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1 Here's How Clean Energy Can Fuel NY
2 Farm interests, fuel retailers battle over Gov. Kim Reynolds' plan to require higher ethanol, biofuel blends
3 What’s Next for State Climate Action in the US? 7 Areas to Watch
4 Gov. Andrew Cuomo should promote low-carbon fuel standards, without costing taxpayers
5 New York City begins its clean energy switch with batteries
6 A $530M project would send renewable energy to Dutchess. Why some say it's not needed.
7 Illinois energy bill proposes 'green bank' as national movement builds
8 MOU is Largest Multi-State Collaboration to Address Air Pollution
9 Automakers Drop Efforts to Derail California Climate Rules
10 Clean Energy Fuels will provide RNG for New York City MTA buses |
11 National Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator bills introduced in House and Senate
12 Viewpoint: LCFS plans could grow biofuels market
13 New York Must Keep Up Climate & Environmental Wins in 2021
14 FERC to examine climate threats to grid
15 Food as Medicine: What It Means and How to Reap the Benefits
16 A Legacy of the New Deal, Electric Cooperatives Struggle to Democratize and Make a Green Transition
17 Scaling RNG for Transportation Fuel: Barriers and Opportunities
18 Jaguar Land Rover plans to be 100% electric by 2039
19 Eni Reports Surprise Quarterly Profit With Recovery in Crude
20 Where is Renewable Natural Gas Moving Forward and What Will This Mean for the Industry and States? (Part 1)
21 We Fought to Keep Frackers Out of the Delaware River
22 Developers Aim to Halt Local Push Toward Climate-Friendly Building Codes – Mother Jones
23 Albany Must Keep Up Climate & Environmental Wins in 2021
24 Cities voted for green building codes. Now developers want to end voting.
25 Mexican business groups slam president's electricity bill
26 The Biden Team Wants to Transform the Economy. Really.
27 Opportunity! Dedicated funding for museums taking climate action
28 Clean Cities Coalitions in New York Hosted Event on Truck Electrification
29 Policy Corner: Transportation Policies and Biofuels
30 'No sturm und drang of Beltway debates,' let cities and states push own climate-change innovation, say Bloomberg and Pope
31 Electric chassis maker Xos Trucks agrees to $575M SPAC merger
32 Corruption and child labour have no place in the energy transition
33 Pepper Place visitors explore world of electric vehicles at Alabama event
34 Somerset County Opposes Tennessee Gas Compressor Station
35 Five Reasons Midwestern States Need a Clean Fuel Standard
36 Storage tank water heaters vs. tankless water heaters
37 New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority
38 Is financial regulation the way to advance a climate agenda?
39 The Company Policy That's Delaying Corporate Diversity
40 New York Announces Historic Fossil Fuel Divestment Plan
41 'Clean Cars' coalition wants Virginia lawmakers to address tailpipe emissions
42 Apple executive named to New Jersey Council on the Green Economy
43 States Are Laying a Road Map for Climate Leadership
44 Downstate gas plants make a hydrogen pitch in bid to stay afloat
45 Growth in carbon neutral RNG spotlights debate on electric- vs. renewable-powered trucks
46 New York says goodbye to 6 dirty power plants and hello to working with communities
47 Why a Harlem Activist’s Decades-Long Fight for Environmental Justice Matters More Than Ever
48 Inslee, environmentalists want aggressive action on climate, including a clean fuel standard
49 How the World's Ships Are Tackling Decarbonization: QuickTake
50 The broad coalition defending America's state and national clean car standards in court
51 OPINION: Reduce Emissions, Yes, But Also Reduce the Use of Cars Entirely
52 Chevron Partners with Clean Energy Fuels on Port Truck Program
53 Clean Energy, bp Developing RNG Facilities
54 In Illinois energy bill negotiations, equity is taking center stage
55 States Sue to Block Trump From Weakening Fuel Economy Rules
56 Sues FERC Over Orders that Threaten NY Clean Energy | NRDC
57 NYPA, Environmental Justice Groups to Work Together on Peaker Plant Replacements
58 NY lawmakers, organizations react to part one of State of the State
59 New coalition seeks to electrify NYC’s school bus fleet
60 Loud Calls For Global Shipping To Ditch Fossil Fuels And Meet Climate Goals
61 Calls For Global Shipping To Ditch Fossil Fuels And Meet Climate Goals
62 Coalition begins push to make New York City's school bus fleet all electric
63 12 major cities pledge fossil fuel divestment
64 Energy & Environment Power 100
65 Commentary: Clean transportation can benefit New York's economy and health
66 The Gospel of Hydrogen Power
67 Shared Mobility with Battery Electric Vehicles Coming to NYC
68 UN-backed green hydrogen moonshot aims to make fuel commercially viable by 2026
69 Major Fossil Fuel PR Group is Behind Europe Pro-Hydrogen Push
70 Indiana lawmakers to vote on bill to ban local heating electrification initiatives
71 Massachusetts set to pass landmark clean energy law to reach net-zero by 2050
72 Illinois governor's energy plan shakes up debate over nuclear and renewables
73 Cuomo Unveils Plans to Transition New York Transit Bus Fleet to All-Electric
74 The Latest News and Data About Ethanol Production
75 Clean 'transition' for peaker plants: New York Power Authority, environmental justice groups team up
76 9 Things the Biden Administration Could Do Quickly on the Environment
77 RNG Revolution |
78 Residents Fight to Keep Composting From Getting Trashed in New York City’s Covid-19 Budget Cuts
79 New York City's Top 50 Lobbyists: 11-50
80 What Does Net Zero Emissions Mean for Big Oil? Not What You’d Think
81 Alternative fuels, emissions take center stage at annual Clean Cities event
82 The Biden Administration Brings State Climate Leadership to the White House
83 US Coalition Pushes for a Surge of Electric Vehicles Beyond California
84 Climate Two-Step: D.C. Circuit Vacates Affordable Clean Energy Rule Just as U.S. Rejoins Paris Accord
85 New York City’s hottest new energy fight
86 NYPA to consider swapping gas peakers for batteries in novel deal with environmental justice groups
87 Coalition of Northeastern States Announces Cap for Transport Sector CO2 Emissions
88 Tomlinson: Biden should ignore activists, build coalition to mitigate climate change
89 NY Power Authority pledges to review path to sustainability for peaker plants — Queens Daily Eagle
90 Energy & Environment Power 100: 51
91 Promise or Peril? Importing Hydropower to Fuel the Clean Energy Transition • The Revelator
92 Supreme Court to Review Refinery Waivers From Biofuel Quotas
93 WandaVision release dates: When does episode 8 hit Disney Plus?
94 How activists successfully shut down key pipeline projects in New York
95 Shipping sector sets course for zero carbon vessels, fuel by 2030
96 NYS Action on Climate Change Should Include Divestment in Fossil Fuel Investments
97 New York passes 100% clean energy bill, but advocate calls it a 'partial victory'
98 Italy Regional Vote Could Fuel Tension in Unruly Coalition
99 Sustainability meeting focuses on social justice, environment | Cornell Chronicle
100 New Jersey has Significant Commitments to Transportation Electrification