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1 New tool outsmarts COVID-19 virus to help vaccine development
2 Highly detailed map of human heart could guide personalised heart treatments
3 Osprey Medical inks distribution deal for Australia, New Zealand
4 The story of O: Blood type may lower your chances of catching COVID
5 Covid 19 coronavirus: New study finds blood type may lower virus risk
6 Erin Howden
7 Gene variations at birth reveal origins of inflammation and immune disease
8 Appointment of Non-executive Director 4 September
9 Type 2 diabetes dramatically heightens dementia, cancer risk
10 Cholesterol complacency among high-risk heart patients
11 A disease that breeds disease: why is type 2 diabetes linked to increased risk of cancer and dementia?
12 How People with Type 2 Diabetes Can Lower Risk for Cancer, Dementia
13 Study finds cholesterol management a worry in high-risk Australians
14 Report reveals more than a million Australian heart patients not given a second chance
15 Vitamin E found to prevent muscle damage after heart attack
16 Genetic Risk for Autoimmune Diseases and Allergies May Exist From Birth
17 Childhood obesity linked to heart disease in adulthood
18 Are Australian heart attack guidelines putting lives at risk?
19 Researchers discover key differences between the exercise-trained heart and failing heart
20 New algorithm estimates stroke risk from 1 blood draw
21 Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute New Title Partner of Ironman 70.3 Geelong
22 Professor Tom Marwick answers your questions: Heart disease, diabetes and COVID-19
23 Is physical activity always good for the heart?
24 Early type 2 diabetes diagnosis drives long-term kidney disease risk
25 Docs must get better on diabetes, says expert
26 Bronwyn Kingwell – The Conversation
27 Test cholesterol for free at Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Prahran
28 Excessive Fructose Consumption May Cause a Leaky Gut, Leading to Fatty Liver Disease
29 Exposure to chemical in plastic linked to type 2 diabetes, study finds
30 Scientists developing new blood test to screen for secondary heart attack
31 Gym regular's heart attack shows how insidious the disease can be
32 Loss of 'reserve' leaves older carriers in more danger
33 Diabetes Epidemic May Be Abating in Some Areas: IDF Atlas
34 Hyperactive immune cells accelerate heart valve disease: study
35 Could blood thinners be a lifesaving treatment for COVID-19? Here's what the science says and what it means for you
36 Diabetes – it's not just a problem of having a sweet tooth!
37 Cosmos Q&A: Taking the exercise path
38 The Word from Alice Springs
39 People with coronavirus are at risk of blood clots and strokes. Here's what we know so far
40 New blood sugar-lowering medicine for type 2 diabetes now available on PBS
41 A new study on vitamin E may change how cardiac patients are treated
42 Heart Valve Disease Accelerated by Hyperactive Immune Cells
43 Older people can (and should) exercise at home. Here’s an easy 10-step program
44 Standing desks improve health and are good value, researchers find
45 Vitamin E could help recovery after heart attacks
46 Giving Up Alcohol for Secondary Prevention of A-fib: New Insights
47 Diabetes med cardio boost
48 Street names, statues: why change matters
49 Sugary drinks
50 High-profile researcher admits fabricating scientific results published in major journals
51 Vitamin E shows promise in preventing muscle damage after heart attack
52 For older people and those with chronic health conditions, staying active at home is extra important – here's how
53 Working from home is bad for your mental health unless you get up
54 Dangerous blood pressure caused by specific signalling in the brain
55 Australian researchers develop world’s first ultrasound biosensor
56 eGFR decline greater with albuminuria plus normal renal function than nonalbuminuric CKD in diabetes
57 Predictors that determine toxic fats in the liver
58 Heart health by the numbers: 5 easy ways to keep tabs on your ticker
59 Morning exercise can improve decision-making across the day in older adults: Study shows how simple changes to your daily routine is key to good brain health
60 The simple test which could predict your risk of heart attack
61 World's first ultrasound biosensor created in Australia
62 Thwarting deadly heart blockages with organic nanoparticles
63 Neale Cohen
64 Here’s how plastic could be linked to type 2 diabetes risk
65 $100m Nucleus sale to boost Baker Institute’s research
66 Trends in incidence of total or type 2 diabetes: systematic review
67 Melbourne's Baker Institute introduces gender equity fellowship to support women scientists to stay in workforce
68 New drug brings unexpected hope in targeting cancer cells
69 Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute health plan focuses on prevention
70 The one exercise that could save your life
71 Prahran scientists investigate whether sitting all day at work is bad for the brain
72 Inmate COVID-19 cases at Baker Correctional jump from 20 to 561 in a week
73 ACE-inhibitors, ARBs and COVID-19: What GPs need to know
74 Feeling down? Moody? Your sitting time may be the culprit
75 Study reveals how HIV infection may contribute to metabolic conditions
76 Researchers Create First Ultrasound Biosensor | Medicine, Nanotechnologies
77 Study: Drinking 3 Cups Of Coffee A Day Could Be Good For Heart
78 Stroke: DNA test may predict risk later in life
79 Michael Wheeler – The Conversation
80 'Sensor' protein could help fight against obesity and diabetes
81 Charlie Baker names coronavirus advisory board of medical, infectious disease experts
82 Morning exercise improves cognitive performance throughout the day •
83 Exposure to common plastics could increase type 2 diabetes risk
84 Exposure to chemicals in plastic linked to increased risk of type 2 diabetes, study finds
85 Thousands of heart patients at high risk of second event
86 Fewer People Are Developing Diabetes Each Year, Study Finds
87 New blood test could predict second heart attack risk
88 EASD 2019 Roundup: CGM Benefit Confirmed
89 Blood pressure findings 'staggering' | AJP
90 Experimental two-in-one shot could aid diabetics | Stanford News
91 Coronavirus affects the blood vessels as well as the lungs. Understanding this may be key to treating it
92 Global longitudinal strain a helpful diagnostic tool for detecting myocardial dysfunction
93 David Dunstan
94 Kidney failure on the rise in Australians under 50 with type 2 diabetes
95 Hunter-gatherers don't sit like us. That could hold health benefits
96 Love takeaway? These are the dietitian-approved dishes to order
97 Moderate alcohol consumption increases risk for AF
98 Will a vegetarian diet increase your risk of stroke?
99 Earlier diabetes diagnosis linked to heart disease, stroke
100 Chinese intrusion into our unis amounts to academic espionage