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Result Content Idea Research
1 How does Earth sustain its magnetic field?
2 Elucidating how asymmetry confers chemical properties
3 'Cold Neptune' and two temperate super-Earths found orbiting nearby stars
4 New planets discovered orbiting a star 11 light-years away
5 Former Carnegie museum paleontologist pens murder mysteries
6 Scientists provide new explanation for the far side of the Moon's strange asymmetry
7 Black Astronomers Highlight Achievements and Obstacles
8 Knock-knock? Who's there? How coral let symbiotic algae in: Solution to longstanding marine science mystery could aid coral conservation
9 No, Science Will Never Make Philosophy Or Religion Obsolete
10 'Elegant' solution reveals how the universe got its structure
11 Earth's Core Is in the Hot Seat
12 Conference Travel and Carbon Emissions: In the Midst of COVID-19, Some People Are Doing the Math
13 A mysterious planet may be hiding at the edge of our solar system
14 Beyond Pluto: the hunt for our solar system's new ninth planet
15 UC Merced Welcomes Juan Sánchez Muñoz as Fourth Chancellor | Newsroom
16 Saturn surpasses Jupiter after the discovery of 20 new moons
17 Collaborative Models for Understanding Influence Operations: Lessons From Defense Research
18 How Enceladus got its stripes
19 A unique drama: The debate over Richard Grenell and CMU
20 How do corals make the most of their symbiotic algae?
21 Carnegie Science's Steve Farber and Toby Horn Named 2019 AAAS Fellows
22 A Science-Themed Wedding at the Carnegie Institution for Science
23 Making history — and smashing atoms — in a leafy part of Chevy Chase, D.C.
24 Join Virtual Program on Biological Hearing Aid by Carnegie Institution for Science
25 An Influential Female Astronomer Is Getting Her Due
26 Cascades of gas around young star indicate early stages of planet formation
27 Drexel Takes Top Spot on National Rankings for Innovation
28 Found: 'Poster child' for being shredded by a black hole
29 John Mulchaey and Yixian Zheng Named Interim Carnegie Institution for Science Co-Presidents
30 Tendon stem cells could revolutionize injury recovery
31 Carnegie Institution Seeks Cut of Rising Lab-Grown Diamond Sales
32 Would a deep-Earth water cycle change our understanding of planetary evolution?
33 Early-career faculty practice learner-centered teaching up to 9 years after postdoctoral professional development
34 Art Industry News: An Upstart Hong Kong Art Fair Draws 3,000 People Amid Worries About the City’s New Security Law + Other Stories
35 'Superdiamond' carbon-boron cages can trap and tap into different properties
36 'Super-puff' exoplanets put a ring on it – Physics World
37 Texas Tech’s Free Market Institute making its mark
38 A truly magnetic personality: Capt. J.P. Ault and his amazing ship, the Carnegie
39 UT Tyler professor to help NASA send humans back to the moon
40 New NSF grant awarded to study Earth's 'flat slabs'
41 Glowing cholesterol helps scientists fight heart disease
42 Geoengineering versus a volcano
43 Composition of gas giant planets not determined by host star, study finds
44 These are the top 20 scientific discoveries of the decade
45 Vera Rubin Gets a Telescope of Her Own
46 Johns Hopkins is tearing down 'Old Carnegie,' training ground for generations of biologists
47 2 potentially habitable 'Super-Earths' and a record-setting 'Cold Neptune' found in exoplanet haul
48 Most of Earth's carbon was hidden in the core during its formative years: New work reveals how carbon behaved during Earth's violent formative period
49 News at a glance
50 Long-Sought-After ‘Superdiamond’ With Tunable Properties Synthesized by Scientists
51 Scientists are asking the public to help name Saturn's 20 newly discovered moons
52 US telescopes get a new overseer
53 How to get your name on one of Saturn's new moons
54 Imperfect diamonds paved road to historic Deep Earth discoveries
55 Best UC Davis Science Stories of 2019
56 New measurement of universe's expansion rate is 'stuck in the middle'
57 Far Away Planets May Appear Fluffier Than They Are
58 Sagan Award goes to committee chaired by Carnegie's Alan Dressler
59 New names for 5 Jupiter moons | Human World
60 Lakes worldwide are experiencing more severe algal blooms
61 The Role of Core Structure in Super-Earths on Exoplanet Habitability
62 Dark matter pioneer Vera Rubin gets a new observatory named after her
63 Daybook-Sunday-General
64 Biggest blast ever seen in universe came from black hole
65 People are calling for museums to be abolished. Can whitewashed American history be rewritten?
66 Life on the Planet Mercury? ‘It’s Not Completely Nuts’
67 Observation-Based Study Reveals Evolution of Universe’s Structure
68 What if mysterious 'cotton candy' planets actually sport rings? Some of the extremely low-density, 'cotton candy like' exoplanets called super-puffs may actually have rings
69 20 new moons discovered around Saturn, now the solar system's 'moon king'
70 Mushrooms are older than we thought
71 Completely New Form of Gold Created
72 Vera Rubin (1928–2016)
73 With 20 new moons, Saturn now has the most of any solar system planet
74 Because of Rising CO 2 , Trees Might Be Warming the Arctic
75 By Ignoring Racism and Colonialism, Mainstream International Relations Theory Fails to Understand the Modern State System
76 Cataclysmic bashing from giant planets occurred early in our Solar System's history
77 Earth’s new ‘mini-moon’ is leaving soon. But it’ll be back.
78 Possible therapeutic target for slow healing of aged muscles: New work could reveal a potential pathway for therapeutic targeting to combat muscle degeneration in the elderly
79 Bam! Scientists Watch Distant Exoplanet Collision
80 How Enceladus got its water-spewing tiger stripes
81 Daybook-Monday-General
82 New mineral classification system captures Earth's complex past
83 Carnegie's Arthur Grossman receives Human Frontier Science Program grant
84 A Navy Winter Wedding at Carnegie Institution for Science With the CUTEST Flower Girls
85 L'Oréal Names Women In Science Fellowship Winners
86 Astronomers Discover Five New Planets around Nearby Red Dwarfs | Astronomy
87 E. Margaret Burbidge, Astronomer Who Blazed Trails on Earth, Dies at 100
88 Do the climate effects of air pollution impact the global economy?
89 This ancient stardust is the oldest ever to be examined in a lab
90 at EFF 2020: Resistance in the Rainforest | Pulitzer Center
91 Could this rare supernova resolve a longstanding origin debate?
92 Discovery of 20 new moons gives Saturn a solar system record
93 Carbon-boron clathrates as a new class of sp3-bonded framework materials
94 The Before Times of a Solar System
95 20 new moons were just discovered orbiting Saturn, and you can help name them
96 Saturn now reigns as the solar system’s ‘moon king’
97 ASU Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science to launch in 2019
98 Algal blooms are getting worse in lakes worldwide
99 In Support of the Vera C. Rubin Observatory
100 Newly Discovered Planet Challenges Astronomers' Notions Of How Planets Form