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Result Content Idea Research
1 The Belgian Constitutional Court annuls Data Retention Act
2 Constitutional Court Rejects Bosnian Serb Ex-Policeman's Appeal
3 Martin Ribár custody case
4 Top German court rejects challenge to ECB bond-buying scheme
5 Constitutional Court opens door to alternative methods of compensation
6 Court delays ruling on whether EU or Polish law has primacy
7 Zimbabwe court blocks leader from keeping chief justice on
8 Feminist lawyers apply to Constitutional Court for Nevin Yıldırım
9 Moldovans Protest as Socialist Majority Sacks Constitutional Court President
10 ANALYSIS | Constitutional Court inefficiency affects access to justice
11 EU condemns Moldovan parliament's vote to sack top Constitutional Court judge
12 Constitutional court strikes down German climate law
13 Germany to bring forward climate goals after constitutional court ruling
14 Federal Constitutional Court overturns "Berlin rent cap" | Allen & Overy LLP
15 The Turkish Constitutional Court ruled that the employer had the right to monitor company emails
16 El Salvador constitutional crisis ushers in ‘period of darkness’
17 Constitutional Court issues mixed ruling on Indigenous hunting rights
18 Analysis: Guatemala defies Biden over anti-graft judge
19 German constitutional court declares German Climate Protection Act unconstitutional
20 Is Mongolia Heading Toward One-Party Rule?
21 Top German court tosses objection to EU coronavirus recovery fund
22 Searches reported at Constitutional Court judge's house – media
23 German Constitutional Court: Climate Change Act is Partially Unconstitutional
24 Judicial overreach in times of Covid-19
25 The climate verdict of the German Constitutional Court – Felix Ekardt and Franziska Heß
26 Constitutional Court Rules Sunday Shopping Ban in Public Interest
27 Chile's Piñera appeals to the Constitutional Court to stop pandemic pension withdrawals
28 Folly at the Supreme Court: Choosing Between Competing Originalist Claims
29 Belgian Constitutional Court Annuls Data Retention Framework for Electronic Communications Data
30 Unpacking Constitutional Amendment No. 2 Act: Implications On The Judiciary
31 CJI Bobde Led Further Decline Of Supreme Court As A Constitutional Court
32 Sisi Khampepe fills leadership vacuum at Constitutional Court
33 Ramaphosa will have a strong list of ConCourt candidates to choose from
34 MCAs rubbish Constitutional Court decree on BBI amendments
35 Confusion in Constitutional Court as sacked chief remains defiant
36 First Amendment Groups Press Supreme Court For Access To Surveillance Court Opinions
37 Constitutional Court throws out data retention law
38 Justice Breyer to Court Packers: Not on My Watch
39 Syria's top court accepts three candidates to run for president
40 Justice min insists on primacy of Poland's constitution over EU law
41 Albanian president calls impeachment probe committee illegal
42 Conservatives push big issues to fore at Supreme Court
43 EU bond issues open to legal uncertainty
44 Failed Attack on Court Leaves Moldova's Socialists Wounded
45 Innocent men must be compensated for whole of their detention, ConCourt rules
46 Constitution Essay Winner in High School category: First Amendment highly debated
47 All eyes on Constitution Hill, plus five highlights from ‘Vrye Weekblad’
48 Ecuadors Constitutional Court rules to decriminalise abortion
49 Opposition Turns to Constitutional Court over Ruling Parties Outsourcing Public Assets and Unis
50 LOOKING BACK: 1896 court case reinforces segregation
51 Serjeant at the Bar | The JSC should not claim it can preserve the legitimacy of the judicial system
52 No-one is above the law, say leaders ahead of ConCourt decision on Zuma
53 Ill prisoner is awaiting response from Constitutional Court
54 Constitutional Court: No objective need to change form of government in Belarus
55 Sudan's sovereign council accepts attorney general's resignation, removes chief justice
56 Supreme Court Judges Do Not Support Any of Candidates For Supreme Court President
57 OPINION | Zuma and the ConCourt: We cannot dictate to the courts
58 Piñera's future in suspense after Constitutional Court ruling regarding pension funds
59 Farmland market launch: MP reveals when Constitutional Court to rule on reform
60 ADPD to challenge 'discriminatory' gender corrective mechanism in constitutional court
61 Police to pay for innocent pair's wrongful arrest
62 Can hear cases without technical expert, says SAT
63 Residential tenancy law
64 Zuma demands recusal of lead prosecutor, or won't come to court | Witness
65 Mandy Wiener | The State Capture 'corrupt': Running out of places to hide
66 AG withdraws application for stay of BBI judgment opting for appeal court route
67 Changala praises Kenyan judiciary – The Mast Online
68 Preferential procurement case gets even bigger – Sakeliga
69 Police minister ordered to compensate two men jailed after one was tortured into making a false confession to murder
70 Punjab and Haryana HC’s Dismissal of Live-in Couple’s Plea for Protection Goes Against SC Ruling
71 Lawyers dump Zuma ahead of Concourt appeal of personal costs order
72 Spanish Constitutional Court Limits the Scope of Review of Awards in Actions to Set Aside
73 Spanish woman fined for calling dead matador an ‘assassin’
74 Penalty points system faces constitutional court challenge
75 Bathabile Dlamini pays R650k personal cost order to NGOs in social grant case
76 Ukrainian president dismisses head of constitutional court
77 'Disappointed' opposition votes in favour of rent reform bill
78 Q&A: Climate and ESG-related disputes — Financier Worldwide
79 German constitutional court scraps Berlin rent cap: fight back!
80 Tunisian president resists parliament's bid to create constitutional court
81 ConCourt pours cold water on man’s bid for Hartbeespoort Dam foreshore rights
82 Andhra Govt "intimidating media": Telugu news channel files contempt of court petition for violating Supreme Court order on COVID-19 coverage
83 Ukrainian president calls on parliament to disband constitutional court
84 Ukraine’s constitutional court crisis escalates
85 Closing arguments underway in constitutional challenge over Manitoba's public health orders
86 Jacob Zuma speech: 5 takeaway messages before trial
87 Ukraine president dismisses head judge of constitutional court
88 Guatemala: Congress Assaulting Judicial Independence
89 "Judges Recuse Themselves from TIU Canada Case Against Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant (NFZ)"
90 ECtHR rejects application about Berkin Elvan's death
91 The Federal Constitutional Court declares Berlin's rent cap unconstitutional
92 What to expect from Guatemala's constitutional court
93 Ukraine caught between constitutional crisis and counter-revolution
94 Spanish-seated arbitration enhances its standing through recent Spanish Constitutional Court case law
95 Zelensky faces pivotal moment in confrontation with constitutional court
96 The Spanish Constitutional Court Bolsters Arbitration in Spain
97 Russian Constitutional Court supplies guidance on certain key-intellectual property issues
98 Moldova constitutional court rules president can dissolve parliament
99 Ukrainian Constitutional Court head investigated for suspected witness tampering
100 Madrama: Judge in Seya's MTN caller tune, Café Javas fights