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1 LOFAR Detects Lowest-Frequency Fast Radio Bursts to Date | Astronomy
2 Radio waves from famous FRB surprisingly long and late
3 Scientists paint best portrait yet of closest known fast radio burst
4 RELATED Astronomers have traced mysterious radio waves to a source in our own galaxy The brightest
5 A homespun Canadian telescope could explain mysterious radio signals from the distant universe
6 New telescope at Green Bank Observatory will improve localization of Fast Radio Bursts
7 See Fast Radio Bursts Come of Age
8 Marshall's Faces of Physics series continues with lecture on building radio telescopes
9 NASA's NICER Probes the Squeezability of Neutron Stars
10 FRB 20180916B Bursts Back Onto the Scene at the Lowest Frequencies to Date
11 Periodic activity from a fast radio burst source
12 New telescope in works at Green Bank to detect, map Fast Radio Bursts
13 Bevy of mysterious fast radio bursts spotted by Canadian telescope
14 Telescope spots enigmatic fast radio burst
15 Astronomers closer to cracking mystery of fast radio bursts
16 Fast Radio Burst Detected from Magnetar in Milky Way | Astronomy
17 Canadian radio telescope takes the search for puzzling fast radio bursts into a new era
18 A fast radio burst finally reveals its origins
19 A galactic fast radio burst finally reveals its origin
20 A Surprise Discovery Shows Magnetars Create Fast Radio Bursts
21 A Mysterious, Powerful Force Is Flinging Radio Waves at Us from Deep Space
22 Bursts of radio waves in space may be from cores of dead stars
23 Astronomers spot first fast radio burst in the Milky Way
24 China's Insight finds source of detected fast radio burst
25 Radio burst in Milky Way sheds light on origins of mysterious phenomenon
26 The closest extragalactic fast radio burst yet?
27 Fast Radio Burst from Galactic Magnetar SGR 1935+2154 is Repeating | Astronomy
28 Have We Found the Closest Extragalactic Fast Radio Burst?
29 A blast of radio waves in our galaxy gives insight into mysterious 'fast radio bursts'
30 Fast radio bursts: The mystery deepens
31 WVU researcher to tackle the mysteries of dark energy and the universe beyond
32 Extremely intense radio burst detected from magnetar SGR 1935+2154
33 New Canadian telescope will map largest volume of space ever surveyed
34 Astronomers Discover Clues That Unveil The Mystery Of Fast Radio Bursts
35 Mysterious radio signal from space traced to ‘zombie’ in our galaxy
36 New Telescope Could Solve Mystery Of Deep-Space Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs)
37 Sifting through the sounds of space with CHIME
38 Magnetars may be behind odd radio blasts in space
39 Focusing Squarely on FRBs with the Square Kilometre Array
40 CHIME begins its cosmic search |
41 Scientists find radio waves from space pulsing in 16-day pattern
42 A strange rhythm in space
43 2nd telescope planned for groundbreaking project | News |
44 Scientists are closer to solving one of astronomy’s biggest mysteries
45 Astronomers detect another form of mysterious, repeating radio burst — it's probably not aliens
46 Eight new repeating fast radio bursts detected
47 Even More Repeating Fast Radio Bursts Discovered
48 Fast radio bursts from space have baffled scientists for years. But an explanation may come soon.
49 Insights & Outcomes: Cellular bet hedgers and a message from a magnetar
50 Chinese satellite explores mysterious signals in universe
51 Astronomers Are Closer to Cracking the Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts
52 New Canadian radio telescope is detecting fast radio bursts
53 Okanagan telescope a 'game-changer' in finding repeating signals from deep space | iNFOnews | Thompson-Okanagan's News Source
54 Fast radio bursts could be distant magnetars, new evidence suggests
55 Webinar: Fast Radio Bursts – Physics World
56 Astronomers spot repeating radio burst patterns from deep space
57 CHIME telescope Fast Radio Burst project earns spot in Nature 2019 list
58 AAS #237: five things we learned
59 'Magnetic Star' Radio Waves Could Solve the Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts
60 Scientists Detect More Repeating Radio Signals From Deep Space
61 Canadian scientists trace 2nd strange radio signal to nearby galaxy
62 A second telescope is planned for astronomers to continue their work listening to space
63 Repeating Fast Radio Bursts Ring Canada's CHIME
64 Hat Creek Radio Observatory to listen for FRBs arriving from another galaxy every 16 days
65 Fast Radio Bursts from a Spiral Galaxy Challenge Theorists
66 Aaand Boom Goes the Magnetar | astrobites
67 Canadian astronomers find 8 more mysterious repeating fast radio bursts from space
68 Mysterious chirps in deep space may be 'colliding black holes,' Hat Creek astronomer says
69 Scientists Publish First Study of Mysterious Fast Radio Burst-Like Event in Milky Way
70 Pattern in radio waves: First contact, is it?
71 Astronomy | Signals from outer space remain a mystery
72 Fast radio burst observations deepen astronomical mystery
73 Shell oil to close its refinery in St. James Parish; government leaders disappointed
74 Exploring mysteries of space: Unique 3D space telescope opens in Canada
75 Radio Signal Coming from Inside the Milky Way Detected by Astronomers
76 Mysterious energy bursts provide new way to chart the cosmos in 3-D – Astronomy Now
77 Hello from aliens? Astronomers receive repeated signals from universe
78 8 new repeating fast radio bursts offer new opportunities for insights
79 Alien signals? More bizarre 'fast radio bursts' detected from outer space
80 The weird, repeating signals from deep space just tripled
81 CHIME finds four days of noise, twelve days of silence from space – Penticton Western News
82 Astronomical Mystery Deepens After Fast Radio Burst Detected From Unknown Source
83 A mysterious space signal has been going for over 500 days — and no one knows why
84 Repeating Fast Radio Burst Localized to Massive Spiral Galaxy | Astronomy
85 Canadian astronomers detect intense radio burst inside the Milky Way
86 Did Ancient Aliens Send Us Messages Every 16 Days? Either Way It’s Time To Listen In Our Own Galaxy
87 Mysterious Outburst's Quiet Cosmic Home Yields More Questions Than Answers
88 Hearing out the universe | The Blade
89 Mystery Behind Radio Signals from Deep Space | The Weather Channel
90 Where do Fast Radio Burst Signals from Space Come From?
91 Astronomers Detect Powerful Signal From Space Repeating in a 16-Day Cycle
92 US scientists detect radio signals from outer space
93 A Milky Way flash implicates magnetars as a source of fast radio bursts
94 Construction begins on Canada's largest radio telescope
95 Learn how a radio telescope in the South Okanagan may unlock mysteries of space – Summerland Review
96 First fast radio burst discovered in the Milky Way traced to a magnetar 32,616 light-years away
97 Fast Radio Bursts Are Astronomy's Next Big Thing
98 SETI Institute in the news August 29
99 Scientists Detect Extragalactic Radio Signals Arriving in an Unexplained Pattern
100 What Are Fast Radio Bursts?