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Content Ideas
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Result Content Idea Research
1 Talking Election Problems with the Brennan Center
2 Key Criminal Justice Races and Initiatives on the Ballot
3 This Election, Democracy Won
4 How Criminal Justice and Police Reform Fared in the Election
5 Trump's Delay Tactics Threaten Democracy
6 Dark Money in the 2020 Election
7 2020 Jorde Symposium: The New Countermajoritarian Difficulty
8 The Data that Can Make Prosecutors Engines of Criminal Justice Reform
9 The Movement for Democracy Reform Saved the Election
10 The Most Expensive Election Ever
11 Michael Waldman on Trump Campaign Election Lawsuits
12 Trump's Shameful Legacy
13 Why These New Election Lawsuits Will Fail
14 Why the Presidential Transition Process Matters
15 Count. Every. Vote.
16 Fixing SCOTUS: Proposals for Court Reform in the Modern Era
17 Brennan Center: Why these new election lawsuits will fail; president may try but courts aren't going for it
18 Justice Alito and Supreme Court Ethics
19 How Voter ID Laws Threaten Transgender Voters
20 NYU's Brennan Center Wins Injunction In Census FOIA Fight
21 Mass Incarceration Has Been a Driving Force of Economic Inequality
22 Election Officials Spent Four Years Beefing up Voting Security. It Paid Off.
23 The Evolution of Campaign Rallies
24 Why These New Election Lawsuits Will Fail. Still.
25 Brennan Center: Why the election lawsuits will fail; there's no evidence of fraud, just accusations
26 Incarceration and Inequality
27 Our Democracy Is Under Strain. Here's Why It Will Hold Up.
28 Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis
29 Voting and Representation Symposium: New Issues and Challenges (Day 1)
30 Inside American Politics 2020 (Day 2)
31 Transformative Criminal Justice Reform: Where Do We Go from Here?
32 Brennan Legacy Awards
33 Turning Pain into Purpose
34 Redistricting Reform Under Threat
35 What It's Going to Take to Fix Policing
36 Statement from the Brennan Center on the Loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
37 Access to the Courts
38 What Does Justice Look Like? A Conversation about Race, Justice, and Political Agency
39 Alia Nahra
40 Reimagining the Rule of Law
41 Preparing Your State for an Election Under Pandemic Conditions
42 Protect Election 2020
43 Getting 'Election Night' Right in 2020
44 Is Facebook Caving on Political Ads?
45 This Is What Democracy Looks Like: The Movement for Voting Rights Restoration
46 Talking Election Law with the Brennan Center
47 Census Confidentiality
48 Who Gets to Vote in America?
49 Conviction, Imprisonment, and Lost Earnings: How Involvement with the Criminal Justice System Deepens Inequality
50 Ensuring Justice and Public Safety
51 Don't Let Democracy Be a Victim of the Virus
52 After Iowa
53 Dirty Tricks: 9 Falsehoods That Could Undermine the Election
54 Killing in Our Name During a Deadly Pandemic
55 Statement from President Michael Waldman on Recent Police Killings and Civil Unrest
56 Leily Arzy
57 How Citizens United Threatens Judicial Independence
58 Saving Democracy from the Coronavirus
59 Izabela Tringali
60 The Coronavirus Crisis and the Criminal Justice System
61 How Progressives Can Compete for Power
62 A Prosecutor Makes the Case for Transforming the System
63 Saving the Vote in 2020: Elections and the Coronavirus
64 Ensuring Safe Elections
65 Mission & Impact
66 National Security Leaders Urge Congress to Provide Election Officials with Additional Funds
67 How Congress Can Fix a Slew of Voting Problems
68 Confronting Explicit Racism in Law Enforcement
69 Current Openings
70 Protecting the Vote from a Pandemic
71 Employment
72 Estimated Costs of Covid-19 Election Resiliency Measures
73 TikTok and WeChat Decisions Push Back on Trump Sanctions
74 Make Black Lives Count
75 We're Suing to Stop the Trump Administration from Rushing the Census
76 How to Legislate During a Crisis
77 Waiting to Vote
78 5 Things You May Not Know About Local Election Officials
79 Last Chance to Secure the 2020 Elections
80 How Election Night 2020 Will Be Different
81 Voters Should Not Be Intimidated
82 Bad Ballots and Lost Votes: The Path to Better Ballot Design
83 Wilfred U. Codrington III
84 Executive Actions to Restore Integrity and Accountability in Government
85 Board of Directors
86 Our Work
87 Democracy and the Electoral College
88 Claims of voter fraud are common. It’s the fraud that’s rare.
89 The Lesson of Juneteenth
90 Beyond Impeachment
91 Brennan Center & NYU School of Law
92 Why Fixing Democracy Is Easier Than You Think
93 Support Our Work
94 A Win Against Dark Money Eight Years in the Making
95 Legal Scholar David A. Harris on Police Violence
96 The Fight for a Fair Count: Keeping the 2020 Census on Track (Virtual Event)
97 Contact Us
98 Gen Z Votes: The Fight for the Youth Vote
99 Alice Bannon: Brennan Center for Justice believes Ginsburg should not be replaced until after election
100 US election 2020: Donald Trump's speech fact-checked