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Result Content Idea Research
1 How much is COVID-19 hurting state and local revenues?
2 Normalizing Sudan-Israel relations now is a dangerous game
3 Has the Paycheck Protection Program succeeded?
4 The push for content moderation legislation around the world
5 The case for major government reform and how Biden can make it happen
6 Young Africans need more and better jobs, not more training
7 Helping America’s distressed communities recover from the COVID-19 recession and achieve long-term prosperity
8 Beyond reopening schools: How education can emerge stronger than before COVID-19
9 The fate of women's rights in Afghanistan
10 The needed reset for the US-Egypt relationship
11 Ten Facts about COVID-19 and the US Economy
12 Sizing up corporate restructuring in the COVID crisis
13 Accountability in higher education: Using evidence to inform regulatory policy
14 Tech cannot be governed without access to its data
15 New data shows small businesses in communities of color had unequal access to federal COVID-19 relief
16 Georgia’s latest 1332 proposal continues to violate the ACA
17 How to make telehealth more permanent after COVID-19
18 Beyond the classics: A fresh international relations reading list for students
19 Africa in the news: Zambia’s debt, Kenya’s parliament and trade, and politics in the Horn of Africa
20 Unsafe school facilities reinforce educational inequities among marginalized students
21 New tools for a better retirement: Dashboards and tontine solutions for Americans
22 Breonna Taylor, police brutality, and the importance of #SayHerHame
23 USAID’s draft policy retrenches on gender equality
24 The SALT tax deduction is a handout to the rich. It should be eliminated not expanded
25 The broadband industry steps up to connect students when the FCC will not
26 A New Contract with the Middle Class – Money
27 Election 2020: Where are we?
28 What to expect from a second Trump-Pence term on regulation, antitrust, online hate, and China
29 What the Pentagon’s new report on China means for US strategy — including on Taiwan
30 What do changes in the Fed’s longer-run goals and monetary strategy statement mean?
31 Essential workers during COVID-19: At risk and lacking union representation
32 Is Putin about to make a costly mistake in Belarus?
33 Reopening America & the World
34 Lost art: Measuring COVID-19’s devastating impact on America’s creative economy
35 Metro Recovery Index
36 How the Fed will respond to the COVID-19 recession in an era of low rates and low inflation
37 Restoring regional public universities for recovery in the Great Lakes
38 COVID-19’s impact on the Brookings Institution’s Spring intern class of 2020
39 Brookings experts on the $2 trillion coronavirus response package
40 The effect of Pandemic EBT on measures of food hardship
41 Nicol Turner Lee named as new director of the Brookings Center for Technology Innovation
42 Webinar: A roadmap for reopening America: How to save lives and livelihoods
43 Venezuelan migration, crime, and misperceptions: A review of data from Colombia, Peru, and Chile
44 Did the 1994 crime bill cause mass incarceration?
45 Squeezing the middle class
46 Policies for a second wave
47 The Metro Recovery Index: Tracking metropolitan economies through the COVID-19 crisis
48 What will it cost to save Washington, D.C.’s renters from COVID-19 eviction?
49 Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Spring 2020 Edition
50 Opportunity engines: Middle-Class Mobility in higher education
51 Webinar – Special edition BPEA 2020: COVID-19 and the economy
52 The COVID-19 crisis has already left too many children hungry in America
53 Avoiding a new Cold War between the US and China
54 How ‘innovation districts’ are continuing the fight against COVID-19
55 Learning losses due to COVID-19 could add up to $10 trillion
56 Reopening the World: City leadership is fundamental to reopening the economy
57 Iraq Index
58 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance
59 A social distancing reading list from Brookings Global Economy and Development
60 Reopening America: The “playbook” approach to safely reopening the economy
61 What makes the World Bank so influential—its money or its ideas?
62 Webinar: COVID-19 and the economy
63 Here's why we need to talk about defunding police
64 Oil, gas, and mining corruption: Is it inevitable?
65 Global China Webinar: Assessing China's growing regional influence and strategy
66 Webinar: Global China — Assessing China's technological reach in the world
67 COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on the economic well-being of Latino families
68 Webinar: Reopening the world – How to save lives and livelihoods
69 About 14 million children in the US are not getting enough to eat
70 Boosting growth across more of America
71 Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology Initiative
72 Which city economies did COVID-19 damage first?
73 Reorienting national security for the AI era
74 How local leaders can stave off a small business collapse from COVID-19
75 Webinar: Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell on COVID-19 and the economy
76 Now, more than half of Americans are millennials or younger
77 9th annual Municipal Finance Conference
78 Coronavirus economic relief cannot neglect Black-owned business
79 The impact of COVID-19 on student achievement and what it may mean for educators
80 Will COVID-19 rebalance America’s uneven economic geography? Don’t bet on it.
81 About Us
82 The economy and policy in the coronavirus crisis to date
83 FDI to drop globally by 40%, remittances by 20% in 2020 amid COVID-19 crisis: Brookings Institute
84 To fix our infrastructure, Washington needs to start from scratch
85 Safety net programs and poverty during the COVID-19 crisis
86 School reopening plans linked to politics rather than public health
87 Webinar: Reopening the coronavirus-closed economy — Principles and tradeoffs
88 Webinar: Inspired to serve – The future of public service
89 The places a COVID-19 recession will likely hit hardest
90 Lebanon needs a new start
91 How investments in innovation districts can combat the country’s regional divides
92 Businesses owned by women and minorities have grown. Will COVID-19 undo that?
93 Climate change merits a fiscal response like COVID-19’s
94 Reopening America: Creating a more equitable healthcare system
95 COVID-19 is also a reallocation shock
96 How deep will the COVID-19 recession be?
97 COVID-19 and retirement: Impact and policy responses
98 The ABCs of the post-COVID economic recovery
99 Will Congress deliver an infrastructure stimulus?
100 Surveillance culture creating anxiety for Americans