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Result Content Idea Research
1 Debating the future of the filibuster
2 AIR Worldwide Collaborates with experts at the Brookings Institution and AXIS Capital to Quantify the Impact from Climate Change on Hurricane Risk
3 Why America needs a “Tech New Deal” to build back better
4 One lesson the U.S. can learn from China to improve its competitiveness in technology development
5 The 2010s saw the lowest population growth in U.S. history, new census estimates show
6 Does the latest COVID relief bill do enough?
7 Just how diverse is President Biden’s prospective Cabinet?
8 How disinformation evolved in 2020
9 The consequences of social media’s giant experiment
10 After the SolarWinds hack, the Biden administration must address Russian cybersecurity threats
11 It's Past Time for Companies Profiting in the Pandemic to Give Essential Workers a Raise: Brookings Institution
12 Securing the inauguration from a continuity of government standpoint
13 America’s governors and mayors have a stake in US-China relations
14 How We Rise: How social networks impact economic mobility in Racine, WI, San Francisco, CA, and Washington, DC
15 Global leadership and cooperation critical for Covid recovery – leading macroeconomic influencers
16 Platform data access is a lynchpin of the EU’s Digital Services Act
17 Republicans Leaders in a 'Tight Spot' After Insurrection Led By Trump, Say Brookings Panelists
18 How Iraq’s economic crisis affects its traditional and non-traditional security sector
19 Letter: Government must rethink approach to poverty | Opinion
20 The blockade on Qatar helped strengthen its economy, paving the way to stronger regional integration
21 Janet Yellen faces critical choice for global economy, poor nations rocked by coronavirus
22 The role of misinformation in Trump’s insurrection
23 The US-Mexico security relationship in 2021
24 Higher education’s reopening decisions affected the most vulnerable students
25 Effects of climate change on hurricane risk explored
26 Covid Control Will Make or Break Biden
27 Extending the long arm of the law: China’s international law enforcement drive
28 A cynical ploy like Hawley and Cruz’s looks harmless. Until it isn’t.
29 What the 2020 census will reveal about America: Stagnating growth, an aging population, and youthful diversity
30 Presidential pardons: Settled Law, unsettled issues, and a downside for Trump
31 A pragmatic view on Yemen’s Houthis
32 How YouTube helps form homogeneous online communities
33 Survey of academic and market observers gives high marks to Fed communications
34 President-Elect Biden To Use Inaugural Address To Appeal To Trump Supporters In Push For Unity
35 As we tackle school segregation, don’t forget about English Learner students
36 Brief Explores How LA Leveraged University Partnerships for SDG Progress | News
37 Dismantling white privilege starts with undoing racist housing policies
38 A new assault on a democratic citadel in Turkey, too
39 In Afghanistan, different priorities means vastly different policies
40 Biden’s inaugural address in a time of crisis
41 Auction for Chance to Implode Trump Plaza Casino Is Canceled
42 This was Trump’s inner circle when he was inaugurated. Where are they now?
43 Climate change priorities for incoming Biden-Harris administration: U-M experts available
44 Q&A: U-M researcher says Black businesses shorted in first PPP loans
45 White supremacist terrorism: Key trends to watch in 2021
46 Why the United States should compete with China on global clean energy finance
47 Startup Loop Wins Funding for Fairer Auto Insurance Rating Model That Uses AI
48 Why Brookings is starting a Center for Sustainable Development
49 The Brookings Institution Press 2020 holiday reading list
50 On the Passing of Brookings Institution Chairman Emeritus James A. Johnson
51 New voices from Afghanistan
52 Biden Terms Vaccine Rollout ‘A Dismal Failure’ as He Unveils Pandemic Response Plan
53 Purdue invites all to celebrate Inauguration Day 2021
54 On the Passing of Former Brookings Institution Trustee James D. Wolfensohn
55 Pompeo clings to Trump’s legacy with an eye toward inheriting the MAGA base
56 Lost art: Measuring COVID-19’s devastating impact on America’s creative economy
57 America needs a COVID-19 Commission
58 Biden-voting counties equal 70% of America’s economy. What does this mean for the nation’s political-economic divide?
59 President-elect Biden: Want to reduce polarization? Modernize federal rural policy
60 Racial economic inequality amid the COVID-19 crisis
61 Brookings Institution Press 2020 presidential election reading list
62 Biden administration 'to declassify report' into Khashoggi murder
63 Reopening America & the World
64 The future of US policy toward China
65 National service can connect America’s young people to opportunity and community—and promote work of real social value
66 What the European DSA and DMA proposals mean for online platforms
67 Windfall profits and deadly risks
68 How much is COVID-19 hurting state and local revenues?
69 COVID-19 could erase parenting gains of the last 30 years
70 About 14 million children in the US are not getting enough to eat
71 COVID-19 Metro Recovery Watch
72 The coming COVID-19 baby bust: Update
73 The Challenge Facing Biden’s Green Jobs Agenda? Green Jobs
74 A new place-based federal initiative for empowering local real estate ownership
75 What will it cost to save Washington, D.C.’s renters from COVID-19 eviction?
76 Business as usual is not an option: The future of natural resource governance
77 A conversation with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark A. Milley
78 When will the global consumer class recover?
79 NSA is ‘moving forward’ to install Michael Ellis, a former GOP operative, as its top lawyer, the agency said
80 Half a million fewer children? The coming COVID baby bust
81 Just before COVID-19, American migration hit a 73-year low
82 School reopening plans linked to politics rather than public health
83 The COVID-19 crisis has already left too many children hungry in America
84 Brookings Blueprints for American Renewal & Prosperity
85 Has the Paycheck Protection Program succeeded?
86 School choice in a time of transition
87 COVID-19’s impact on the Brookings Institution’s Spring intern class of 2020
88 New but narrow job pathways for America’s unemployed and low-wage workers
89 New data shows small businesses in communities of color had unequal access to federal COVID-19 relief
90 Cities are pledging to confront climate change, but are their actions working?
91 A conversation about racial justice and worker mobility
92 The 2020 American Family Survey: Attitudes toward family, COVID-19, politics, race, and economic well-being
93 How the Fed will respond to the COVID-19 recession in an era of low rates and low inflation
94 Hungry at Thanksgiving: A Fall 2020 update on food insecurity in the U.S.
95 COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on the economic well-being of Latino families
96 Former Fed Chairs Bernanke and Yellen testified on COVID-19 and response to economic crisis
97 The new politics of bluelining
98 Election 2020: Implications for US foreign policy
99 Sanjay Patnaik
100 The perils and promise of America’s legacy cities in the pandemic era