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Result Content Idea Research
1 Brookings Institution Press 2020 presidential election reading list
2 Public demand for government reform remains high
3 Wounded Warrior Project Annual Survey Results Released at Brookings Institution Event
4 Amid economic and racial crises, legacy city collaborations point a path forward
5 Fiscal effects of COVID-19
6 Our Nation of Immigrants: The economics of immigration
7 American individualism is an obstacle to wider mask wearing in the US
8 How much is COVID-19 hurting state and local revenues?
9 Vacancies, acting officials and the waning role of the U.S. Senate
10 Beyond reopening schools: How education can emerge stronger than before COVID-19
11 Lessons from the Trump administration’s policy experiment on China
12 Podcast: Our nation of immigrants
13 Brookings fellow predicts reparations could happen in next 10 years
14 The case for major government reform and how Biden can make it happen
15 What have ‘maximum pressure’ sanctions against Iran accomplished?
16 Tech cannot be governed without access to its data
17 The labor market doesn’t have a ‘skills gap’—it has an opportunity gap
18 Young Africans need more and better jobs, not more training
19 The Week That Will Be
20 Beyond the classics: A fresh international relations reading list for students
21 Normalizing Sudan-Israel relations now is a dangerous game
22 GAO report sheds additional light on misleading and deceptive marketing practices among non-compliant health plans
23 The shifting chessboard of international influence operations
24 Ten ways to make life better for the middle class
25 How to make telehealth more permanent after COVID-19
26 The needs of America's post-9/11 veterans
27 Georgia’s latest 1332 proposal continues to violate the ACA
28 Helping America’s distressed communities recover from the COVID-19 recession and achieve long-term prosperity
29 Ten Facts about COVID-19 and the US Economy
30 Breonna Taylor, police brutality, and the importance of #SayHerHame
31 McConnell’s fabricated history to justify a 2020 Supreme Court vote
32 What do changes in the Fed’s longer-run goals and monetary strategy statement mean?
33 USAID’s draft policy retrenches on gender equality
34 Global China: Examining China's approach to global governance and norms
35 Markets are flying blind on climate change
36 TechTank Podcast Episode 4: Should Trump ban TikTok and WeChat?
37 Policy 2020: Our nation of immigrants
38 Accountability in higher education: Using evidence to inform regulatory policy
39 An eviction moratorium without rental assistance hurts smaller landlords, too
40 Election 2020: Where are we?
41 Unsafe school facilities reinforce educational inequities among marginalized students
42 Charts of the Week: Federal debt, middle-class income, rental housing distress
43 Figure of the week: Supply-side interventions alone cannot solve Africa’s missing jobs problem
44 In the upcoming presidential debate, can Biden pull a Reagan?
45 Trump Says China Wants Him to Lose the U.S. Presidential Election. The Truth Is More Complex
46 Political, security, and public health dimensions in the Horn of Africa
47 Congress needs to fix plenty of things, but not the Supreme Court
48 COVID-19 in Illinois updates: Here’s what’s happening Tuesday
49 Essential workers during COVID-19: At risk and lacking union representation
50 Fact-check: Is the U.S. economy three times worse than other countries amid coronavirus?
51 Disinformed democracy: The past, present, and future of information warfare
52 As COVID deaths hit 1 million, scientist says toll might be double
53 Mothers Are 3 Times More Likely Than Fathers to Have Lost Jobs in Pandemic
54 First Voluntary University and State-level Reviews Demonstrate US Engines of SDG Action | News
55 What Trump's taxes mean for national security
56 Lost art: Measuring COVID-19’s devastating impact on America’s creative economy
57 Banks must do more to stop financial crime, says deVere | Banks & Challenger Banks
58 Fact-check: Sen. Dick Durbin’s claim about COVID-19’s effect on U.S. economy vs. the rest of the world is fal…
59 Reopening America & the World
60 About 14 million children in the US are not getting enough to eat
61 The COVID-19 crisis has already left too many children hungry in America
62 A social distancing reading list from the Brookings Africa Growth Initiative
63 Now, more than half of Americans are millennials or younger
64 How the Fed will respond to the COVID-19 recession in an era of low rates and low inflation
65 Schools revamp meal programs during COVID-19 to curb childhood hunger, with potential to fix long-term problems
66 While we're asleep Nov. 1 | Editorials |
67 The places a COVID-19 recession will likely hit hardest
68 What will it cost to save Washington, D.C.’s renters from COVID-19 eviction?
69 Fiscal federalism and the COVID-19 shock in the US | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
70 Capital Gains Tax Preference Should Be Ended, Not Expanded
71 Illegal fishing in Mexico and policy responses
72 The ABCs of the post-COVID economic recovery
73 COVID-19’s impact on the Brookings Institution’s Spring intern class of 2020
74 Long Island University National Poll: What Americans Think Before Highly Anticipated First Presidential Debate
75 The perils and promise of America’s legacy cities in the pandemic era
76 Reopening the World: City leadership is fundamental to reopening the economy
77 How a More Conservative Supreme Court Could Impact Environmental Laws
78 Former Fed Chairs Bernanke and Yellen testified on COVID-19 and response to economic crisis
79 COVID-19 and retirement: Impact and policy responses
80 Nicol Turner Lee named as new director of the Brookings Center for Technology Innovation
81 Will white women without college degrees torpedo President Trump’s reelection?
82 This Week in Washington IP: House Judiciary Committee to Review Copyright Office Section 512 Report, Senate Committees Consider Copyright Small Claims Proposal and Subpoenas for Big Tech CEOs
83 Coronavirus economic relief cannot neglect Black-owned business
84 The robots are ready as the COVID-19 recession spreads
85 Businesses owned by women and minorities have grown. Will COVID-19 undo that?
86 How ‘innovation districts’ are continuing the fight against COVID-19
87 How local leaders can stave off a small business collapse from COVID-19
88 National security is not among tonight’s presidential debate topics, but here are five ways it could come up
89 What America owes: How reparations would look and who would pay
90 COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on the economic well-being of Latino families
91 Webinar: Reopening the world – How to save lives and livelihoods
92 Will COVID-19 rebalance America’s uneven economic geography? Don’t bet on it.
93 Reopening America: The “playbook” approach to safely reopening the economy
94 When will your city feel the fiscal impact of COVID-19?
95 The impact of COVID-19 on student achievement and what it may mean for educators
96 Removing impediments to export-led growth in Senegal: Groundnuts, fishing, textiles, fruits, and vegetables
97 Webinar: Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell on COVID-19 and the economy
98 Want herd immunity? Pay people to take the vaccine
99 Across metro areas, COVID-19 relief loans are helping some places more than others
100 Opportunity engines: Middle-Class Mobility in higher education