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1 Researchers develop first plant-based gel to support organoid growth for biomedical applications
2 Researchers grow first plant-based gel to help organoid development for biomedical applications
3 Ties that bind
4 New fossil seal species rewrites history
5 Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) and Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunity
6 Mother's touch lingers in her child's genes
7 Placing microscopic life into people's hands
8 Discovery of New Seal Species Rewrites Evolutionary History
9 Mother's protein found to be involved in genomic imprinting process
10 3-Million-Year-Old Fossil from New Zealand Rewrites Evolutionary History of True Seals | Paleontology
11 New Breast Cancer Combination Treatment May Help With Gene Mutations
12 New method analyzes brain signals to assess how humans control everyday behaviors
13 Does SA really have a new strain of the virus?
14 Dr Sanjaya Kuruppu, research Fellow, Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute
15 Funding boost for early career researchers
16 Possible coronavirus drug identified: Ivermectin stops SARS-CoV-2 virus growing in cell culture
17 Viertel Foundation Awards $4.09m to medical research
18 Leap Forward in the Development of New Glycopeptide Antibiotic to Fight Superbugs
19 First Large-Scale Proteogenomic Analysis of Pediatric Brain Tumors Completed
20 A new discovery in regenerative medicine
21 New targets for melanoma treatment
22 Monash scientists expose fascinating 'compartments' in bacteria
23 Bacteria's secret weapon revealed
24 Anti-parasitic drug kills COVID-19 in lab
25 How to repair your gut
26 Monash discoveries suggest new breast cancer treatment
27 LAVA Therapeutics, Amsterdam UMC and Monash University Announce Publication of a Novel Cancer Immunotherapy Approach in Nature Cancer
28 Solving the riddle of superbug toxin damage to gut
29 Patterning method could pave the way for new fiber-based devices, smart textiles
30 Taiwan and Australia Jointly Develop New Anti-novel Coronavirus Drugs
31 Superbug impact on the gut
32 Discovering new bait for the immune system may lead to additional treatments for melanoma
33 Opening eyes to a frontier in vision restoration
34 Head Lice Drug Emerges as Potential Coronavirus Treatment
35 Immutep and Monash University Receive Grant Funding for LAG-3 Project
36 Peering into the secrets of phages to see how they kill bacterial superbugs
37 T cell immunity in the elderly
38 Essential components of dietary restriction revealed
39 City of Hope Initiates Phase 1 Clinical Trial to Test Its First SARS-CoV-2 Investigational Vaccine
40 Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute launched
41 'Ivermectin can kill COVID-19 within 48 hours', Monash University study finds
42 Ancient worm reveals way to destroy toxic cells in Huntington's disease
43 Shrinking Tasmanian tigers: Resizing an Australian icon
44 Study reveals bacteria's secret weapon to evade immune responses
45 Monash University study finds way to disarm dangerous bacteria
46 Loosening COVID-19 restrictions now is not a good idea – Monash Lens
47 Collaboration will tackle coeliac disease
48 Philanthropy should help fund exceptional young scientists
49 Study redefines exi'STING' dogma of inflammatory mechanism
50 Organelles, Internal Compartments of Bacterial Cells are Important for Humans, Says Scientists
51 Computational approach to optimize culture conditions required for cell therapy
52 COVID-19: How snake venom has joined the coronavirus fight
53 Taiwanese, Australian scientists join forces to test Ivermectin to fight coronavirus
54 newsGP – Insufficient evidence to currently support ivermectin as COVID-19 treatment
55 The search for safe and effective treatment of covid-19
56 3D reconstructions of individual nanoparticles: Liquid phase electron microscopy illuminates 3D atomic structures of platinum nanoparticles, advancing full control of nanoengineering
57 Malaria vaccine: Could this 'ingredient' be the secret to success?
58 Call for immunology to return to the wild
59 Discovery of a rare human gene mutation that causes MAIT cells to disappear
60 Morphing 2D circuits
61 Ivermectin emerges as possible treatment option for Covid-19
62 Can Ivermectin Cure Coronavirus?
63 COVID-19 Triple Play: Merck Acquiring Themis, Partnering with Ridgeback, IAVI
64 Bacterial link in celiac disease
65 RethiNKing which immune cells are the best weapon against lung cancer
66 New stem cell technique could create placenta tissue
67 Scientists uncover pivotal virus structure for replication
68 Singapore discovers regenerative medicine for future cell therapies
69 COVID-19 Drug Research: Ivermectin Might Emerge As One Of The Most Suitable Drug Candidates For COVID-19
70 Coronavirus in UK: how to volunteer for the clinical trials
71 Head lice drug now being studied as potential coronavirus treatment | TheHill
72 EpiMorgify algorithm predicts best conditions for cell therapies
73 Scientists identify COVID-19 protein using Australian Synchrotron
74 Key Amino Acids Involved in Dietary Restriction Revealed
75 Coronavirus cure, vaccine, treatment update: Scientists discover potential cure
76 Bacteria's Secret Weapon in Immune Evasion Revealed
77 Public warned about taking parasiticide to kill coronavirus
78 Merck : The Search for Safe and Effective Treatment of COVID-19
79 Adding RPL6 protein to vaccine prevents malaria in mice, find researchers
80 New Leader of Computational Biomedicine | Harvard Medical School
81 Scientists Just Discovered Another Trick Bacteria Use to Avoid The Immune System
82 Funding allows researchers to uncover secrets of COVID-19 immunity
83 Possible Cure For Coronavirus May Have Been Found, Courtesy Kylie Wagstaff
84 Mysterious new bioluminescent mushroom glows in Meghalaya
85 New weapon in fight against lethal fungi
86 Novel Cancer and Flu Vaccine Technology Adapted for COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate for Elderly
87 Melbourne researchers can protect mice against malaria. How far away is a human vaccine?
88 Discovery uncovers clue to disarm gonorrhea superbug
89 Israeli Prof Says Anti-Parasite Drug Could Be Effective Against COVID-19
90 Trial of ivermectin for treatment and prophylaxis of COVID-19
91 Ivermectin: A Novel Treatment For Novel Coronavirus Covid-19
92 Study uncovers the role of DNA repair in preserving egg quality
93 Biosensor technologies to offer more effective approaches to disease treatment
94 Re: Covid-19: PHE upgrades PPE advice for all patient contacts with risk of infection
95 'Natural killer' cells could be a powerful weapon to fight against lung cancer
96 The Ultimate Immunity Building Routine for Diabetics
97 Can head lice drug kill coronavirus?
98 Clostridioides difficile infection damages colonic stem cells via TcdB, impairing epithelial repair and recovery from disease
99 Keeping pace with COVID-19's rapidly changing health landscape
100 Dynamic Epidemiology and Virulence Characteristics of Carbapenem-Resis | IDR