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1 Gov't to sign agreement with Chinese Academy of Sciences for 2020-2030 innovation development study
2 Chinese Researchers Claim COVID-19 Originated In Greece Or India
3 China to release new space science satellites
4 Catapult-like hydrogel actuator designed to deliver high contraction power
5 China plans to launch new space science satellites
6 China ranks 1st in 4 major areas of scientific research
7 Magnetic spray: Giving inanimate objects new bionergy
8 Plant evolves to stay hidden from harvesting humans
9 China scientists claim virus born in India; West experts refute
10 Urban air pollution estimates may overshadow full picture for China
11 China science, technology news summary -- Nov. 26
12 Scientists watch as glaciers in China melt at 'shocking' pace
13 China to Launch Space Telescope in December to Study Gravitational Waves
14 FAST helps reveal the origin of fast radio bursts
15 Chinese submarine sends first live video back from the bottom of the Mariana Trench
16 China moves closer to self-reliance in 7nm chip production English English
17 A 520-million-year-old five-eyed fossil reveals arthropod origin
18 China set to bring back first rocks from the Moon in more than 40 years
19 China’s big task for a scientist of ‘small things’
20 Convection-permitting modelling improves simulated precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau
21 China science, technology news summary -- Nov. 10
22 Ancient fragment of the Pacific Ocean found buried 400 miles below China
23 FAST reveals mystery of fast radio bursts from the universe
24 The Chinese Academy of Sciences at 70
25 China's most important trees are hiding in plain sight
26 About Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
27 Scientists Uncover Magnetic Spray that Transforms Non-Living Things into Tiny Robots
28 Distinct slab interfaces found within mantle transition zone
29 Scientists define binary tropical cyclones
30 Denisovan DNA found in sediments of Baishiya Karst Cave on Tibetan Plateau
31 Plant Used in Chinese Medicine Has Evolved To Become Less Visible to Humans
32 DIO additives contribute to efficiency of polymer solar cells
33 First map of bee species around the globe
34 Pakistan, China boosting coop in earth sciences
35 China set to retrieve first Moon rocks in 40 years
36 Faculty Positions in Quantum Computing at Institute of Physics (IOP), Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, for Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
37 Scientists apply the METRIC model to estimate the land surface evapotranspiration in Nepal
38 World's leading internet high-tech achievements
39 Magnetic Spray Transforms Inanimate Objects Into Tiny Robots
40 Researchers provide novel insights into human skin aging
41 A hunk of Earth's surface lies 400 miles under China
42 Plant evolves to become less visible to humans
43 Researchers find conformational disorder tuning charge carrier mobility in 2D perovskites
44 Anil Jain elected Foreign Member by the Chinese Academy of Sciences
45 Air-sea coupling improves the simulation of the western North Pacific summer monsoon in the WRF4 model at a synoptic scale resolving resolution
46 New Chinese submersible reaches Earth's deepest ocean trench
47 China's Top Science Academy Vows to Counter Tech Decoupling With US
48 Ten-year Yangtze fishing ban not enough to save migratory species
49 Researchers fabricate co-doped aluminosilicate fiber with high laser stability for multi-kW level laser
50 Six years in 120 pages: Researchers shed light on Ricci flows
51 To evade humans, this medicinal plant has evolved to hide in plain sight
52 Former piece of Pacific Ocean floor imaged deep beneath China
53 Plant Evolved to Become Less Visible to Humans
54 Researchers minimize quantum backaction in thermodynamic systems via entangled measurement
55 Cutting emissions makes North Atlantic focus of ocean heat uptake under global warming
56 Job Vacancies in Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
57 China expert's view on Wang's visit to Japan
58 People visit Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences
59 Chinese Academy of Sciences fosters original innovation
60 China develops electric-hub driverless tractor
61 Dinosaur breakthrough: Mysterious bone discovery unearths new Triassic species
62 CAS president: U.S. sanctions will help us enhance scientific research
63 MSU arctic researcher earns presidential fellowship from Chinese Academy of Sciences
64 China-ASEAN relations 'most successful, vibrant model' for cooperation in Asia-Pacific: Xi
65 1st LD-Writethru: Chinese yuan strengthens against USD on Monday
66 Chinese Academy of Sciences leads discovery of unpredicted stellar black hole
67 ASC20-21 Student Supercomputer Challenge Kickoff: Quantum Computing Simulations, AI Language Exam and Pulsar Searching with FAST
68 Sinopharm Group (Wuhan Institute of Biological Products) and Chinese Academy of Sciences (Wuhan Institute of Virology)
69 Chinese COVID-19 vaccine trial reports falling antibody titers
70 Malaysia secures Pfizer vaccine in a first for Southeast Asia
71 Study shows Covid-19's effect on health may linger
72 CAS team develops quick detection system for COVID-19 cases
73 The way of the wolf: why Xi Jinping is dragging down the China dragon
74 Eli Lilly, Junshi Biosciences, and Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
75 China's National Science Academy Vows to Close Tech Gaps in 10 Years
76 US technology embargo list is blueprint for Chinese research, official says
77 Chinese Academy of Sciences highlights key research advances of 2019
78 UCF researcher zeroes in on critical point for improving superconductors
79 From photons to feelings: Researchers reveal a color palette in brain
80 China's science academy pumps research into supercomputing
81 Chinese people's choice for influential women of 2020 are confident, inspirational leaders
82 Chinese Academy of Sciences to hold Public Science Day
83 Biden can't save US from darkest period of epidemic
84 Scientists introduce FlowRACS for high-throughput discovery of enzymes
85 Nuclear scientists' group resignations under probe
86 Chinese Academy of Science Researcher Accused of Academic Plagiarism
87 Shiraz University, Chinese Academy of Sciences sign MOU
88 Malaysia's first Covid-19 vaccine trial to begin next month
89 International collaboration reveals China's carbon balance
90 Chinese scientist envisions regular spacecraft flights by 2045
91 France's CNES Signs Space Cooperation Agreement With Chinese Academy of Sciences
92 Huairou starts construction of brain science
93 Clarivate Analytics and the Chinese Academy of Sciences release annual joint report to identify 137 Research Fronts
94 Scientists establish NanDeSyn Database to support international cooperation on industrial microalgae
95 Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully tested new material that enables AUV to swim further
96 Chinese Academy of Sciences to strengthen international cooperation
97 Vice Premier Sends Team to Investigate Mass Resignations of Scientists
98 Device can harvest wind energy from the breeze made when you walk
99 Chinese ties don't faze European funders
100 China Focus: Chinese Sciences Academy provides 268 mln dollars for BRI projects