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Result Content Idea Research
1 New understanding of how proteins operate
2 Gut microbiome link to deadly lung disease
3 New understanding of how proteins operate in the body
4 Study shows link between COPD and the gut microbiome
5 Genomic elements preserved across 700 million years of evolution
6 Aussie medical breakthrough spans 700-million years of evolution
7 Ground-breaking discovery provides new insight into how proteins operate
8 Lung disease associated with gut microbiome alterations
9 Centenary Institute’s cancer researcher offers sage advice for aspiring female scientists
10 Sea sponge helps scientists unravel 700 million-year-old mystery of evolution
11 Sea Sponge from Great Barrier Reef Unravels 700-Million-Year-Old Mystery of Evolution | Biology, Genetics
12 How humble sea sponge helped scientists unravel a 700 million-year-old mystery of evolution
13 Anti-inflammatory benefits from gut bacteria found in fish and humans
14 First review of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 infection models aims to fast track research
15 First review of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 infection models
16 Centre asks states to take steps to reopen medical colleges from or before December 1
17 Discovery challenges the foundations of gene therapy
18 Genes on the X chromosome may be key to melanoma survival advantage in females
19 New treatment discovery for vascular disorder
20 Enzyme insight could lead to new treatment approach for diabetic patients
21 Genetic testing can identify 'concealed cardiomyopathies' in sudden cardiac arrest survivors
22 Sydney researchers test tuberculosis vaccine combination for COVID 19
23 Sunlight could turn COVID waste into clean hydrogen fuel
24 Exciting new vaccine targets killer disease TB
25 Research explores how human enzymes could be used to exacerbate COVID-19
26 Gene discovery linked to alcohol-induced liver disease
27 Triggering melanoma cell death to fight cancer with its own 'suicide switch'
28 Tweaked TB vaccine shows COVID-19 promise
29 Gene discovery may explain female melanoma survival advantage
30 The risk of Plasmodium vivax parasitaemia after P. falciparum malaria: An individual patient data meta-analysis from the WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network
31 Discipline of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Neonatology
32 Coffee May Help Alcoholics Have a Lower Risk of Liver Cirrhosis
33 Masons mark major milestone
34 Tumor-resident T cell levels underlie improved survival in throat cancer patients
35 Coffee drinkers can dodge liver damage
36 Personalised cancer treatments a step closer
37 New National Drug Discovery Center to fast-track medicines to patients
38 New vaccine targets killer disease tuberculosis
39 Critical need for greater understanding into diagnosis of inherited heart disease
40 Genetic factors linked to alcohol-induced liver disease
41 New strategy to stop melanoma spread
42 2021 CSL Centenary Fellowships Announced
43 Saturday marks 100 years since Sir Frederick Banting’s idea that led to discovery of insulin
44 New drug discovery centre with screening capabilities opens in Australia
45 Obituary: Margaret Guilfoyle
46 Stroke of genius: Drug could target leading cause in young
47 Hidden cause of cardiac arrests uncovered in perfectly healthy hearts
48 Focus on the long-term respiratory impact of bushfire smoke
49 Taking the STING out of MND
50 How a Black woman saved lives – without her consent or due acknowledgement
51 Why dialling down inflammation keeps you young in body and brain
52 'But I persisted': Angelina Lay didn't start school until 12 but now she's a doctor helping to cure liver cancer
53 Three Named to Centenary University Board of Trustees
54 SARS-CoV-2 induces transcriptional signatures in human lung epithelial cells that promote lung fibrosis
55 Potential therapeutic targets for cancer-causing virus uncovered by new research | Imperial News
56 $1M funding to develop case for national therapeutic ultrasound industry
57 Treating dementia from the inside
58 Study says biological research still treats female subjects as an afterthought
59 NEOMED researcher awarded $2.18 million NIH grant for first human tinnitus treatment
60 Centenary Institute Launches Major Brand Campaign Via WPP's 1 Kent Street
61 The Big 3 Infectious Diseases Besides COVID-19 Scientists Are Trying to Find a Vaccine For
62 Licensing Opportunity: Rapid Ultrasensitive Assay for Detecting Prions
63 Misconduct allegations push psychology hero off his pedestal
64 Northeastern University launches $100 million research center in Maine
65 Sydney researchers honoured in annual NHMRC research awards
66 Hamdard Labs starts clinical trials of two drugs to evaluate efficacy to prevent COVID-19 infection
67 Helping Sydney researchers to SOAR
68 New insight into the never-ending arms-race between viruses and their hosts
69 Two honoured Sri Lankans and a disgraced deforester
70 The federal government should invest more in university research to help fight COVID-19 (opinion)
71 Book by science journalist gives detailed understanding of secrets of COVID-19
72 How institutions are approaching scientific research during COVID-19
73 Social scientists on COVID-19
74 Glycolipid-peptide vaccination induces liver-resident memory CD8+ T cells that protect against rodent malaria
75 Despite challenges to his career, a med student says colleges should prioritize community health when deciding whether to reopen (opinion)
76 Australian research uncovers link between dietary fiber and lung disease
77 Large-scale study backs up other research showing relative declines in women's research productivity during COVID-19
78 Fast pace of scientific publishing on COVID comes with problems
79 HHS Pushes Out COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Playbook, Distribution Strategy
80 John Rasko
81 The next revolution in cancer treatment
82 German research institution offers cash for null results
83 RethiNKing which immune cells are the best weapon against lung cancer
84 Isaac Asimov: centenary of the great explainer
85 Powerful Microscope May Help Cancer Research
86 More faculty should share their research expertise to help address crucial public issues (opinion)
87 Biden Would Increase Science Funding
88 University leaders should take a more humane approach to students during COVID-19 (opinion)
89 Aspirin Could Fight Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
90 The rewards of research collaboration that takes a slowed-down approach rooted in ongoing dialogue (opinion)
91 Advice for international graduate students who come to study in the US (opinion)
92 Rice Gets $100 Million for Advanced Materials Research
93 COVID-19 Research: Women Are Changing the Face of the Pandemic
94 Advice for postdocs during the start-up phase of their appointments (opinion)
95 Universities' role in race to develop vaccine for the coronavirus
96 New MIT Press Journal to Debunk Bad COVID-19 Research
97 Research Institutions Ask for $26 Billion
98 Women's journal submission rates continue to fall
99 World Patient Safety Day 2020: ICMR launches online course to improve prescription practices among medical g..
100 Tips for how to replicate the experiential learning of labs and field research in virtual classes (opinion)