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1 Seattle agrees police can’t use riot declaration to justify indiscriminate force at protests, can’t target medics
2 Abolish the Police? Those Who Survived the Chaos in Seattle Aren’t So Sure
3 Owner of Seattle shop who called police during CHOP protests says he's being harassed online
4 Police Identify Suspect in Seattle Killing During June Protests
5 As the Capitol Hill protest zone is reopened and repaired, CHOP 2.0 still in place at Seattle Central College
6 Police say officers injured, buildings vandalized during downtown Seattle protest
7 At least 45 arrested after police declare riot at Seattle protests, several officers injured
8 Seattle protests intensify, even though federal agents are absent
9 Seattle's weird weekend of protest: Anti-gentrification rally and Uncle Ike's boycott, pro-police protest at City Hall, 'Let Us Worship' concert in Cal Anderson
10 NYT destroys liberal narrative of Seattle’s 'Autonomous Zone,' describes 'harrowing' scene for businesses
11 Protesters continue to push for defunding Seattle Police Department by 50%
12 Police Clash With Protestors in Capitol Hill
13 As CHOP court cases mount, Fernandez pleads not guilty in June protest shooting
14 Protesters file claims against Seattle, state over excessive force
15 Wrongful death claim filed over 19-year-old killed in Seattle's former CHOP zone
16 The Latest On Seattle's Racial Justice Protests
17 Seattle Christians confronted by knife-wielding protesters yelling obscenities at Black pastors: leader
18 For Seattle’s cop-free protest zone, tech is both a revolutionary asset and disastrous liability
19 Where to Protest in Seattle July 25 and 26
20 California worship leader gathers hundreds in Cal Anderson Park in violation of health regulations
21 Can Trump win with promise to restore safety and order?
22 Seattle police claimed protesters blocked way to dying man. In fact, miscommunication with Seattle Fire was problem
23 Byron York: Can Trump win with promise to restore order?
24 With federal agents deployed at Portland protests, Seattle wonders what could come next
25 Mother of man killed in Seattle protest zone files wrongful-death claim
26 Seattle Police defend response to weekend Black Lives Matter protests, deny violation of court’s use-of-force limits
27 Durkan, Seattle police, and the undermining of civil liberties
28 At least 45 arrested after protesters throw explosives and rocks at police in Seattle, authorities say
29 Seattle Police Chief Says City Council's Budget Cuts, Lack of Respect for SPD Drove Her Retirement Decision
30 Organizations That Help Fight Hunger and Support Restaurant Workers in Seattle
31 DHS plans to change military-style camouflage uniforms seen in Portland
32 'People's voices are going into their art': UW BLM hosts month-long installation of resistance-inspired art at the George Washington statue
33 From Antifa to Mothers in Helmets, Diverse Elements Fuel Portland Protests
34 Police Clear Seattle’s Protest ‘Autonomous Zone’
35 Man Charged With Arson For Setting Fire to Seattle's East Police Precinct During Capitol Hill Protest
36 Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest Has Always Been in Flux
