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Result Content Idea Research
1 The applications of liquid crystals have been extended to drug encapsulation
2 An Amazonian tea stimulates the formation of new neurons
3 Physicists discover the 'Kings and Queens of Quantumness'
4 Remote control of heat nanosources motion and thermal-induced fluid flows by using light forces
5 Four Ways to Promote Neuronal Growth
6 This is how the first specific drug against COVID-19 works
7 Child vaccines may protect against COVID-19, new Spanish study shows
8 High-dimensional brain-wide functional connectivity mapping in magnetoencephalography.
9 This Amazonian tea can stimulates the formation of new neurons
10 World Food Innovation Awards 2021 judging panel announced!
11 UL Lafayette: New study of Earth’s magnetic mantle attracts scholarly attention
12 Nanocrystal encapsulation and delivery of water-insoluble drugs
13 Ayahuasca Stimulates Formation of New Neurons in Hippocampus
14 Pablo Alvarez appointed to President and GM of Almirall US
15 iStar Medical Touts Strong 1-Year Results for MIGS Device
16 Istar Medical highlights positive one-year Miniject results
17 Ayahuasca tea could be a breakthrough treatment for Alzheimer's
18 An Amazonian Tea Containing DMT Stimulates the Formation of New Brain Neurons
19 Why is Spain taking longer to respond to the coronavirus pandemic than its European neighbors?
20 Vaccine for children could protect against Covid-19
22 Researchers claim that ayahuasca tea helps the formation of new neurons
23 The therapeutic barrier against covid-19 is tightened: the use of baricitinib is authorized
24 Amazonian Tea Component DMT Might Be Useful in Treating Parkinson's
25 COVID-19 Lockdowns Causing More Cases of High Blood Pressure
26 Business : Banco Santander allocates more than 1,600,000 euros to 12 research projects in Catalonia on covid-19
27 An app monitors cancer patients' health status and rewards participation
28 An area of the brain where tumor cells shelter from chemotherapy in childhood leukaemia
29 Politecnico di Milano to receive €12M ERC Synergy grant over 6 years to investigate mysteries of light-matter interaction
30 Despite coronavirus risk, hundreds of students leave Madrid headed to home provinces
31 Children's DTP vaccine may provide cross-immunity for COVID-19
32 Scientists Found an Ultra-Rare Black Hole From Almost 12 Billion Years Ago
33 Patients' own stem cells can be used to grow new bones, study shows
34 A photo taken with a mobile phone to detect frauds in rice labelling
35 Spanish universities plan phased return in June as number of Covid-19 cases slows
36 A mummy on the rooftop
37 Brain biomarkers for detecting Alzheimer's disease are located
38 Church may be forced to pay rent for Madrid campus chapels
39 The End of School? The School is Dead, Long Live the School!
40 New research hints at the presence of unconventional galaxies containing two black holes
41 Research by Complutense University of Madrid Shows HOGO Rest System Reduces Biological Age by an Average of 15 Years
42 Medieval Spain: the tale of a missing stone and 11 bodies under a wall
43 Climate change may be making migration harder by shortening nightingales' wings
44 Researchers have identified areas of the retina that change in mild Alzheimer's disease
45 Reading in company might enhance linguistic creativity
46 “No time to lose” with state of alarm, say biology experts
47 Art professor's exhibition in Spain addresses algae and climate change
48 Nanoplatform developed with three molecular imaging modalities for tumor diagnosis
49 Sahra Ardah and Roshan Bhondekar blessed with baby boy in Spain, name him Leonardo
50 Spanish universities host intl. conference on Persian poet Khayyam
51 Spain likely to raise taxes in wake of coronavirus crisis, say experts
52 Researchers discover a mechanism allowing immune cells to regulate obesity
53 Laser diode combats counterfeit oil
54 Pneumonia With Bronchiectasis Linked to Less Mortality, More Infections
55 Olive Flies in Spain Are Immune to Common Pesticide, Study Finds
56 The HOGO Sleep System Aims to Provide the 'Perfect Rest' English Brazil
57 Political Infighting Hobbles Spain Efforts to Curb Virus
58 Less abundant species of animals and plants are organized in ghettos to survive
59 'Post-traumatic stress rampant in Spain's health staff'
60 Back-door cash for corpses at Madrid University
61 Towards a Gene Therapy for Reversal of Aging-Associated Pulmonary Fibrosis
62 Emotional dysregulation and uncertainty intolerance as transdiagnostic mediators of anxiety in adults with autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disability.
63 Study Finds Limits to sCR Compared With MRD in Tracking MM Response
64 MOOCs provide at-home education during lockdown
65 Differences between discs of active and non-active galaxies detected for the first time
66 Fearing virus, parents in Spain rise against back to school
67 Foreign students in Spain left in limbo by bureaucratic backlog
68 First asteroid found within Venus's orbit could be a clue to missing 'mantle' asteroids
69 Lighting, color science researcher joins architectural engineering
70 The 19 Spanish university schools that rank among the best in the world
71 Spain sees rise in new COVID-19 deaths, infections
72 The Story of Professor Ferreira
73 Low-cost PCR test designed to detect coronavirus
74 Saliva Levels of IL-6 Protein May Help in Diagnosing Primary Sjögren's
75 Podemos: A “Party-Movement” in Government
76 Astronomical First: Differences Detected Between Discs of Active and Non-Active Galaxies
77 Fires and barricades on day two of student protests in Madrid
78 The first model proposed to simulate the functioning of concept cells in the brain
79 Cannabinoids decrease the metabolism of glucose in the brain
80 How to safely take children outside under Spain’s relaxed confinement measures
81 Thought Leaders
82 Automated driving developer TTTech Auto expands team
83 Spain’s Red Princess, A Champion Of Women’s Rights & Progressive Politics, Passes Away From Coronavirus
84 Social Summit Demands Stronger Commitments in Climate Talks
85 Variation in Assignment of the COPD Patients into a GOLD Group Accordi | COPD
86 Protests, political tension grips lockdown Spain
87 Who Is Queen Letizia? Everything to Know About Spain's Queen Consort
88 Galaxy color correlates with mass of supermassive black hole
89 ELLE International and MIT Join Forces on Fashion and Luxury Management Program
90 Next EFP Perio Talks will focus on EFP’s Perio & Caries campaign
91 Incidence and clinical profiles of COVID-19 pneumonia in pregnant women: A single-centre cohort study from Spain
92 Climate change activist Greta Thunberg looks serious as she leaves meeting
93 Guidelines and Considerations for Metabolic Tolerance Tests in Mice | DMSO
94 Cuba, first stop of director of the Royal Spanish Academy in the Caribbean
95 The perfect storm that dragged Spain to the bottom of advanced economies
96 Inside Podemos’s Madrid laboratory
97 Gene Therapy Halts Age-related Lung Fibrosis, Mouse Study Shows
98 Faculty note: Prof. Meir Russ at the La Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Madrid, Spain
99 Coronavirus: Spanish Princess becomes first royal to die from COVID-19
100 A sub-desert savanna spread across Madrid 14 million years ago