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1 Phillip L. Swagel '87: Director, Congressional Budget Office
2 CBO Congressional Budget Office : An Overview of CBO's Work on Climate Change
3 National Median Income Estimates for 2021 and 2022
4 The economics of government debt at this unique moment
5 Biden Must Get Back to Improving U.S. Health Care
6 House Democrats urge congressional leaders to support $12.1B budget for IRS | TheHill
7 Biden’s economic team set to prepare ambitious recovery plan, challenging Republicans’ renewed debt worries
8 Washington Post: White House Budget office moving to reclassify key roles under Trump executive order
9 Biden stokes first nomination fight with pick for budget chief
10 Republicans ready to become deficit hawks again under a President Biden | TheHill
11 Here Come the Deficit Hawk Hypocrites
12 Federal Budget Deficit More Than Doubled in October
13 Why 2028 Could Be the Year the US Debt Crisis Finally Hits the Fan | James R. Harrigan, Antony Davies
14 The coronavirus will cost the economy nearly $8 trillion, Congressional Budget Office says
15 Fitch Rates Georgia State Road & Tollway Auth's Series 2020 GARVEEs 'A+'
16 White House tells federal agencies to proceed with plans for Trump’s February budget in latest sign of election defiance
17 ‘Just a Start’
18 CBO: $900B a year needed to stabilize post-crisis debt | TheHill
19 Highlights of CBO's Updated Budget Outlook for 2020-2030
20 The bipartisan neutering of the Congressional Budget Office | TheHill
21 CBO Releases 2017 Data on Household Income and Tax Burdens
22 Bad Polling and the Accuracy of Predictions
23 U.S. Budget Gap Tripled in Fiscal 2020 as Government Battled Pandemic
24 Congressional Budget Office forecasts high unemployment for years to come
25 Highlights of CBO's Updated Economic Outlook
26 Congressional Budget Office warns largest budget deficit since 1945 lies ahead
27 The tyranny of the Congressional Budget Office
28 Pandemic response legislation has given CBO a lot to do
29 Congressional Budget Office: Federal deficit hit $3.1T for fiscal year 2020
30 Building Racial Equity Into The Walls Of Health Policy
31 Congressional Budget Office: Budget Deficit Grows $39B in First Quarter
32 2021 Tax Outlook: Proposals & Planning
33 DeVos Education Department estimates large student loan losses, but figures aren't guaranteed to influence debate
34 CBO Estimates Federal Budget Deficit Shrank in July
35 US House to consider Gandhi-King Scholarly Exchange Initiative Act
36 The Congressional Budget Office projects long-term economic pain
37 Will Biden Cancel Your Student Loans In January?
38 Trump moves to strip job protections from White House budget analysts as he races to transform civil service
39 House Democrats Demand Increase in IRS Funding to Go After 'Wealthy Tax Cheats'—Like Donald Trump
40 Potential Impacts of Florida's New Minimum Wage
41 Fact check: Graphic comparing Trump and Obama is from 2018 and contains an approval rating error
42 Congressional Budget Office Says It Could Take Nearly 10 Years For Economy To Recover From COVID-19
43 Could “Raising the Wage” Have Prevented the COVID-19 Recession?
44 ‘A Big Safety Net': Affordable Care Act Filled Need, Fended Off Dismantling in 2020
45 Social distancing will suppress recovery despite emergency aid, CBO chief says
46 Coronavirus relief pushing US deficits to staggering heights
47 CBO Congressional Budget Office : Monthly Budget Review for August 2020
48 The Frontier: State lawmakers face an 'incredibly difficult budget year' with a long road to recovery
49 Congress’s Biggest Obstacle
50 New York Times' Flawed Argument for Higher Wages
51 Congressional Budget Office Releases New Estimates For Income-Driven Repayment
52 Pay Americans $1,000 To Get Covid Vaccine
53 U.S. Budget Deficit to Top $1 Trillion for Next Decade
54 Money Roundup: How Amendment 2 affects businesses with tipped workers; Fort Lauderdale CDFI receives $500K and more
55 Republican Resistance to Tanden Illustrates Trouble Ahead for Biden
56 Cornyn Leads Letter to USTR Opposing Tax Increase on Job-Creators in Foreign Trade Zones
57 Coronavirus to Shave Trillions From the Economy Over 10 Years
58 What the world can learn from the Covid-19 pandemic
59 Biden will struggle to cut defense spending despite pressure
60 Congressional Budget Office Confirms That IRS Budget Cuts Lose Money and Benefit the Rich
61 Trump’s legacy, by the numbers
62 CBO Forecasts The National Debt Will Be Twice The Size Of The Economy. Watch Out For Higher Taxes
63 More Evidence Joe Biden Has Spent His Entire Working Career In Government
64 Stimulus to Add Nearly $1.8 Trillion to U.S. Budget Deficit Over Decade, CBO Says
65 CBO: Trump budget would cut trillions less from deficits
66 CBO releases analysis on extending increased unemployment benefits | TheHill
67 Budget Analysis Keeps Group Health in Danger
68 Coronavirus Projected to Trigger Worst Economic Downturn Since 1940s
69 Federal Spending and Deficits | Cato @ Liberty
70 CBO Congressional Budget Office : Effects of Recapitalizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Through Administrative Actions
71 Florida’s Approval of $15 Minimum Wage Sets Up Battle in Other States
72 The Congressional Budget Office, explained
73 Mnuchin Cites Principles in Clawing Back Fed Money. Democrats See Politics.
74 The World's Safe Haven Needs an Upgrade | Stanford Graduate School of Business
75 U.S. Debt Is Set to Exceed Size of the Economy Next Year, a First Since World War II
76 The Budget Outlook
77 A Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report reveals that US federal debt will 'soon be larger than any time in history'
78 The U.S. budget deficit is rising amid COVID-19, but public concern about it is falling
79 Kentuckians need Congress to approve lifesaving bill for kidney transplant recipients
80 Walden reflects on health policy as career in Congress ends
81 Demographics and Debt Hang Over Long-Term U.S. Growth
82 Federal debt to exceed GDP in 2021: CBO
83 Norwegian Company Believes ‘Bubble Curtain’ Could Reduce Impact Of Tropical Storms
84 CBO: Federal budget deficit to reach $3.3 trillion in 2020, surpass GDP in 2021
85 Testimony on oversight of the Congressional Budget Office
86 CBO Congressional Budget Office : Estimate of the Statutory Pay-As-You-Go Effects of HR 7718, The Protecting the Health and Wellness of Babies and Pregnant Women in Custody Act
87 CBO Report on Cost of the Navy's FFG(X) Program
88 CBO director: Low rates give US time to shrink deficit but spending must eventually be curtailed
89 Lawmakers push for improved diabetes care through tech advancements | TheHill
90 CBO Congressional Budget Office : The Decline in CBO's Projections of Gross Domestic Product for 2020 and 2021
91 Biden pledges ‘a recovery for everybody’ as he introduces economic team in Delaware
92 New CBO Projections Are Bleak
93 The Congressional Budget Office at middle age
94 CBO Sees Federal Budget Deficit Climbing As Spending Grows
95 Supreme Court Appears Likely To Uphold Obamacare
96 The Basics of Terminating a DC Plan | PLANSPONSOR
97 The Trump administration detests the Congressional Budget Office. Here’s why it’s important.
98 Federal Budget Deficit Nears $2 Trillion For Fiscal Year
99 CBO finds COVID-19 puts Medicare trust fund insolvency just 4 years away
100 What President Joe Biden’s plan could look like — without Congress