
37 Incapacitated Pilot Prompts ANA Boeing 787 Diversion
38 Accident: Manta DHC6 at Male on Feb 14th 2021, flipped upside down during landing on floats
39 Imbalance Of Passengers Caused Alitalia Airbus A320 Tail Strike
40 Incident: American B38M near Newark on Mar 5th 2021, engine shut down in flight
41 Incident: Lufthansa Cargo B772 at Frankfurt on Oct 10th 2020, unreliable airspeed
42 Accident: India Express B738 at Kozhikode on Aug 7th 2020, overran runway and fell into valley
43 Accident: Sanga DHC6 at Wobagen on Dec 1st 2020, runway excursion during rejected takeoff
44 Crash: PIA A320 at Karachi on May 22nd 2020, impacted residential area during final approach, both engines failed as result of a gear up touchdown
45 Accident: Bluebird DH8D at Beledweyne on Jul 14th 2020, aircraft collides with runway obstacles and bursts into flames
46 Accident: Calm AT42 at Naujaat on Nov 26th 2020, runway excursion on landing
47 Accident: Vietjet A321 at Dong Hoi on Oct 16th 2020, hard landing at +4.27G
48 Accident: Virgin A333 at St. Lucia on Dec 24th 2013, mud landing on runway
49 Crash: Doren Congo L410 at Bukavu on Aug 13th 2020, aircraft impacted forest on approach
50 El Al Boeing 787 Escorted Over Europe By Fighter Jets
51 MD-83 Autopilot Failure Leads To Qatar Airways Airbus A350 Distancing
52 Crash: South West Aviation AN26 at Juba on Aug 22nd 2020, lost height after departure
53 Incident: Qatar B773 at Doha on Mar 23rd 2021, tyre damage on departure
54 Accident: UTAir Cargo AN74 at Gao on Aug 3rd 2020, total electrical failure, overran runway on landing
55 Incident: UPS B744 at Louisville on Feb 15th 2021, taxiway excursion during line up
56 Accident: Buff Services F50 at Bardere on Jul 5th 2020, right main gear collapsed on landing
57 Without Mitchell, Hagerstown Aviation Museum 'wouldn't have existed'
58 Incident: West Atlantic ATP at Birmingham on May 22nd 2020, temporary runway excursion on second approach
59 Incident: Endeavor CRJ9 at Chattanooga on Mar 18th 2021, wing tip strike on landing
60 Accident: Silverstone F50 at Mogadishu on Sep 19th 2020, runway excursion on landing
61 Incident: Vietjet A321 at Ho Chi Minh City on Jun 14th 2020, runway excursion on landing
62 Accident: Envoy E145 at Freeport on Oct 24th 2020, runway excursion
63 Incident: France A319 at Lisbon on Aug 17th 2020, runway excursion after landing
64 British Airways Flies 5 Hour Flight To Nowhere After Weather Radars Fail
65 WNCC to host memorial service for aviation students killed in accident
66 Great to fly again, even as the pandemic continues to alter the travel experience | Janet Podolak
67 Transavia Boeing 737 Suffers Unreliable Altitude Indicator
68 Halt to 737 Max deliveries stymies Boeing's recovery effort |
69 Incident: Garuda A333 at Makassar on Jul 1st 2020, runway excursion during backtracking for departure
70 Mask flouting no joke at 30,000 feet, aviation industry says
71 Incident: Cargolux B744 near Churchill on Apr 3rd 2021, engine shut down in flight
72 CLASSIFIEDS | The Herald
73 Crash: UIA B738 at Tehran on Jan 8th 2020, lost height after departure, aircraft shot down by Iran's armed forces
74 Accident: Iceland B752 at Keflavik on Feb 7th 2020, main gear collapse on landing
75 Crash: East African Express E120 at Berdale on May 4th 2020, aircraft shot down by Ethiopian troops
76 Search for Cole Geise enters 10th day | News |
77 History tour brings WWII aircraft to Tri-Cities Airport
78 Report: TUI B738 at Birmingham on Jul 21st 2020, female adults declared children, wrong takeoff mass computation
79 Accident: Ural A321 at Moscow on Aug 15th 2019, bird strike into both engines forces landing in corn field
80 Incident: Smartwings B738 over Aegean Sea on Aug 22nd 2019, engine shut down in flight, aircraft continued to Prague
81 Accident: ACT B744 at Dammam and Jeddah on Feb 1st 2020, tail strike on departure
82 Safety devices were disabled on MIA elevators, alarming Miami-Dade inspectors
83 Accident: UTAir B735 in Usinsk on Feb 9th 2020, landed short of runway, gear collapse and runway excursion on landing
84 Crash: Ethiopian B38M near Bishoftu on Mar 10th 2019, impacted terrain after departure
85 Incident: Virgin Atlantic B789 at Hong Kong on Oct 18th 2019, deviated from localizer and descended below minimum safe altitude
86 Accident: Pegasus B738 at Istanbul on Feb 5th 2020, overran runway, impacted wall, broke up
87 Scotland's proud aviation heritage celebrated with new trail and website
88 Incident: Aerostan B742 at Karachi on Jan 26th 2021, engine shut down in flight
89 Accident: THY B738 at Odessa on Nov 21st 2019, runway excursion and nose gear collapse on landing
90 Editorial: Airline passengers refusing to mask is disturbing -- and dangerous
91 Jetstar to announce cut-price 'Return for Free' sale for Kiwis
92 Incident: Titan A321 at London on Feb 26th 2020, left engine surged, engine stall indications for right engine
93 Accident: Nordwind A321 at Antalya on Jan 10th 2020, hard landing
94 Accident: Miami B738 at Jacksonville on May 3rd 2019, runway overrun on landing, aircraft ends up in river
95 Accident: Omni B763 at Shannon on Mar 8th 2020, hard landing
96 Accident: Southwest B737 at Austin on May 7th 2020, landing aircraft hits man on runway
97 Accident: UAA AN12 at Lviv on Oct 4th 2019, ran out of fuel
98 Delta flight returns to Atlanta after birds hit windshield
99 Crash: Atlas B763 at Houston on Feb 23rd 2019, loss of control on approach
100 Accident: Caspian MD83 at Mahshahr on Jan 27th 2020, overran runway on landing