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1 We Need a National Institute of Climate Change and Health
2 The climate changed rapidly alongside sea ice decline in the north
3 Climate Change Is the Biggest Investment Opportunity Post-Covid, the CEO of RockCreek Says
4 We need national institute of climate change and health
5 The Next Big Idea: Climate Change & The Economy with Mariana Mazzucato & Tom Steyer
6 Strengthening the climate change scenario framework
7 Australia's Great Barrier Reef In Critical Condition Due To Climate Change | The Weather Channel
8 From north to south pole, climate scientists grapple with pandemic disruptions
9 A Seat at the Table
10 Climate Change: “Once in a Lifetime” Floods to Become Regular Occurrences by End of Century
11 Land with high climate change resilience purchased for protection near West Mountain
12 We're at a turning point on climate change. But most countries are still choosing fossil fuels over clean energy, report says
13 UVM Leads the Largest Study of Climate Change in Vermont
14 New Maine Climate Action Plan Charts Path to Reduce Emissions
15 Bill Gates just released a plan for US leadership on climate change, including $35B in funding
16 Amazon's Jeff Bezos gives Salk Institute $30 million to help fight climate change
17 The Sorghum Solution?: The Salk Institute's plant-based research to battle climate change gets a boost
18 Salk Institute harnessing power of plants to reverse climate change
19 Urgency needed to address climate change in Maine
20 How a Climate 'Stress Test' Can Foresee Collapsing Banks
21 8 ways climate change is already impacting you
22 Trump to put climate change denier in charge of key U.S. report
23 Climate change and 'atmospheric thirst' to increase fire danger and drought in NV and CA: New study shows impacts of increased levels of evaporative demand as climate grows warmer and drier
24 How Biden aims to amp up the government’s fight against climate change
25 Climate Change and Human Impacts Are Altering Mt. Everest Faster and More Significantly Than Previously Known
26 Climate change: Temperature analysis shows UN goals 'within reach'
27 Washington winters are rapidly warming up and feeling more Southern
28 Translating Newfound Permafrost Knowledge into Climate Action
29 On Climate, Biden Must Do More than Undo Trump's Damage
30 What climate change means for Maine's farms and forests
31 Massive, swift federal investment needed to address climate change, panelists say
32 Podcasts
33 Accounting for climate change
34 Trees can help slow climate change, but at a cost
35 Climate change causes landfalling hurricanes to stay stronger for longer: Warming oceans means hurricanes weaken more slowly and inflict more destruction farther inland, new study shows
36 Climate Change
37 Pathways to sustainable land use and food systems
38 Biden's first task should be working with China on climate change
39 Future Brahmaputra River flooding as climate changes may be underestimated, study says
40 Food Industry Targets Sustainability
41 Worst-case emissions projections are already off track
42 American Geophysical Union 2020: Key Events From the Earth Institute
43 Climate change: Are dockless bikes good for the environment?
44 Berkshire Climate Activists To Attend Virtual Nationwide Conference This Weekend
45 N.J. affordable housing is among nation's most vulnerable to climate-change flooding, study finds
46 How Biden Can Ensure Every Federal Agency Is Fighting Climate Change
47 How plants compete for underground real estate affects climate change and food production
48 Climate change costs taking increasing chunk off Canada's GDP growth: study
49 Tornadoes, Thunderstorms, 70-Degree Days: Is This the New Fall in Philly?
50 U.S. green groups urge Biden to shun cabinet picks with oil ties
51 Denmark has announced it will end all oil and gas exploration by 2050
52 Oxford launches net zero initiave to advise on climate change solutions
53 As Biden targets climate change, we must focus attention on public health: Dr. Richard J. Jackson
54 COVID-19 in the Arctic: The Arctic Institute's Winter Series 2020-2021
55 Pushback expected on HK climate change disclosure rules
56 Biden Will Face Major Limits To His Ambitious Climate Plans
57 Op-ed: Climate change is ravaging the US; why are we still building with fossil fuels?
58 NewClimate Institute Report Analyzes Nuances of Net-zero Targets | News
59 Five priorities for a sustainable ocean economy
60 Need to Know: November 30, 2020
61 De-risking climate change
62 Study shows climate change can help crab escape its parasites
63 Climate Policy in the Biden Era: On a Personnel Note
64 A Case for Global Climate Action: UN Secretary General Delivers Potent Remarks at Columbia
65 UK doubles up efforts to tackle climate change in Kenya
66 The secret to winning over conservatives on climate action
67 Teaching climate crisis in classrooms critical for children, top educators say
68 Huntington University Launches Peruvian Canadian Institute
69 Mining giant Glencore lays out climate plan as CEO retires
70 Progressives look to make early mark on Biden White House
71 ʼRace to Zeroʼ event promotes CO2-neutral transition
72 Deeohn Ferris to lead global climate change institute
73 Ørstedand the Maritime Institute of Technology & Graduate Studies Form New Offshore Wind Partnership
74 Research & Commentary: New Heartland Brief Shows Climate Change is Not Straining Budgets of Colorado Towns
75 How this SFU researcher works with UN to help nations reach their Paris Agreement goals
76 Family Forest Owners Could Champion Carbon Drawdown
77 Oxford City Council holds Youth Climate Summit on how city can tackle the climate emergency
78 Emissions goals show utilities continue to move slow
79 Liberals take on Biden's likely Pentagon pick
80 RIT begins development of saliva testing for spring semester | RIT
81 UK’s worsening floods will hit the most disadvantaged communities the hardest
82 TRANSITION: Biden stocks landing teams with climate experts
83 Scott's claims about Schumer lack evidence
84 Northam takes actions to address flooding caused by climate change
85 Treasury Secretary Warren? Progressives Line Up to Press Their Agenda on Biden
86 How Lessons From Bees, Leaves and Our Own Blood May Help Us Save Civilization
87 Hyping the Whirlwind
88 Skyhook Solar deploys solar charging stations in Navajo Nation
89 Changing Of The Guard At The SEC Heralds New Day For ESG Disclosure Rules
90 Shuttering Fossil Fuel Power Plants May Cost Less Than Expected
91 Norway's cash incentive to save the world's forests
92 Watching the Arctic thaw in fast-forward
93 Treasury Secretary Elizabeth Warren? Progressives line up to press their agenda on Joe Biden
94 The dirtiest fossil fuel is on the back foot
95 2021 OUTLOOK: The Second Great Railroad Revolution?
96 Progressives turned out for Joe Biden. Now they want a big role in his administration.
97 'A major milestone for lab-grown meat': Could Eat Just's approval in Asia hurry the market in Europe?
98 Climate Week at the Earth Institute
99 Letter from President Reif: Tackling the grand challenges of climate change
100 'Why climate change matters' website created by science, public health, economics, law experts