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1 Caltech and Quinn Head to Texas to Sue Dell and HP | Texas Lawyer
2 Assistant Director, Engagement and Programming job with CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY | 234192
3 State to Partner With JPL on Use of Environmental Data
4 Don’t trust your gut. The covid risk is greater than ever.
5 Hints of twisted light offer clues to dark energy's nature
6 Caltech wants to build 80K sf mass timber research lab
7 SCV News | City Completes Dark Fiber Installation at CalArts
8 Antibodies good. Machine-made molecules better?
9 Pasadena City College Foundation Announces $1.5 Million Gift
10 Students are replicating the social experience of college by renting houses that are thousands of miles away from school
11 Colliding stars
12 Resilience raises over $800 million to transform pharmaceutical manufacturing in response to COVID-19
13 Search for Dark Matter Is Dramatically Expanding
14 Protein dynamics play major role in directed evolution's success
15 To push or to pull? How many-limbed marine organisms swim
16 The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO): Detecting ripples in space-time
17 Can a Computer Devise a Theory of Everything?
18 Meghan Markle says she had a miscarriage during her second pregnancy earlier this year
19 Caltech Sues Dell For Patent Infringement
20 Physicists Are Expanding the Search for Dark Matter
21 Skilled in the Art: Biden's Patent Poker Face + CalTech Goes to Texas to Sue Dell, HP + TiVo and Comcast Bury the Hatchet
22 Astronomers Crack the Case of the Blue Ring Nebula
23 Linda Schweizer tells the story of Palomar observatory in 'Cosmic Odyssey'
24 Newton's daunting masterpiece had a surprisingly wide audience, historians find
25 UArizona hypersonic experts contributing to $100m consortium
26 Here’s a look at COVID-19 risk tools — and why experts say they shouldn’t guide your decisions
27 There Are Way More Copies of Newton's Masterwork Than Anyone Thought
28 4 Quantum Computing Stocks Fueling World-Disrupting Technology
29 DOD Awards Applied Hypersonics Contract to Texas A&M University
30 Analyzing Impacts of Covid-19 on Global Nanoelectromechanical Systems Market Effects, Aftermath and Forecast To 2025
31 Destin Lasco begins Cal Berkeley swim career with record-setting win against Stanford: Notebook
32 UC Berkeley-led university alliance formed to increase diversity in STEM
33 USC to begin tracking and reporting its environmental progress
34 2020 Class of AGU Fellows Announced
35 Massachusetts is the Best State for Technology and Science, says Milken Institute
36 Scientists Decipher the Blue Ring Nebula's Hidden Past | Columbia News
37 World's Most Prestigious Air and Space Hall of Fame to Introduce Distinguished Class of 2020 on Dec. 10
38 Solar power stations in space could be the answer to our energy needs
39 25 Best Colleges in America
40 Sea Sponges or Algae? What Are The Earth’s Earliest Animals?
41 AAAS announces leading scientists elected as 2020 fellows
42 Disney’s new skinless robot can blink like a human because why not
43 Rand Paul says the 'vast majority' of voting must be in person to mitigate potential for fraud
44 MOXIE Could Help Future Rockets Launch Off Mars
45 Global Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS) Market 2020 Size, Status, Share an
46 Earth911 Reader: Sustainability, Recycling, & Science News, Summarized for You | Earth 911
47 It’s Never Too Late to Say ‘Sorry,’ IBM Recognizes Transgender Employee Mistreatment, 52 Years Later
48 To gain an edge on hypersonic weapons, the Pentagon wants more help from universities
49 Bassett Healthcare Network appoints chief physician executive, chief nurse executive
50 Job outlook brightening for China graduates
51 Williams prof disavows own finding of mishandled GOP ballots
52 Future of travel: architects designing the airports of future
53 The Most Expensive College in Every State
54 CalTech wins $1.1 billion jury verdict in patent case against Apple, Broadcom
55 Fall 2020 Vertical Studios at SCI-Arc Offer Architectural Intervention Through Pedagogy
56 Drop in pandemic CO2 emissions previews world of electric vehicles
57 A look at other states' COVID-19 exposure notification apps
58 China climbs graduate employability rankings
59 Disney Unveils New Lifelike Animatronic Robots with a Human-Like Gaze
60 Meet GPT-3. It Has Learned to Code (and Blog and Argue).
61 Optical Wavefront Sensing with Picometer Sensitivity
62 What's in Store for Privacy in 2021
63 Taking the pulse of local politics
64 Astrophysicist Joe Pesce describes significance of recent cosmic radio burst | TheHill
65 Global Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS) Market 2020 Emergent Technology Advancement in Coming Year | Agilent Technologies, Materials And Electrochemical Research Corporation, Nanocyl etc
66 The hunt for Planet 9 is back on
67 Simplilearn and California Institute of Technology CTME to Launch Online Post Graduate Program in DevOps
68 IIT Delhi Ranked 27th 'Most Employable' in World: GEURS
69 Biden's Cabinet picks
70 Jupiter's Moon, Europa, is Phosphorescent, According to Recent Studies
71 Nanoelectromechanical Systems Market 2020: Global Size, Supply-Demand, Product Type and End User Analysis To 2026 | Agilent Technologies, Sun Innovations, Inc
72 David Lillie v. California Institute of Technology – Global Legal Chronicle
73 Testing Shakeup: Caltech Won't Consider ACT/SAT Scores for Next 2 Years
74 When could the first COVID-19 vaccines be given in the US?
75 Demand for renaming JNU: Here are some universities, colleges that have had their names changed
76 Caltech Ten-Figure Patent Verdict Showcases Impact of University Intellectual Property
77 “Rock Bottom” – Former Piece of Pacific Ocean Floor Imaged Deep Beneath China
78 California Institute of Technology Admissions: No Legacy Bonus
79 Meteorites Show That Our Solar System Formed in Less Than 200,000 Years
80 Caltech researcher unveils sensor that rapidly detects COVID-19 infection
81 California Tech Receives $750 Million Gift for Environmental Sustainability
82 Times Higher Education Ranking: India at 15, IIT Delhi ranks as the most employable university in the country
83 Caltech drops SAT subject scores; three colleges drop testing requirements for applicants
84 Apple, Broadcom Hit With $1.1B Verdict In Caltech Patent Suit
85 Study in these 6 Indian Universities to boost your job prospects
86 USA TODAY vaccine panel: 'Best news so far' in COVID-19 fight, but logistical challenges remain
87 Beyond ‘test-optional’: Some ‘test-free’ colleges drop the SAT and ACT entirely
88 Faye Flam: Every American should be tested for COVID-19 once a week
89 California Institute of Technology, Bechtel Residence: Higher Education/Research; Project of the Year Finalist
90 California Is the Land of Innovation – Now it’s Up to the Supreme Court to Keep It That Way
91 Big Bang Theory: Is Caltech a real place? What is Caltech and where is it?
92 HMC pranks Caltech with announcement of 'Harvey Mudd College Pasadena Campus'
93 Caltech: 'uniquely difficult but a wonderful place to study'
94 The second-largest gift to a US university was pledged to Caltech. It's being used for climate research
95 Sweat sensor detects stress levels; may find use in space exploration
96 Scientists In California Accidentally Discover Bacteria That Eats Metal
97 Caltech Drops SAT Subject Scores for Admission
98 Global Stem Cells Market is estimated to account for US$ 18289.9 Mn by end of 2027, Says Coherent Market Insights (CMI)
99 Apple loses Appeal to invalidate a Caltech Patent and is ordered to pay the $US1.1 Billion verdict
100 Lessons from Ridgecrest