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1 Unexpected joint lines and tagging ghosts: Confusing collectors for nearly 50 years
2 VERIFY: Here's why your misprinted $20 could be worth $500
3 SOM will design the new production facility for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing
4 $1 Americana offers errors, interesting postal history: Dollar-Sign Stamps
5 Putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill may take years. Here’s why.
6 Fed budget reveals increased production orders to BEP
7 Cryptocurrencies may take form of physical bank notes
8 Two Women With Counterfeit $1 Million Bill Caught At Dollar General Store
9 When Fed Chief Talks, So Do Listeners—and They Provide an Earful
10 Vintage Curtiss Jenny biplane to be displayed at World Stamp Show–NY 2016
11 Old Town Spring artist Jonathan Dow creates tree sculptures with shredded money
12 Bank of England’s Textured Bills Help Blind People Tell Them Apart
13 Treasury, Army Corps issue draft impact study on moving currency plant from DC to Beltsville
14 The Long Fight to Cancel Student Loans
15 Rare 19th century US provisional overprints highlight Siegel's Inman sale
16 Women banned from Dollar General after trying to use $1m bank note to pay for stuff
17 BerkShares Business of the Month: Currency Coffee
18 BEP selects architect firm for new facility at Maryland site
19 Bitcoin Banknote Company Noteworthy Grows Their Team of Industry Experts
20 Currency services: Crane Currency
21 Rarities shine in Siegel sale of Wingate US collection
22 EDITORIAL: And now here come massive Biden tax increases
23 Phony $20s reported in Bandon labeled 'For Motion Picture Use Only'
24 Treasury's plans for cash production facility in Beltsville to be reviewed by NCPC
25 Inside Goldman's Marcus: key tech exits, new 'audio only' Fridays, and big plans for engineer hires
26 BEP could move from Washington, DC, to Maryland site
27 Companies Quiet on Georgia Voting Law Face Boycotts
28 Treasury Bureau to Outfit Onsite Employees with Contact-Tracing Wearables
29 Planned Beltsville Treasury facility raises environmental concerns
30 Bureau of Engraving and Printing Wants to Build $1.4B Print Production Facility to Replace Washington Plant
31 BEP products going to the Smithsonian for display
32 'She was a Democrat's Democrat': Elaine Baxter, former Iowa secretary of state, dies at 88
33 Bureau of Engraving and Printing: Options for and Costs of a Future Currency Production Facility
34 BEP delays release of Year of the Ox 2021 Lucky Money product
35 BEP plans for Maryland facility now under review
36 Norton Asks Bureau of Engraving and Printing to Give Police Officers Hazard Pay
37 County reaffirms interest for Bureau of Engraving and Printing relocation
38 Treasury Department Employees to Wear Contact-Tracing Devices to Work – MeriTalk
39 BEP Washington facility resumes printing of the $100 Federal Reserve note
40 New $1.4 billion Washington 'money factory' gets green light
41 Bureau of Engraving and Printing could stop printing money in DC, move out to Beltsville
42 Declaration of Independence Engraved Print Released by BEP | CoinNews
43 Treasury Dept Inspector General Office Adds COVID-19 Responsibilities to List of Challenges
44 Bureau of Engraving and Printing and United States Mint to participate in the American Numismatic Association's (ANA) 2019 World's Fair of Money
45 2021 Federal Reserve Order for Banknotes is Ranged by Denomination | CoinNews
46 BEP new process research and development ongoing, no specifics to share
47 Fed reveals fiscal year 2021 currency print orders
48 Thinking About Buying Coinbase?
49 Senators urge Janet Yellen to prioritize a $20 bill redesign with Harriet Tubman.
50 New BEP paper money factory gets legislative go-ahead
51 U.S. Treasury resuming steps to put Harriet Tubman on $20 bill: White House | amNewYork
52 Series 2017A note transition continues in US production
53 BEP: 2021 Year of the Ox $1 Note Delayed | CoinNews
54 Series 2017A note roster now complete by denomination
55 Analysis: Money-printing slowdown leaves governments to take up stimulus slack
56 Yellen provides signature for paper currency | TheHill
57 How Much Is a $500 Bill Worth Today?
58 US Mint, BEP close to public: No tours, sales areas
59 Federal Budget Deficit Expected To Hit Second Largest Since World War II | 90.1 FM WABE
60 Clouds gather over battered dollar in aftermath of US election | Daily Sabah
61 Bureau of Engraving and Printing: Making our money since 1862
62 Auction bids are topping $57,000 for a rare $20 banknote with Del Monte sticker on it
63 This $20 Bill Is Selling for Almost $70K Because There's a Banana Sticker on It
64 U.S. dollar hovers around two-and-a-half year low; Analysts see further weakness in 2021
65 Duplicated FRN Serial Numbers
66 Treasury OIG report explains problems with NexGen $100 notes
67 Despite Unrest, Treasury Dept. Has No Plans to Speed Tubman to the $20 Note
68 If your cash gets damaged, this Treasury team will make sure it’s not a lost cause
69 Dollar gains across the board as Powell sticks to script
70 Will Sojourner Truth and other women still appear on the redesigned $10 bill?
71 Banknote Expert Larry Felix and Cryptocurrency Pioneer Peter Vessenes Partner to Create Bitcoin Banknotes
72 Expert suggests smart bank notes could be used as future money
73 BEP releases new style monthly production reports for early 2019
74 U.S. dollar zigzags on Fed bond buying policy, Bitcoin smashes $20,000 barrier
75 Awed, happy with eloquent words coming from Biden's nominee for attorney general
76 How the Federal Reserve literally makes money
77 Biden’s proposals are popular. They’re also expensive — very expensive.
78 Will covid-19 end the use of paper money?
79 White House: President Biden’s name will not appear on $1,400 stimulus payments
80 Yes, money can buy happiness, more so than ever
81 Bureau of Engraving and Printing Commemorates World War I with Intaglio Print Collection
82 ChinaUS Treasury labels Switzerland, Vietnam as currency manipulators
83 $1 Lucky 777 Notes Introduced by Bureau of Engraving and Printing Lucky 777 Notes Introduced by Bureau of Engraving and Printing | CoinNews
84 BEP's 2020 Founding Fathers set sales to start Feb. 13
85 Who Decides to Print Money in the US?
86 Dollar on back foot with Fed's Powell likely to sound dovish note
87 Apollo 11 $50 Currency Set Now Available From Bureau of Engraving and Printing
88 3D Printing Bureaus on the Rise: Sandvik’s BEAMIT Acquires 3T Additive Manufacturing
89 Column: Dollar gets 'real' and spoils new year narrative
90 Inflation may be on Biden's plate sooner than he thinks
91 PMG Certifies Famous “Del Monte” $20 Error Note Offered by Heritage
92 World's largest printer of money is running out of money
93 Corrupted: Mnuchin's Pandemic Opportunism
94 Cash Back Guarantee: The U.S. Redeems Damaged Bills Because The Dollar Depends On It
95 Treasury team works to ensure that mangled cash isn’t a dead loss
96 Banks Need to Make Choices About Creditworthiness. But How Should They Discriminate?
97 Grinnell proofs sell for $504,000 in Heritage sale
98 Del Monte $20 bill set to sell for nearly $60,000 – barring banana skins
99 Have questions about the BEP decision to close its online store?
100 Cryptoconvert: Why A 168-Year-Old Banknote Printer Will Soon Be Churning Out Digital Drachmas For Central Banks