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1 Executive Office of Immigration Review Proposes Massive Fee Increase for Applications and Appeals
2 SCOTUS to decide if appeals courts must credit testimony of immigrants facing removal
3 'Not Even the Appearance of Justice': City Bar Calls for Immigration Court System's Removal from DOJ Auspices | New York Law Journal
4 Immigration Appeals Proposal Would Erode Due Process
5 State Department Proposes Changes to Business Visas Rules
6 Immigration under Trump: backlogs and courts independency
7 Immigration – El Salvadoran's persecution based on family memberships merits asylum
8 Analysis: How Trump has Changed the Immigration Courts
9 Immigration – Persecution – Family membership – Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly
10 Judge blocks deportation of man detained on church grounds
11 DOJ 'reassigned' career members of Board of Immigration Appeals
12 Argument analysis: Justices weigh mandatory deportations based on “thin reed” of minor crimes
13 Judge grants Indonesian immigrant arrested on church grounds a temporary reprieve from deportation
14 EOIR Clarifies Standard for Supporting Evidence in Asylum Cases
15 The Best Way to Protect Immigrants From the Whims of Politics
16 3rd Circ. Upholds Deportation For Sex Crime Conviction
17 ICE Releases Undocumented Immigrant Who Was Arrested on Montgomery Co. Church Grounds
18 Board of Immigration Appeals Greenlights Deportation of Immigrants Eligible for and Deserving of Relief
19 Case preview: Harsh immigration consequences from ambiguous state criminal convictions
20 Judge Grants Temporary Deportation Reprieve to Undocumented Man Arrested at Church
21 Statistics Show Increased Circuit Court Approval of BIA Decisions
22 Amy Coney Barrett on National Security Law
23 Trump’s Overhaul of Immigration Is Worse Than You Think
24 'That Failure Is Striking:' Trump's Legal War on Asylum | National Law Journal
25 DOJ memo offered to buy out immigration board members
26 New Villanova program tackles 'justice gap' for immigrants
27 Rules for Blocking Deportation Debated at Supreme Court
28 Cameroonian asylum seekers fear deportation means death
29 The Shadow Court Cementing Trump’s Immigration Policy
30 Norway grants asylum to fugitive Pole, raising controversy
31 He faces deportation and COVID-19 while his wife battles the virus as an ICU nurse
32 Trump Judge Would Deny Asylum Petition For Victim of Domestic Violence: Confirmed Judges, Confirmed Fears
33 Immigration Board Picks Under Trump To Set Lasting Policy
34 BIA: 18 Years Is Too Long for Alien to Wait to Update His Address
35 Biden vs. Trump on Asylum
36 DOJ Proposal Aims To Speed Up Immigration Case Appeals
37 Former Judges with High Asylum Denial Rates Appointed to BIA
38 BIA Decision Will Streamline Asylum Application Process
39 Hardliners for Board of Immigration Appeals further the stacked deck [Editorial]
40 3 Immigration Judges Picked To Top Off Expanded BIA
41 After Fleeing Poland, an Antiracism Activist Finds Refuge in Norway
42 Barr, Immigration Board Chided by Appeals Court in Visa Case
43 Argument analysis: Justices consider federal courts’ statutory authority to review decisions from the Board of Immigration Appeals
44 7th Circuit is aghast at 'obduracy' of Board of Immigration Appeals, which refused to implement its decision
45 Argument preview: Justices to consider limits on appeals courts’ authority to review decisions of the Board of Immigration Appeals
46 Why prevailing wage reform matters for H-1B visas | TheHill
47 Union: DOJ deportation appeals workers fear overcrowding
48 Bold Justice: US Supreme Court to hear four hours of oral argument
49 The President and Immigration Law: The Danger and Promise of Presidential Power
50 Justices add seven new cases to docket, including major voting-rights dispute
51 SCOTUS grants review in seven cases for 2020-2021 term
52 Interesting Immigration Court and BIA Statistics
53 DOJ hiring changes may help Trump's plan to curb immigration
54 Feds secretly stacking immigration appeals panel with restrictive judges, documents show
55 Immigration Board Mulls Court Notice Rights For Migrants
56 New EOIR Rule Expands Powers of the Board of Immigration Appeals and AG Barr
57 The Supreme Court
58 New Policy Memo Appears Designed to Collapse Board of Immigration Appeals
59 Despite Coronavirus, 'The Machinery Continues' at Immigration Courts
60 The BIA Is Behaving Badly (and Judge Easterbrook Is Not Amused)
61 At Supreme Court, a Rare Confession From DOJ Gives Immigrant New Opportunity | National Law Journal
62 Norton Demands Department of Justice Protect Employees by Allowing Telework
63 DOJ to Expand the Board of Immigration Appeals
64 Immigration Judges Union Survives, For Now
65 Is the Executive Office for Immigration Review incompetent — or is Trump hiding something? | TheHill
66 On immigration, Attorney General Barr is his own Supreme Court. Judges and lawyers say that’s a problem.
67 The Trump Administration's Court-Packing Scheme Fills Immigration Appeals Board With Hardliners
68 Statutes of Liberty: By Popular Demand, The Attorney General Can Change Immigration Law in an Instant
69 WaPo Botches Reporting on AG's Torture Decision
70 Over 50 Rights Groups Call on Congress to Establish an Independent Immigration Court
71 New Rule Seems Designed to Halt Valid Immigration Court Petitions By Drastically Hiking Fees
72 7th Circuit halts deportation of crime victim, allows immigration judges to close cases
73 Justices Won't Revisit Deference to Immigration Board
74 Senate Democrats Accuse Justice Department Of Politicizing Immigration Courts
75 Expand the Board of Immigration Appeals
76 Justice Department Loses Bid to Decertify Immigration Judges' Union | National Law Journal
77 Trump Issues Executive Order Making Some Civil Servants Easier to Hire and Fire
78 Trump Administration Makes Its Case to Break Up Immigration Judges' Union
79 Barr Packs Board of Immigration Appeals with Judges Who Denied Asylum Claims at ‘High Rates’
80 Torture, Deportation, Persecution: Cornell Students Work Pro Bono for Two Immigration Appeals Cases
81 Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden on Border Control
82 DOJ changed hiring to promote restrictive immigration judges
83 Immigration Advocates Denounce Latest Effort to Undermine Immigration Courts
84 Durbin, Whitehouse, Hirono Lead Call For GAO Investigation Of Trump Administration And Immigration Courts
85 Ninth Circuit Orders Review of Immigrant’s Deportation During Appeal
86 'Remain in Mexico' policy applies regardless of migrant's entry point
87 Immigrant sues ICE for wrongful detention
88 Immigration Appeal Filing Fees May Go Up More Than 700%
89 Trump, Biden close with final pitch to voters ahead of Nov. 3
90 Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) Developments
91 NC Judge Promoted to Board of Immigration Appeals
92 Non-Detained New York Immigration Courts Are Closed
93 Seventh Cir. Slams Immigration Board's 'Defiance' in Visa Case
94 Trump Moves to Tighten Visa Access for High-Skilled Foreign Workers
95 Federal Court Reverses Immigration Court Decision Denying Pardon | Greater Hartford, CT Patch
96 Administrative Abuse of Discretion and Power "Beggars Belief"
97 Trump-Appointed Immigration Judges Have Become His Robed Enforcers
98 Deportee's Case Can Reopen on Judge's Initiative, 10th Cir. Says
99 Appellate Court Calls Out DOJ For ‘Flatly Refusing’ to Implement Decision in Immigration Case
100 Iraqi Christian Fearing Torture Wins Do-Over of Deportation Case