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1 Brad Pitt's Easiest $7 Million Paycheck Was Not a Movie
2 Brad Pitt's girlfriend Nicole Poturalski highlights her svelte physique at film launch
3 Brad Pitt Action Movie 'Bullet Train' Adds 'Warrior' and 'Snake Eyes' Star Andrew Koji
4 Execs Behind Sony's Brad Pitt Action Film 'Bullet Train' Explain Why More Japanese Adaptations Are Heading to Hollywood
5 Brad Pitt is looking like Jennifer Aniston again as they reunite for flirty ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ scene
6 'Seven' turns 25: How Sloth, the gnarliest victim, gave Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman a real fright
7 Brad Pitt 'wants Angelina Jolie's Girl, Interrupted costar testify at custody trial'
8 Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Still Working On A Movie Together About Their Marriage?
9 Pitt! Aniston! Roberts! Freeman! Was this the starriest Zoom ever?
10 25 movies and TV shows coming to Netflix, Hulu and more in October
11 Which Brad Pitt Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?
12 What makes Brad Pitt one of the wealthiest stars in Hollywood?
13 Twenty Years After ‘Se7en’ We Still Wanna Know What’s in the Box
14 AFI Movie Club: THELMA & LOUISE
15 Brad Pitt's Always Eating in 'Ocean's 11' for a Simple Reason
16 Movie Theaters To Begin Reducing Hours Due To Of The Lack Of New Movies
17 10 Horror Movies From The '90s With A 'Shyamalan Twist'
18 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Had 'No Drama' During Fast Times At Ridgemont High Live Read, Says Dane Cook
19 Inside Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski's One Year of Secret Dates: A 'Very Flirty' Meeting and France Trips
20 Breaking News
21 Joey King dolls up in figure-hugging ensemble to promote horror film The Lie coming to Amazon Prime
22 Every Brad Pitt Movie Performance, Ranked
23 35 best new Netflix movies and shows to watch in October 2020
24 10 Of The Best Serial Killer Movies From The 1990s, Ranked By IMDb
25 10 Movies To Watch If You Love Troy | ScreenRant
26 How David Fincher Puts Himself in His Movies
27 Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt 'were nervous' for Fast Times table read as 'there was no rules'
28 Oklahoma skies shine in first trailer for Sundance winner 'Minari'
29 Box Office: ‘The Batman’ Could Be The First Blockbuster Serial Killer Movie Since ‘Se7en’
30 Se7en: Looking back at David Fincher's masterpiece 25 years on
31 Stream These Ultra-Cool Heist Movies
32 Every single Brad Pitt movie, ranked by audiences
33 Reservoir Dogs: 10 Films To Watch If You Liked Quentin Tarantino's Debut
34 The best Brad Pitt movies to watch on Netflix right now, ranked
35 Brad Pitt movies: 24 greatest films ranked from worst to best
36 Brad Pitt's 'Worst-Performing' Film Is His Favorite Movie
37 Brad Pitt and Harry Styles Aren’t Making a Movie Together
38 This MCU Phase 4 movie might have one of the best cameos of all time
39 Universal Lands Hot One: Stuntman-Turned-Director David Leitch To Helm Untitled Stuntman Drama To Star Ryan Gosling; Entertainment 360, 87North and Gosling Producing
