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Result Content Idea Research
1 Running to Stand Still? The Impact of the United Nations in the Middle East, 75 Years On
2 France and Islam: Identity, Politics, and Geopolitics
3 What leaders overseas will want to ask of the Biden administration
4 Robert P. Beschel Jr.
5 Webinar: China’s role in the MENA region post-COVID-19
6 How will the 2020 presidential election shape U.S. policy in the Middle East?
7 The changing geopolitics of the Red Sea: Gulf rivalries and global competition
8 Yahia H. Zoubir
9 Webinar: COVID-19: Implications for peace and security in the Middle East
10 Courtney Freer
11 Noha Aboueldahab
12 Webinar: Business as usual? Arms sales during COVID-19
13 Webinar: Covid-19 and Migrant Workers in the Gulf
14 Webinar: Public health and COVID-19 in MENA: Impact, response and outlook
15 Ali Fathollah-Nejad
16 Staring into the Abyss: Where does Lebanon go from here?
17 Yasmina Abouzzohour
18 Palestine and the Arab World: A Relationship in Crisis?
19 Webinar: The GCC’s double dilemma: Tackling COVID-19 and falling oil prices
20 Omar H. Rahman
21 The economic impact of COVID-19 on the Middle East: Recession, response, and recovery
22 Deciphering Turkey’s new regional policy
23 Ranj Alaaldin
24 Israeli annexation and the future of Palestine
25 HBKU signs MoU with Brookings Doha Center
26 Brookings Doha Center and American Society of International Law co-organise workshop on transitional justice in the Arab region
27 COVID-19 will prolong conflict in the Middle East
28 Adel Abdel Ghafar
29 Zach Vertin
30 Galip Dalay
31 What Brookings experts are saying about the one-year anniversary of the Gulf crisis
32 Running to Stand Still? The UN's Impact in the Mideast, 75 Years On
33 Protests rock Iraq: What next?
34 Shadi Hamid
35 Profiling the Islamic State
36 A list of specific, actionable foreign policy ideas for the next president
37 The Islamic Republic of Iran four decades on: The 2017/18 protests amid a triple crisis
38 Webinar: Navigating Islamic interpretation during the pandemic
39 Geneive Abdo
40 Arab Spring 2.0? The shifting sands threatening MENA politics
41 Will Saudi Arabia and Iran ever get along?
42 Iraq’s best hope is developing stronger ties to the Gulf — with US help
43 How the Iran-Iraq war will shape the region for decades to come
44 How the US should approach the strategic dialogue with Iraq
45 Turan Kayaoglu
46 Brookings Doha Energy Forum 2014: Opening Ceremony (English)
47 Progress and missed opportunities: Morocco enters its third decade under King Mohammed VI
48 Why think tanks matter: The importance of evidence-based policymaking in the Arab world
49 Are COVID-19 restrictions inflaming religious tensions?
50 Houses of wisdom matter: The responsibility to protect and rebuild higher education in the Arab World
51 HBKU College partners with Brookings Doha Center for governance e-workshop
52 The 2016 US Elections: Impact on the Middle East
53 Research Programs, Centers, and Projects
54 Empowered decentralization: A city-based strategy for rebuilding Libya
55 Economic diversification in the GCC: Past lessons and new challenges
56 Was Iraq’s prime minister right to go after an Iranian proxy?
57 The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s declaration on human rights: Promises and pitfalls
58 Libya’s proxy sponsors face a dilemma
59 The shifting energy landscape and the Gulf economies’ diversification challenge
60 Red Sea rivalries: The Gulf, the Horn, and the new geopolitics of the Red Sea
61 Pandemic Politics: Is there a right time – and way – to protest during a pandemic?
62 An End to the “Endless War?” Prospects for Stability and Reconciliation in Afghanistan
63 Post-ISAF Afghanistan: The Early Months
64 Careers
65 China in the Mediterranean: Implications of expanding Sino-North Africa relations
66 Back to Gaza: A New Approach to Reconstruction
67 Sectarianism, governance, and Iraq’s future
68 Brookings Doha, Shanghai Academy organise joint workshop on Belt and Road Initiative
69 Syria and Iraq: The Future Prospects of Jihadism
70 Beyond Sectarianism: The New Middle East Cold War
71 A Coup too Far: The Case for Reordering U.S. Priorities in Egypt
72 Politics in the Maghreb: Continuity or change?
73 Justice to come? Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission
74 Qatari Mediation: Between Ambition and Achievement
75 Iraq has a new prime minister. What next?
76 Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Think Tanks
77 Islamist parties in North Africa: A comparative analysis of Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt
78 Around the halls: Experts react to the killing of Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani
79 Egypt’s long-term stability and the role of the European Union
80 From confusion to clarity: Three pillars for revitalizing the Palestinian national movement
81 Sultans of Swing? The Geopolitics of Falling Oil Prices
82 Brookings Doha Center hold talks on challenges of women
83 Think Tanks: A Social Good for the Global Community
84 Years of dereliction has left the PLO facing annexation without a plan
85 Reflecting on Qatar’s “Islamist” soft power
86 Brookings Doha Center holds roundtable with Mandla Mandela
87 Marginalized youth: Toward an inclusive Jordan
88 Arab dawn: Arab youth and the demographic dividend they will bring
89 The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan: Time to reform
90 Iran has invested in allies and proxies across the Middle East. Here’s where they stand after Soleimani’s death.
91 Youth employment in the Middle East and North Africa: Revisiting and reframing the challenge
92 As Oman enters a new era, economic and political challenges persist
93 The real threat to Palestine is a crisis of leadership
94 Economic adjustment in conflict-affected and fragile states in Africa: Lessons from Somalia
95 Qatar breaks up with OPEC: It’s not you, it’s me
96 Participating in a Workshop Held by Brookings Doha Center on Transitional Justice in Processes of Political Transitions in the Arab World
97 Political Islam in the Gulf States
98 What will happen to Iraqi Shiite militias after one key leader’s death?
99 From war to famine: How to end Yemen’s violent conflict?
100 Writing atrocities: Syrian civil society and transitional justice