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1 Latvia to join CERN as an Associate Member State
2 CERN Council endorses building larger supercollider
3 G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council membership announced
4 On Earth Day, CERN underlines its commitment to a better planet
5 Residents in one part of Stortford can vote in four elections on Thursday
6 Last Chance to Sign Up for the CIO Symposium
7 CERN Council Appoints Fabiola Gianotti for Second Term of Office as Director General
8 Stanford Issues Novel Sustainability Bonds
9 CERN says Latvia is ready to become associate Member State
10 Dr. Ursula Bassler Elected as Next President of the CERN Council
11 Europeans Decide on Particle Strategy
12 CERN approves further work on Future Circular Collider – but delays final decision – Physics World
13 UZH Physicist Awarded Funding of 2.5 Million Euros
14 CERN Announces New Open Data Policy in Support of Open Science
15 Estonia Becomes an Associate Member of CERN in the Pre-stage to Membership
16 Segars, Hilka join CERN pension fund board
17 CERN pension fund CEO to step down
18 European Particle Physicists Look to Next Energy Frontier
19 Innovate UK: International science experiment shows strong evidence of undiscovered particles
20 Gianotti elected to second term as CERN director-general
21 Radiation and Health: Cosmic Radiation During Magnetic Field Reversals
22 Fabiola Gianotti to remain CERN boss until 2025 – Physics World
23 CERN pension fund seeks new professional board members
24 UK greenlights drone delivery trials
25 Particle physicists hash out long-term strategy for Europe
26 Estonia becomes an Associate Member of CERN
27 Scientists find 'strong' evidence of 'fifth force of nature' that could rewrite laws of physics
28 CERN data suggests existence of 'new physics'
29 NA62 experiment at CERN reports first evidence for ultra-rare process that could lead to new physics
30 European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) – Election of Ursula Bassler (28.09.18)
31 CERN to tackle the greatest dark matter: Why any of us exist
32 New Wits vice-chancellor soars into history
33 Daily briefing: DNA hints at an ancient dynasty in Neolithic Ireland
34 Stortford councillor resigns for CERN research role
35 CERN searches for next CEO
36 Buzz Blog
37 Next-generation LHC: CERN lays out plans for €21-billion supercollider
38 CERN Is Betting Big on Exascale
39 Physics
40 Professor Zeblon Vilakazi: New Wits vice-chancellor soars into history
41 Mathematical boycott, supercollider plan and lava-lamp cells
42 New result from the LHCb experiment challenges leading theory in physics
43 CERN Plans New Particle Collider 30 Times More Powerful Than LHC
44 Durham University: Dr Ana Bonaca and Dr Danny van Dyk will be joining Durham University
45 Future machines to explore new frontiers in particle physics
46 U.S. Magnet Development Project for CERN Particle Collider Upgrade Moves Forward
47 Intriguing new result from LHCb experiment at CERN
48 CERN: physicists report the discovery of unique new particle
49 Turkish scientist urges girls to 'never give up'
50 Physics students and professors help upgrade important piece of the global nuclear experiment
51 CERN approves two new experiments to transport antimatter
52 Forty years after: How Greece can help usher in tomorrow's Europe
53 Europe's path forward | symmetry magazine
54 It's no Large Hadron Collider, but our new particle accelerator is the size of a large room
55 Will The LHC Be Humanity's Last Gasp For Particle Physics?
56 Large Hadron Collider upgrade project to be led by Manchester scientists
57 Unveiling the strong interaction among hadrons at the LHC
58 HL-LHC radiation protection robot passes first in-cavern test with flying colours
59 Jack Steinberger, Nobel Winner in Physics, Dies at 99
60 CERN Offers Free 7-Week Online Course on Quantum Computing, Open for All
61 Council honors contributions in last session before spring break
62 The post-COVID world this week: Mistrust in government is bad news for vaccines, new variants foreshadow new waves, and workplaces are reinvented.
63 Researchers Hunt for New Particles in Particle Collider Data
64 Applications Open for 2021 CERN openlab Summer Student Programme
65 BASE opens up new possibilities in search for cold dark matter
66 New physics at the Large Hadron Collider? Scientists are excited, but it's too soon to be sure
67 Exotic hyperons interact with protons at CERN – Physics World
68 Serbia joins CERN as its 23rd Member State
69 CERN breakthrough: Ultra-rare decay of God Particle to help unlock secrets of the Universe
70 CERN appoints three Israelis to senior positions
71 UK Scientists to Produce Low-Cost, High-Performance Ventilators
72 Daily briefing: Huge circle of Neolithic shafts discovered near Stonehenge
73 CERN Donates Computing Equipment to Takoradi Technical University, Ghana
74 Scientists Discover God Particle Higgs Boson Breaks into Two Muons in Ultra Rare Decaying
75 HPC-AI Advisory Council and PC Cluster Consortium to Host First Annual Japan Conference
76 HPC Storage Focused Panasas Joins the STAC Benchmark Council
77 CERN benefits and academic award: News from the College
78 Fabiola Gianotti chosen as next head of CERN
79 White House OSTP Creates the Interagency Council for Advancing Meteorological Services
80 Is the LHC on the brink of discovering new physics?
81 Carbon dioxide cooling casts a more environmentally-friendly chill
82 0K grant to study scarce particles, dark matter | University of Hawaiʻi System News
83 UK scientists build core components of global neutrino experiment
84 59 new hadrons and counting
85 Model independence – Physics World
86 NVIDIA Violates the Transaction Processing Performance Council's Fair Use Policy
87 UK scientists set to tackle big data challenge of next-generation physics experiments
88 Would New Physics Colliders Make Big Discoveries or Wander a Particle Desert?
89 Death by spaghettification: Scientists record last moments of star devoured by black hole
90 CERN suspends physicist over remarks on gender bias
91 This is how CERN's Large Hadron Collider looks during the 2019 shutdown – Physics World
92 CERN Announces Schedule for the LHC and its Successor
93 Physicists build core components of global neutrino experiment
94 CERN welcomes Lithuania as associate member – Physics World
95 Europe’s digital sovereignty: From rulemaker to superpower in the age of US-China rivalry
96 Q&A: Planning Europe's physics future | symmetry magazine
97 Korean artificial sun sets the new world record of 20-sec-long operation at 100 million degrees
98 Plans for world's next major particle collider stuck in limbo
99 Hungarian and Swedish Scientists Discover New Particle 'Odderon'
100 The Week of January 18, 2021