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1 Building blocks of life found in comet by NASA researchers
2 One of the Building Blocks of Life Can Form in the Harsh Environment of Deep Space Itself. No Star Required
3 Rosetta Saw the Building Blocks of Life on Comet 67P
4 Ancient asteroid impacts 'created the building blocks of life' on Earth
5 Building blocks of life spotted around comet for the first time
6 Building blocks of life can form in interstellar clouds before stars and planets
7 Earth, Venus and Mars among millions of 'aquatic planets' in Milky Way
8 Ancient asteroid impacts created the ingredients of life on Earth and Mars
9 Key Building Block for Organic Molecules Discovered in Meteorites
10 An unusual meteorite, more valuable than gold, may hold the building blocks of life
11 Building blocks of life could form before stars using ‘dark chemistry’
12 NASA is getting ready to land on an asteroid that may hold the building blocks of life
13 Philae has found the building blocks of life on a comet. Is this how life on Earth began?
14 Dark chemistry in a lab as cold as space
15 Did key building blocks for life come from deep space?
16 'Building blocks for life' may originate in space
17 Comets May Have Delivered Many of Life's Building Blocks to Early Earth
18 Building Blocks of Life Follow Comet Lovejoy
19 Astronomers just tracked the interstellar journey of one of life's building blocks through space
20 Did the solar system's planets form in 2 waves?
21 The Building Blocks of Life May Have Come From Outer Space
22 Comets Can Carry the Six Most Important Elements for Life on Earth
23 Comets may have delivered 'essential element for life' on Earth, scientists say
24 Building block of life found on comet
25 Building blocks of life could be formed on comets
26 Building blocks of life like glycine, other amino acids form in interstellar clouds: Study
27 Chemical precursors to life could form in dark interstellar clouds – Physics World
28 Comet Probe Finds Elements Of Life
29 Japanese Space Capsule Carrying Pristine Asteroid Samples Lands in Australia
30 Meteorite Discovery: Key Building Block for Organic Molecules
31 Here's how scientists protect Earth from extraterrestrial germs
32 NASA's Perseverance will land in Jezero Crater where life 'would have lived' if it started
33 Rosetta spacecraft finds evidence for building blocks of life on comet
34 3 million-year-old comet piece found inside a meteorite, could contain building blocks of life
35 Rainbow colored meteorite found in Costa Rica may hold building blocks of life like proteins
36 Scientists Create Life's Building Blocks From Just Three Ingredients
37 Rock of ages: how asteroid dust may reveal secrets of life on Earth
38 Did comets kick-start life on Earth? Chemists find missing piece of puzzle
39 Life on Earth May Have Been Seeded by Comets
40 Space chemistry could be cooking up icy building blocks of life, study says
41 How will scientists protect Earth from extraterrestrial germs?
42 Building-blocks of life
43 Solid Phosphorus has been Found in Comets. This Means They Contain All the Raw Elements for Life
44 Scientists just discovered the building blocks of life on a comet
45 Comets and asteroids: Five things you (probably) didn't know about them
46 Asteroid impacts may have formed life's building blocks
47 Evidence that comets could have seeded life on Earth
48 Evolution: Where did building blocks of life come from?
49 How the building blocks of life may form in space
50 Fireballs, spaceships and … iguanas? 7 strange things that fell from the sky in 2020
51 How did life on Earth begin? Crashing comets may hold the key to unravelling the mystery
52 How the Building Blocks of Life Can Form in Space
53 Life's Building Blocks Found on Surprising Meteorite
54 Scientists discover cosmic factory for making building blocks of life
55 50 years ago, scientists caught their first glimpse of amino acids from outer space
56 Phosphates, Key Building Blocks for Life, May Have Come from Deep Space | Planetary Science
57 NASA discovers the building blocks of life were forged in starlight
58 Comet impacts may have led to life on Earth -- and perhaps elsewhere
59 May Stargazing: Comet Atlas
60 Evolution, Composition, and Structure of Comets
61 One of the Best-Preserved Meteorites Offers Key Insights on Life's Building Blocks
62 Meteorite craters may be where life began on Earth, says study
63 More Evidence That Comets May Have Brought Life to Earth
64 The salt of the comet
65 Video Shows NASA Probe’s Quick Landing on Asteroid Bennu
66 Potential building block of life found in very young star system
67 NASA probe leaking asteroid samples due to jammed door
68 Ceres: From Asteroid to Ocean World – Now. Powered by
69 First life on Earth may actually have been built from both RNA and DNA
70 Star material could be building block of life
71 Life-Friendly Molecules on Saturn's Moon Titan Could Help Reveal Origins of Earth Life
72 This Dwarf Planet Has Life's Building Blocks, NASA Probe Shows
73 Explainer: what Philae did in its 60 hours on Comet 67P
74 Newly Discovered Comet C/2020 NEOWISE
75 Cosmic origins of phosphorus, a building block for life, traced by scientists
76 Touch-and-go: U.S. spacecraft sampling asteroid for return
77 Scientists Nuke a Fake Comet to Create Ingredients for Life
78 Today In Johnson City History: Feb. 18 | Living |
79 New Evidence That Life on Earth Could Have Come From Outer Space
80 Finding comets' hidden nitrogen
81 Astrobiology Top 10: Rosetta's Comet Contains Ingredients for Life
82 Does This Algerian Meteorite Hold Proof of Extraterrestrial Life?
83 With Neowise in Our Sights, Earthlings Go Comet-Spotting
84 Does organic material in comets predate our solar system?
85 Space Dust Is Filled with Building Blocks for Life
86 Does the organic material of comets predate our solar system?
87 The Indonesian meteorite which didn't sell for $1.8m
88 Huge crash on Jupiter's Europa may have delivered life's building blocks
89 Rosetta mission detects biological building blocks on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
90 Enceladus' Deep Ocean Contains Basic Building Blocks of Life
91 Japan Has Opened Hayabusa2’s Capsule, Confirming It Contains Samples From Asteroid Ryugu
92 News | Cosmic Detective Work: Why We Care About Space Rocks
93 Comets: What Are They?
94 DNA building blocks can be made in space, NASA evidence suggests
95 Scientists Claim to Have Found The First Known Extraterrestrial Protein in a Meteorite
96 The coronavirus vaccine wasn't the only amazing discovery: A look at all the ways science thrived in 2020
97 Lab study adds credence to life arriving on Earth from asteroids theory
98 Remember When Japan Blasted an Asteroid? Here’s What We Learned
99 A better way to search for traces of life on Mars — and beyond! (op-ed)
100 Impact of extra-terrestrial glycine delivery could have created nucleobase precursors