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1 Census takers say they were told to enter false information
2 Census Bureau denies fake data allegations by census workers
3 Anomalies found in data put census deadline in jeopardy
4 High court takes up census case, as other count issues loom
5 2020 Census: Starting Anew Under Biden Would Be Complicated
6 Texts: US census manager told counters to use fake answers
7 Census Bureau claims doubtful | News, Sports, Jobs
8 Census Bureau Hosts Virtual Summit to Highlight Data Innovations
9 Supreme Court takes up census case, as other issues loom
10 Tlaib leads bicameral call for Census Bureau to ensure 2020 Census accuracy in Michigan counts
11 Brunell Unfit for Census Bureau's Scientific Advisory Committee
12 The Census Predicament: Counting Americans by Race
13 As Census Bureau Goes Over Collected Data, Georgia Researchers Hope For An Accurate Count | 90.1 FM WABE
14 VERIFY: Text message and email from Census Bureau about COVID is legit
15 Hampton Roads’ poorest cities could lose the most from people going uncounted in the census
16 Montana leads all 50 states in decline of self-response rates for 2020 Census
17 Census data shows relocating Americans landing in West
18 A growing number of Americans are going hungry
19 With no action by Washington, states race to offer virus aid
20 Census: Trump Still Controls Count Before Biden Becomes President
21 Census Bureau needs outside help to save the 2020 census from political meddling, experts say
22 Census Bureau Will End Counting Early, Risking Inaccurate Data
23 Will the 2020 census numbers be good enough, and how soon will we know?
24 Census Bureau To End All Counting Efforts On Sept. 30
25 How to keep your sadness from turning into depression
26 Shortened Census Bureau Schedule Fuels Fears Of Inaccuracy
27 Census Bureau says operations will conclude by October 5
28 Census Bureau to complete final stretch of 2020 count despite ‘challenging’ conditions
29 At the Census Bureau, a Technical Memo Raises Alarms Over Politics
30 Trump Officials Release Emails Behind Decision To Shorten Census
31 Census Bureau Adds Top-Level Political Posts, Raising Fears for 2020 Count
32 Census Bureau stops layoffs for door knockers after order
33 Census Bureau could halt count a month earlier than planned, officials say
34 Census Bureau scrambling to wrap up 2020 count, verify data
35 Federal Judge Blocks, for Now, Further Winding Down of the 2020 Census
36 Judge extends order blocking the Census Bureau from ending count early
37 Two Huge Questions Loom as 2020 Census Winds Down
38 Census Visits In Connecticut, Kansas, Pennsylvania Start July 23 : Coronavirus Updates
39 Trey Mayfield Joins Census Bureau As Trump Appointee
40 US Census Bureau Won't Commit To Finishing Data Processing This Year
41 Lawsuit says census takers were pressured to falsify data
42 Census Bureau site goes live as counting begins in earnest
43 RELEASE: New Report Explains How the Census Bureau Is Miscounting People Experiencing Homelessness
44 Census Bureau says count will continue through end of October
45 Benjamin Overholt Appointed To Census Bureau As 3rd Deputy Director
46 Zoom, Salesforce, Kroger, Snowflake, and Other Stocks for Investors to Watch This Week
47 Census Says Paper Forms Must Be Postmarked By Sept. 30
48 ‘We Need To Tell The Full Story’: State Officials Urge US Census Bureau To Restore Oct. 31 Deadline
49 City of LA and Other Plaintiffs Seek Sanctions Against Census Bureau
50 Meet Trump's controversial pick for a top Census job
51 'They basically swallowed hard': Trumpy Census Bureau hires revive fears of political meddling
52 Census Bureau Says 60.5% of Households Responded to 2020 Count
53 2020 Census Update: Restarting Field Ops, Hiring After Coronavirus Measures : Coronavirus Updates
54 Knocked Off Track by Coronavirus, Census Announces Delay in 2020 Count
55 Census Bureau adds emails, phone calls to door-knocking
56 How The U.S. Census Bureau Worked With Amazon, Adobe, Facebook, Google For The 2020 Digital Census
57 Census Bureau delays deadline for 2020 count by 2 weeks
58 Households Can Do 2020 Census On Their Own While Field Operations Suspended
59 Federal judge temporarily halts Census Bureau from ending headcount a month earlier than planned
60 Census Bureau receives ’emergency’ approval to conduct pandemic survey
61 Census Bureau Workers Worry Rushed Count May Yield Inaccurate Data
62 Census Bureau to Resume 2020 Census Field Operations in Additional Locations
63 US Census Bureau Extends Deadline Date
64 The Census Bureau has little time left to complete IT systems testing
65 2020 Census: Update on the Census Bureau's Implementation of Partnership and Outreach Activities
66 The 2020 census count is done, but the fight over the results is just beginning
67 The Census Is Ending. What Does The Claim That 99.9% Of Households Were Counted Really Mean?
68 2020 Census Timeline: How Trump Administration Shortened The Schedule
69 Census Visits To Start July 16 In Idaho, Maine, West Virginia : Coronavirus Updates
70 Undeliverable as Addressed: Postal Service and Census Bureau Under Attack by the Administration
71 Census Bureau Hosts 2020 Census News Briefing
72 Census bureau intends to finish counting by Oct. 5
73 Census Bureau's New Survey Measures Effects Of The Pandemic On U.S. Households
74 Census Bureau adds two political appointees to ranks, rankling Democrats
75 Census Workers To Start Visiting Unresponsive Homes In July : Coronavirus Updates
76 First Primarily Digital US Census Is Set To Roll Out Nationwide On March 12
77 Census Bureau to Resume Some 2020 Census Field Operations in Select Locations
78 Census Bureau Hosts News Briefing to Provide Updates on 2020 Census Operations
79 STATEMENT: Today's Census Bureau Data Provide an Out-of-Date and Incomplete Picture of Hardship in the US
80 Government Report Says Census Bureau Is Behind On Staffing Up And Cybersecurity
81 Census is looking to track impact of coronavirus outbreak
82 Trump Plans to Sabotage 2020 Census by Cutting Short Operations
83 Census Bureau Falls Just Short of Applicant Goal for 2020 Count
84 US Census Bureau to drop off questionnaire packets to 106,631 Michigan households
85 How COVID-19 Could Affect The 2020 Census As Workers Prepare For The Count
86 Census Bureau’s texts, emails seeking responses on COVID-19’s effects are real
87 2020 Census: Bureau Generally Followed Its Plan for In-Field Address Canvassing
88 The 2020 Census: How Coronavirus Has Affected It
89 Census Bureau Plans to Send Additional 2020 Census Reminder Before Census Takers Visit
90 What Americans Know About the 2020 Census | Pew Research Center
91 US Census Bureau urges self-response to 2020 Census
92 Census Bureau Prepares For Hiring Spree With Unemployment Near 50-Year Low
93 How the Census Bureau is adapting to the pandemic
94 'Census Bureau Survey' Texts are Real
95 Census Bureau Urging Community to Complete Their Surveys
96 Census Bureau’s new mechanism for processing all of its information
97 Nearly 30 million Americans told the Census Bureau they didn't have enough to eat last week
98 Ask SAM: Are Census Bureau calls a scam?
99 Lawmakers, inspector general demand answers on Census Bureau political appointees
100 Census Bureau Seeks Industry Input on Cybersecurity Acquisitions Strategy for Next Decade