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1 Operation Moonshot proposals are scientifically unsound
2 Operation Moonshot: What do the leaked documents say?
3 Central fatness and risk of all cause mortality: systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of 72 prospective cohort studies
4 Coronavirus symptoms can linger for months, British Medical Journal study shows
5 Association between nutritional profiles of foods underlying Nutri-Score front-of-pack labels and mortality: EPIC cohort study in 10 European countries
6 Covid-19: Pregnant women with virus are more likely to need intensive care, study finds
7 Clinical characteristics of children and young people admitted to hospital with covid-19 in United Kingdom: prospective multicentre observational cohort study
8 Covid-19: An open letter to the UK's chief medical officers
9 The BMJ interview: Anthony Fauci on covid-19
10 Uruguay is winning against covid-19. This is how
11 Seven days in medicine: 2-8 September 2020
12 Risk stratification of patients admitted to hospital with covid-19 using the ISARIC WHO Clinical Characterisation Protocol: development and validation of the 4C Mortality Score
13 Covid-19: What's going wrong with testing in the UK?
14 Covid-19: Do many people have pre-existing immunity?
15 Are we underestimating seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2?
16 Covid-19: India's private doctors and government clash over pandemic response
17 Personal use of permanent hair dyes and cancer risk and mortality in US women: prospective cohort study
18 Seven days in medicine: 9-15 September 2020
19 Covid-19: Government plans to spend £100bn on expanding testing to 10 million a day
20 Covid-19: re-opening universities is high risk
21 Long covid: How to define it and how to manage it
22 Guidelines for clinical trial protocols for interventions involving artificial intelligence: the SPIRIT-AI Extension
23 Covid-19: the problems with case counting
24 We have heard your message about long covid and we will act, says WHO
25 Seven days in medicine: 26 Aug to 1 Sep 2020
26 Covid-19: UK studies find gastrointestinal symptoms are common in children
27 Covid-19: Risk of death more than doubled in people who also had flu, English data show
28 A living WHO guideline on drugs for covid-19
29 Covid-19 exposes the high cost of India's reliance on private healthcare
30 Richard Smith: Could Sweden have got it right with covid-19?
31 California wildfires: impact of air pollution during the covid-19 pandemic
32 Work related sexual harassment and risk of suicide and suicide attempts: prospective cohort study
33 Welcome to BMJ Americas | Journals, Open Access, EBM | BMJ
34 Coronavirus (covid-19): Latest news and resources
35 Open access at BMJ | BMJ
36 Why India needs to worry about post-Covid care
37 Bridport doctor receives British Medical Journal award
38 Operation Moonshot proposals are scientifically unsound, experts argue
39 Covid-19: Call for a rapid forward looking review of the UK's preparedness for a second wave—an open letter to the leaders of all UK political parties
40 Brand guidelines, BMJ logo, BMJ colours, BMJ fonts
41 Study: US missed coronavirus herd immunity in July
42 Benzodiazepines and dementia . . . and other stories
43 Food is medicine: actions to integrate food and nutrition into healthcare
44 Helen Salisbury: Battening down the hatches for a second wave
45 Two metres or one: what is the evidence for physical distancing in covid-19?
46 BMJ
47 Pathways to independence: towards producing and using trustworthy evidence
48 Re: Racism in medicine: why equality matters to everyone
49 Presenting clinical features on darker skin: five minutes with . . . Malone Mukwende
50 Seven days in medicine: 15-21 July 2020
51 About BMJ
52 Achieving fair pricing of medicines
53 Seven days in medicine: 10-16 June
54 Face coverings for covid-19: from medical intervention to social practice
55 Gender differences in how scientists present the importance of their research: observational study
56 Italian Doctors Call for Protecting Healthcare Workers and Boosting Community Surveillance during Covid-19 Outbreak
57 Generalism for specialists: a medical reformation
58 Cultural activities linked to lower mortality
59 BMJ at a glance, Our story | BMJ
60 As debate over Sweden’s covid-19 response continues, cases in the country are on the rise
61 Seven days in medicine: 24-30 June 2020
62 Face masks for the public during the covid-19 crisis
63 Covid-19: What do we know about “long covid”?
64 Coronavirus latest: Hong Kong, South Korea urge people to stay home during mid-autumn holiday
65 I used to be Ms Covid Casual. But with a sick sister, that’s changed
66 Commercial influence and covid-19
67 The UK's public health response to covid-19
68 Update to living systematic review on prediction models for diagnosis and prognosis of covid-19
69 Stories for September 26th 2020 — MercoPress
70 Seven days in medicine: 1-7 April 2020
71 What counts as a covid-19 death?
72 Seven days in medicine: 22-28 April 2020
73 Inadequate detection of asymptomatic patients infected by SARS-CoV-2
74 Video consultations for covid-19
75 Working 9 to 5, not the way to make an academic living: observational analysis of manuscript and peer review submissions over time
76 Covid-19: a remote assessment in primary care
77 Racism in medicine
78 Face masks use during the COVID-19 outbreak: How did Brazilians behave?
79 The art of life and death: 14 year follow-up analyses of associations between arts engagement and mortality in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing
80 Management of post-acute covid-19 in primary care
81 Covid-19: four fifths of cases are asymptomatic, China figures indicate
82 Re: Covid-19: control measures must be equitable and inclusive. Covid-19 should trigger release of detainees from Immigration Removal Centres
83 Characterization and clinical course of 1000 patients with coronavirus disease 2019 in New York: retrospective case series
84 Coronavirus: Concerns over Boris Johnson's 'moonshot' testing plans
85 Seven days in medicine: 11-17 March 2020
86 Americans are told to wear cloth masks
87 Healthy lifestyle and life expectancy free of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes: prospective cohort study
88 Investing in humanity
89 Seven days in medicine: 8-14 Jan 2020
90 Association of plasma biomarkers of fruit and vegetable intake with incident type 2 diabetes: EPIC-InterAct case-cohort study in eight European countries
91 Helen Salisbury: When will we be well again?
92 Covid-19: Medical leaders call for rapid review to prepare for second wave
93 How To Know When You Can Trust A COVID-19 Vaccine
94 Covid-19: What we eat matters all the more now
95 Dr. Zorba Paster: Asthma becoming more common
96 BMJ says social distancing rules are based on outdated science
97 The need for speed: observational study of physician driving behaviors
98 Features of 20 133 UK patients in hospital with covid-19 using the ISARIC WHO Clinical Characterisation Protocol: prospective observational cohort study
99 Covid-19: should the public wear face masks?
100 Covid-19: 146 researchers raise concerns over chloroquine study that halted WHO trial