37 A Radical Movement to Take Back Our Cities
38 Weeklong Chilean protest exhibit opens — outside — at Volunteer Park
39 Protesters have occupied part of Seattle's Capitol Hill for a week. Here's what it's like inside
40 Protester Diaz Love speaks out about deadly Seattle car ramming and the journey to recovering
41 Shootings Test Viability of Seattle’s Protest ‘Autonomous Zone’
42 Armed civilian groups surge into local politics in the Pacific Northwest
43 Portland protesters create own 'autonomous zone' by pitching tents, rebuilding barricades removed by police
44 Seattle protesters show the best way to non-violently shut up a notorious street preacher
45 Arrests increase as Sturgis Motorcycle Rally moves into full throttle
46 Colorado district attorney to investigate officers who handcuffed Black girls
47 Seattle City Council takes a swing at the police — and mostly misses
48 What’s Going on in CHOP, the Seattle Occupied Protest Zone?
49 Eating Inside Seattle’s Protest Space Known as CHOP (Also Called the CHAZ)
50 Crowd, chaos, protest and police
51 CHAZ, now known as CHOP, Seattle’s newly police-free neighborhood, explained
52 Armed civilians, militia-like groups surge into public view this summer at rallies and counter-protests
53 Voices from inside CHOP the 'Capitol Hill Organized Protest' zone in Seattle
54 To student and faculty panelists, abolishing UWPD isn't that hard to imagine
55 Department watchdogs to investigate federal law enforcement conduct at protests
56 What life without police looked like in Seattle
57 Bowled over: Making a case for reopening
58 They envisioned a world without police. Inside Seattle's CHOP zone, protesters struggled to make it real
59 Seattle protesters establish 'Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone'
60 Seattle Officials Shut Down Police-Free Zone Known As 'CHOP'
61 Capitol HIll Protest or Police-free Utopia?
62 FBI monitors threats against Seattle-area protests
63 Is the Capitol Hill Organized Protest Just a Plague-Era Carnival?
64 At least two shot as camp reportedly opens fire on jeep after Capitol Hill protest zone drivebys — UPDATE: One dead
65 Militarized and afraid at Seattle protests
66 Seattle cops dismantle occupied zone, arrest more than 30
67 ‘Everybody down!’: What happened at the shooting that killed a teenager and led to CHOP’s shutdown
68 Seattle-area protests: Protesters remain on Capitol Hill on seventh day of action after George Floyd’s killing
69 These are the people who face criminal charges in Seattle after the protests
70 The Brewing BLM Backlash
71 Seattle autonomous zone renamed 'Capitol Hill Organized Protest" or 'CHOP'
72 Seattle-area protests: Live updates for Wednesday, June 10
73 Capitol Hill protest: ‘Let the neighborhood function’
74 Cops Move in to Break Up Seattle's Capitol Hill Organized Protest Zone on Mayor's Orders
75 Police continue to investigate deadly shooting inside Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone
76 Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP); and Poor News Network
77 Seattle's 'Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone' makes national headlines amid differing views and names
78 Capitol Hill protest zone shifts out of Cal Anderson Park with remaining core of campers surrounding East Precinct — UPDATE
79 The Big Reason Lefties Aren’t Upset About Kamala Harris
80 Meet CHOP’s original house band: Seattle’s Marshall Law Band soundtracks a movement
81 Seattle Employees Accuse Trader Joe’s of Retaliating Against Protest Participation
82 Black Lives Matter protests: Seattle moving toward dismantling protest zone, mayor says
83 Capitol Hill protest: Thank you for standing up to President Trump
84 Seattle protesters struck by car; suspect in custody, police say
85 Why CHAZ/CHOP Failed
86 With new energy — and demands — from Central District rally, second week of protest in Seattle begins — UPDATE: Elected officials join protest after burst of flash bangs on Capitol Hill
87 Protests 'like the world's never seen.' What comes next in Seattle?
88 What Contact Tracing Tells Us About Cluster Spread Of The Coronavirus And Protests
89 Protesters Try to Pull Down Statue of Andrew Jackson in Washington
90 Here's what I've learned feeding protesters in Seattle
91 June 11th | Live from the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone
92 Capitol Hill Restaurants Provide Food, Drinks, and Medical Supplies for Protesters
93 Protesters flood Capitol Hill and across Washington, lawmakers among them
94 Updated: Where You Can Protest the Death of George Floyd in Seattle
95 Seattle council bans police use of chokeholds and crowd control weapons
96 Seattle 'Defiant Walk of Resistance' protest planned over George Floyd killing — UPDATE: Friday night protest: Smashed glass at Amazon grocery and Ferrari dealership, seven arrests
97 Confusion, anger in Seattle Police Dept. after East Precinct exit
98 Demonstrators Resist as Crews Arrive at Seattle Protest Zone
99 Protests and arrests continue on Seattle's Capitol Hill after the fall of 'CHOP'
100 Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone updates: Friday actions for 'a new generation' and a general strike, and yes, CHAZ does, indeed, attract the worst kind of people (Tim Eyman)