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1 Concealed cardiomyopathies revealed in cardiac arrest survivors
2 Genetic testing can identify 'concealed cardiomyopathies' in sudden cardiac arrest survivors
3 First review of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 infection models aims to fast track research
4 Enzyme insight could lead to new diabetes treatment
5 Centenary Institute’s cancer researcher offers sage advice for aspiring female scientists
6 Discovery challenges the foundations of gene therapy
7 Coffee May Help Alcoholics Have a Lower Risk of Liver Cirrhosis
8 Coffee drinkers can dodge liver damage
9 Potential therapeutic targets for cancer-causing virus uncovered by new research | Imperial News
10 Old Basing Women's Institute marks its 100 years with Centenary Tree unveiling
11 RIBA Stirling Prize 2020 cancelled due to coronavirus
12 Times Best Practices 2020 celebrates brands, institutes & corporates for their relentless efforts & smart
13 Fighting throat cancer with T cells
14 Tweaked TB vaccine shows COVID-19 promise
15 Sydney researchers test tuberculosis vaccine combination for COVID 19
16 Vatican appeals for safe passage home for stranded seafarers under pandemic
17 Exciting new vaccine targets killer disease TB
18 New strategy to stop melanoma spread
19 Institute for Faith & Freedom: The Paradox of Prosperity
20 Gene discovery linked to alcohol-induced liver disease
21 Chatham House Centenary: 100 Years of Independent Thinking
22 First review of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 infection models
23 WATCH: Irish Film Institute unveils its new GAA Collection to watch free online
24 Triggering melanoma cell death to fight cancer with its own 'suicide switch'
25 New treatment discovery for vascular disorder
26 Gene discovery may explain female melanoma survival advantage
27 5 Things You Need To Know Today in Framingham: Friday, September 25, 2020
28 Tumor-resident T cell levels underlie improved survival in throat cancer patients
29 Genetic factors linked to alcohol-induced liver disease
30 Focus on the long-term respiratory impact of bushfire smoke
31 A Cuban-Caribbean vision of the world
32 Vatican appeals for 300,000 seafarers stranded at sea by Covid | ICN
33 Pope Francis asks order to keep spreading devotion to St. Michael the Archangel
34 Research explores how human enzymes could be used to exacerbate COVID-19
35 Seven mental health champions named finalists for top prize
36 Centenary Events
37 The story of the 'queen of flowers'
38 Inside the airline industry's meltdown | World news
39 A landslide win for Heart Research Institute researchers
40 Centenary Institute Launches Major Brand Campaign Via WPP's 1 Kent Street
41 Ramachandra Guha: Lessons for today’s leaders from ISRO chief Satish Dhawan
42 The Centenary of the Treaty of Trianon Shows the Dangers of Nationalism in Europe
43 Coronavirus in N.J.: What’s reopening, what concerts, festivals and shows are rescheduled, canceled. (Sept. 2
44 Coronavirus affects the blood vessels as well as the lungs. Understanding this may be key to treating it
45 Scientists fight spread of melanoma
46 Chatham House History: Five Key Moments on Africa
47 Centenary College faculty member partners in $2 million National Science Foundation grant
48 New National Drug Discovery Center to fast-track medicines to patients
49 New drug discovery centre with screening capabilities opens in Australia
50 'But I persisted': Angelina Lay didn't start school until 12 but now she's a doctor helping to cure liver cancer
51 Carinthian Cultural Days getting under way
52 Helping Sydney researchers to SOAR
53 REVEALED: Top suburbs to buy a house in Toowoomba
54 Club Happenings
55 Racehorse owner Bob Ingham dead, aged 88
56 Momen for strengthening Saarc cooperation tackling Covid-19 challenges
57 Could a Century-Old TB Shot Protect Against Other Respiratory Diseases?
58 A look at the 2020 fall arts season in NJ, with things to do both in-person and virtually
59 The man, the melange
60 Teri Odom honored by Royal Society of Chemistry
61 No. 8 Wrestling Tops Centenary 23-21 on Senior Night
62 Alannah Hill joins with Camperdown’s Centenary Institute to encourage people to Suit Up! for science
63 Sea sponge may help in the fight against TB
64 Scientists Devanshi Seth and Shweta Tikoo tell how they beat the gender gap in science
65 War warning: Next 10 months are critical | Chronicle
66 Aspirin Could Fight Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
67 National Institute of Nutrition centenary stamp released
68 When a cancer scientist becomes a cancer patient, Dr Chris Jolly's work was no longer academic
69 Australian researchers complete successful test of new TB vaccine
70 Isaac Asimov: centenary of the great explainer
71 Aspirin to fight an expensive global killer infection
72 Prostate cancer research breakthrough from Sydney's Centenary Institute
73 Stroke of genius: Drug could target leading cause in young
74 S&S to release ''The Story of Covid-19'' the greatest public health threat of our time
75 Three Named to Centenary University Board of Trustees
76 Centenary College to adjust its fall schedule
77 John Rasko
78 Elinor Hortle
79 The history of Bury's Ragged School and the mission to teach town's poorest
80 SARS-CoV-2 induces transcriptional signatures in human lung epithelial cells that promote lung fibrosis
81 NIN postal stamp to commemorate its centenary celebrations
82 Top CSR Initiatives in Skill Development in India
83 Surprise result for researchers targeting high rates of obesity
84 $1M funding to develop case for national therapeutic ultrasound industry
85 St. John Paul revisited: Centenary spurs revival of pope’s teachings
86 First confirmed case of COVID-19 reinfection
87 Cause of Mystery Mouse Disease Discovered
88 ‘Game-changing’ research centre to keep world-first discoveries in Australia
89 Marking the centenary of Canada's first national internment operations
90 Centenary introduces new degree in medical laboratory science
91 Pope Francis celebrates St. John Paul II centenary: 'God sent his people a prophet.'
92 Synthetic TB Vaccine Strategy Found Effective in Mice
93 Australia's wool brokers to celebrate council's first centenary
94 Australian bushfire season's long-term health effects subject of UTS study
95 A Centenary for Free Speech
96 Book by science journalist gives detailed understanding of secrets of COVID-19
97 Powerful Microscope May Help Cancer Research
98 Chesterton Institute Conferences Held in Spain
99 Humanities Institute and Cabrillo Festival to celebrate fight for equal voting rights
100 From Earth to Mars: Rosalind Franklin’s centenary of science