40 Brad Pitt Says His Favorite Movie is the 'Worst-Performing Film of Anything I've Done'
41 Angelina Jolie was smitten by Johnny Depp as his film spoke to the ‘angst-ridden actor
42 Brad Pitt: Top 10 Produced Films, Ranked (According To IMDb)
43 Brad Pitt's Hot New Role Is a Hitman Named Ladybug
44 With EU travel ban, how was Brad Pitt able to travel to France with reported new girlfriend?
45 Brad Pitt Vowed to Make Quality Movies After Starring in ‘Troy’ Drove Him Crazy
46 Brad Pitt Says This Film Was 'the Pinnacle of My Loss of Direction'
47 Brad Pitt’s Best Movies (According To IMDb) | ScreenRant
48 Brad Pitt Revealed He Wasn't the 'Most Delightful Human to Be Around' During This Film
49 Joker (2019): 10 Movies That Inspired Todd Phillips' Dark DC Movie
50 Brad Pitt: His 5 Best (And 5 Worst) Films According To IMDb
51 Brad Pitt and the Beauty Trap
52 Brad Pitt Made A Director Cry When He Dropped Out of This Film
53 Every Major Movie Role Brad Pitt Turned Down | Screen Rant
54 The 33 best movie endings of all time, ranked
55 Every Horror Movie & TV Show Coming To Hulu For Halloween 2020
56 Why Brad Pitt Became More Selective After Starring in This Film: 'I Was Disappointed In It'
57 From David Fincher to Quentin Tarantino: Brad Pitt’s 10 greatest films
58 Stephen Schaefer’s Hollywood & Mine
59 Brad Pitt Says People 'Still Come Up to Me and Yell' This Line From an Earlier Film
60 Brad Pitt’s 15 greatest movie quotes, from ‘Thelma and Louise’ to ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’
61 Brad Pitts popular Hollywood films that revolved around the theme of War
62 Brad Pitt Revealed Exactly How He Knows if a Movie is Going to Bomb
63 Brad Pitt Admitted He 'Wept' When He Saw This Movie
64 Brad Pitt Returns to the Big Screen as a Hitman Named Ladybug in Bullet Train
65 Why Brad Pitt Was 'Miserable' Starring in This Film With Tom Cruise
66 'Downton Abbey' Sequel Is In The Works
67 New To Netflix In October 2020: Bly Manor And More Horror Movies, TV Shows, And Original
68 Why Will Smith didn't play these huge movie roles
69 ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’: Watch Best Moments From the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Movie
70 Netflix Added 45 New Movies/TV Shows Today
71 The best Brad Pitt films of all time
72 Brad Pitt's Greatest Roles, From Fight Club to Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood
73 Movies Leaving SBS On Demand: October | Movie News
74 Brad Pitt teams up with Deadpool 2 director for new movie
75 Legendary Longview Cowboy Celebrates Documentary
76 Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Will Reunite For An Unexpected Project
77 Jason Alexander Says He Was 'Punched Many Times' After Pretty Woman Role
78 Best Brad Pitt Movies Ranked
79 Brad Pitt Called His Film With Harrison Ford 'The Most Irresponsible Bit of Filmmaking I've Ever Seen'
80 Brad Pitt Was Told to Take Acting Classes After Auditioning for This Film
81 Brad Pitt Was Initially 'A Little Upset' About How 'Dumb' His Character Was in This Film
82 Times Brad Pitt played the role of an Executive producer for films
83 Brad Pitt's Disappointment With Troy Led Him To Make A Big Career Decision
84 Brad Pitt’s Plan B Sets First-Look Film Deal With Warner Bros. Pictures (EXCLUSIVE)
85 Why Brad Pitt Thought He Would Mess Up This Movie: 'It Wasn't Working'
86 Why Brad Pitt has no movies coming out in 2020
87 Brad Pitt has eaten in 60 movies over the years — here are the tastiest looking snacks
88 Brad Pitt's 10 Best Movies According To Rotten Tomatoes
89 Focus Features: 10-Movie Spotlight Collection
90 Best Brad Pitt-produced films according to IMDb include many classics, see list here
91 The 10 Best Brad Pitt Movies Of The Decade (According To IMDb)
92 Brad Pitt Showed Off His Vocal Talent in These 3 Animated Films
93 Angelina Jolie didn’t thank Winona Ryder for ‘Girl Interrupted’ after winning award: report
94 Brad Pitt reveals his favourite film is his worst-performing project
95 When Quentin Tarantino First Tried to Direct Brad Pitt’s Shirtless ‘Hollywood’ Scene He Failed Miserably
96 Brad Pitt has become the belle of this awards season ball
97 The 20 Best Brad Pitt Movies Ranked
98 10 Of The Best Brad Pitt Movies And Where To Stream Them In Ireland
99 The Kissing Booth's Joey King to Play Teenage Assassin Opposite Brad Pitt in New Thriller
100 Stimulus Check: Scaled Down COVID-19 Relief Package Up For Debate