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Result Content Idea Research
1 Immigrants as Essential Workers During COVID-19
2 Exclusive: Center for American Progress takes aim at Trump's Wall Street-friendly rules
3 What the Intelligence Community Doesn't Know Is Hurting the United States
4 The True Cost of Providing Safe Child Care During the Coronavirus Pandemic
5 Capital Gains Tax Preference Should Be Ended, Not Expanded
6 The Path to Rural Resilience in America
7 How the Trump Administration Has Harmed Faith Communities
8 The Persistent Black-White Unemployment Gap Is Built Into the Labor Market
9 How the Next Administration Can Lower Drug Prices
10 'All In: The Fight for Democracy'
11 RELEASE: New CAP Report Outlines How Federal Investment in Electric Vehicles Can Be a Win for American Workers
12 5 Immediate Steps To Rein in DHS in the Wake of Portland
13 A Reform Agenda for the US Department of Transportation
14 It's Time to Worry About College Enrollment Declines Among Black Students
15 Rethinking ATF's Budget To Prioritize Effective Gun Violence Prevention
16 The Opportunity and Counseling Corps
17 RELEASE: Repealing the ACA Would Give Billionaires Another Tax Cut, While Harming Low-Income Americans
18 Building a Just Climate Future for North Carolina
19 Fiscal and Management Accountability at the Pentagon
20 17 Ways Companies Can Help Americans Vote Safely
21 States Must Maintain and Expand In-Person Voting Locations During COVID-19
22 What Do Voters Want on Child Care Ahead of the 2020 Elections?
23 Only a National Strategy To Combat COVID-19 Can Ensure a Full Economic Recovery
24 Recruiting and Retaining Poll Workers During the Coronavirus Pandemic
25 Less Coverage and Higher Costs: The Trump's Administration's Health Care Legacy
26 Building a Racially Diverse Teaching Workforce
27 Student Assessment During COVID-19
28 RELEASE: The Trump Administration Is Targeting Transgender People Experiencing Homelessness
29 The Trump Administration's Latest Attack on Transgender People Facing Homelessness
30 STATEMENT: Michigan Becomes Latest State To Pass Clean Slate Legislation, First To Include Felonies
31 Repealing the ACA Would Put Millions at Risk While Giving Big Tax Cuts to the Very Wealthy
32 STATEMENT: Opening Tongass National Forest to Logging Is Shortsighted Move
33 STATEMENT: During His Illegal Tenure as Acting US Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf Made a Compelling Case for the Senate To Reject His Nomination, says CAP's Tom Jawetz
34 Presidential debate: Trump and Biden's claims fact-checked
35 Support Our Work
36 The CAP Faith Team's Coronavirus Resources
37 Powering America's Economic Recovery by Protecting and Restoring Nature
38 Report: Prescription Drug Costs Can Be Lowered Without Legislation
39 End Gerrymandering To Help Prevent Gun Violence
40 The Coronavirus Will Make Child Care Deserts Worse and Exacerbate Inequality
41 The need to confront and talk honestly about graduate student debt (opinion)
42 The Opportunity and Counseling Corps: Helping K-12 Students and Young Adults Recover From the Coronavirus Crisis
43 Trump went even further than other uber-rich to shrink taxes
44 Public demand for government reform remains high
45 How Child Care Disruptions Hurt Parents of Color Most
46 Coronavirus Pandemic Could Lead to Permanent Loss of Nearly 4.5 Million Child Care Slots
47 Rural America Is Starting To Feel the Impact of the Coronavirus
48 Center for American Progress Is Fine Taking Facebook's Cash after VP Trashes It As An Arm of Trump Campaigns
49 How Congress Can Help Energy States Weather the Oil Bust During the Coronavirus Pandemic
50 Where Trump and Biden Stand on Child Care
51 Detroit Mayor Duggan to shut down city for employees to help count ballots on Election Day
52 Among Forests and Bayous, a Fledgling College and Fragile Dreams
53 This Woman Is About To Become America’s Most Powerful Trans Lawmaker
54 Meg Benner Archives
55 What We Know About DACA Recipients, by Metropolitan Area
56 3 Principles for Reopening Schools Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic
57 Protecting American Consumers in Crisis
58 Assessing the State of Police Reform
59 5 Ways the Trump Administration's Policy Failures Compounded the Coronavirus-Induced Economic Crisis
60 The Coronavirus Crisis Is Worsening Racial Inequality
61 RELEASE: 2020 Innovations Conference Will Showcase How To Transform and Shrink the Criminal Justice System
62 America needs immigrants with temporary protected status to stay
63 Fact Sheet: Improving the Formula for Federal Higher Education Coronavirus Funding
64 The drawback of investing in a 401(k)? You might be paying too much in fees.
65 Not Up for Debate: Why the Presidential Debates Matter
66 Turkey's Changing Media Landscape
67 Center for American Progress releases guidelines to combat police brutality, amid recent protests
68 The Child Care Crisis Disproportionately Affects Children With Disabilities
69 Fighting Systemic Racism in K-12 Education: Helping Allies Move From the Keyboard to the School Board
70 Poll: Coronavirus pandemic has Puerto Ricans on edge about in-person voting
71 King County Sheriff’s Email to KCSO Employees Claims She Wasn’t Consulted About Shifting Marijuana Tax Revenue
72 America Needs Coronavirus Recovery Legislation to Meet the Magnitude of the Crisis at Hand
73 PRO: Universal mail-in voting is safe and reliable
74 Adversity in Early Childhood
75 State-by-State Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration's Anti-Environmental Agenda
76 The Green Squeeze
77 Congress Must Strengthen SNAP To Support Essential Workers During the Coronavirus Crisis
78 A Comprehensive COVID-19 Vaccine Plan
79 Why Haitian immigrants are fighting for ‘Temporary Protected Status’
80 The Health Care Repeal Lawsuit Could Strip Coverage from 23 Million Americans
81 International Lessons Learned From Coronavirus Reopenings
82 Mounting Peril for Public Higher Education During the Coronavirus Pandemic
83 Trump's Plan To Defund Social Security
84 Rural Americans Are Vulnerable to the Coronavirus
85 The Navajo Nation's Diné College Faces the Worst Coronavirus Outbreak in the Country
86 What We Should Expect of the Police: Experts Weigh In On Recent Police Violence
87 Affordable Care Act Repeal by State
88 The US Coronavirus Response Must Meet Health Workers' Child Care Needs
89 Interactive: A 100 Percent Clean Future
90 Coronavirus Compounds Inequality and Endangers Communities of Color
91 The COVID-19 Response in Indian Country
92 Governors Lead the Way in Responding to Child Care Needs Amid the Coronavirus Crisis
93 Recipe for chaos: 2020 election threatens to snap a US already pushed to the limit
94 Expanding the Supply of Affordable Housing for Low-Wage Workers
95 Mothers Are 3 Times More Likely Than Fathers to Have Lost Jobs in Pandemic
96 The Facts on Progressive Prosecutors
97 The Economic Fallout of the Coronavirus for People of Color
98 Congressional Democrats Backing Term Limits For Supreme Court Judges
99 The Rising Cost of Inaction on Work-Family Policies
100 America Decides