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1 AI Legislation Promotes Consumer Product Safety
2 Recall Roundup: CPSC recalls certain brand outdoor grill and mobility vehicles
3 "Even When You're Watching" Anchor It! Campaign Video Shows How Quickly Children Can Be Injured or Killed; Urges Families to Secure Furniture and Televisions
4 CPSC Posts Recalls to its Web Site
5 /C O R R E C T I O N -- U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission/
6 E-Scooter-Related Injuries Are on the Rise; CPSC Releases New Study and Public Service Announcement
7 US Consumer Product Safety Commission Votes to Delay Effective Date of ANSI/APSP/ICC-16 2017
8 CPSC Finding Ways to Take Enforcement Action & Protect Consumers Amid COVID-19
9 NHTSA versus CPSC Jurisdiction Over Certain Micromobility Products
10 House Energy and Commerce Greenlights Bill to Explore AI, Blockchain Use for Consumer Safety
11 CPSC Faces Ongoing Difficulties Confirming Nominees
12 CPSC Urges All-Terrain Vehicle Enthusiasts to Follow Safety Tips and Stay Off Roads; Data Show Children Face Highest Risk of Injury
13 Two Bike Helmets That Failed Consumer Reports Safety Tests Recalled
14 CPSC Warns Consumers to Take Precautions When Using Portable Generators as Two Powerful Storms Churn Toward the Gulf of Mexico
15 Recalls in Review: Bicycle Helmets
16 CBP and CPSC intercept over 2400 unsafe hair dryers at LA/LB seaport
17 Clear Danger: Glass-Topped Tables Injure Thousands Each Year
18 Two of Hasbro’s remastered Super Soakers are being recalled
19 Tip-over accidents: How a $10 kit can save a child's life
20 The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Posts Recalls to its Web Site
21 Westinghouse Recalls Portable Generators
22 US Consumer Product Safety Commission
23 September is 'Baby Safety' Month. Here are some things parents should be aware of.
24 Consumer Product Safety Commission: act on major threats to kids
25 Senate report faults safety commission for failures related to dangerous baby products, elevators
26 Cannondale works with CPSC on official recall of front racks
27 CPSC: Use National Consumer Protection Week to Get Recalled Products Out of Your House!
28 CPSC recalls two helmets that failed Consumer Reports test last year
29 The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Posts Recall(s) to its Web Site
30 31 Over-the-counter drugs recalled over packaging problems
31 Product recalls under Trump fall to lowest level in 16 years, but new signs emerge of a tougher regulator
32 Amazon's product quality woes extend beyond its Marketplace
33 Workin’ For The Weekend: Entertainment Best Bets
34 Consumer Product Safety Commission Issues Home Safety Guidance During COVID-19 Crisis
35 CPSC Notification Requirements, Recalls And Recent Enforcement Actions: Desk Reference For Section 15 Of The Consumer Product Safety Act (Updated)
36 CPSC Sued Over Children's Product Safety Standards
37 COVID-19 Hasn't Slowed Consumer Product Safety Commission
38 Nancy Beck Nominated To Lead CPSC : Shots
39 Recalls in Review: Electric- and Gas-Powered Scooters
40 GFCI code| Pro
41 Consumer Product Safety Commission Dresser Safety Warning
42 CPSC and Crown Darts UK Warn Consumers to Stop Using and Dispose of Banned Lawn Dart Sets; Recalling Firm is Unable to Conduct Recall
43 Letters: Tipping furniture is a huge danger for our kids. Get behind the STURDY Act
44 It’s hurricane season and these generators just got recalled for leaking fuel
45 41 deaths in 3 years tied to e-scooters, e-bikes and hoverboards
46 Critical Product Safety Legislation Introduced in House by Representative Rush
47 Hoverboard Manufacturer Wins Dismissal of Consumer Product
48 U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls 14 Products
49 Their Children Were Killed by Furniture Tip-Overs. Now They're Fighting to Protect Other Kids.
50 Consumer Product Safety Compliance During the COVID-19 Pandemic
51 Trump may appoint former chemical industry executive to lead Consumer Product Safety Commission
52 Pool safety tips from Nicki Flemming of the Consumer Product Safety Commission
53 Amid COVID-19 U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Signals Efforts To Continue Mission; Encourages Reporting
54 New CPSC Report Finds Steady Rise in Fatal Child Drownings
55 Trump Taps Former Chemical Industry Shill To Lead Consumer Product Safety Commission
56 Trump's Pick To Run The Consumer Product Safety Commission Has Stalled, Says Senator
57 Two Rivers Public Health: preventing carbon monoxide
58 CPSC Acting Chairman Adler: Renew Unilateral Safety Warnings and Civil Penalties
59 CPSC Issues Tips to Avoid Injury Outdoors During Quarantine
60 Portable generators sold at Sam’s Club, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s recalled because of fire hazard
61 Fourth of July Celebrations May Look a Little Different this Year, but CPSC Reminds Consumers: Safety Still Rules
62 NCLA Asks Third Circuit to Put an End to CPSC's Unconstitutional Pay-Per-View Law Scheme
63 Senators Klobuchar & Markey Urge Consumer Product Safety Commission to Protect Children from Drowning During Coronavirus Pandemic
64 A Busy 2020 Is Unlikely for CPSC
65 AmazonBasics products are going up in flames, but not enough for Amazon to stop selling them
66 IKEA recall: Home store warns KULLEN 3-drawer chests could tip over: US Consumer Product Safety Commission
67 Product Safety Regulations for Electric Bikes and Scooters
68 Sen. Maria Cantwell Discusses Investigation Into Consumer Product Safety Commission
69 20 Miles Per Hour Divides NHTSA and CPSC Jurisdiction Over Micromobility Products
70 CPSC: CPSA Changes from SHARE Information Act
71 Consumer Product Safety Commission Leader Plans to Leave
72 CPSC Announces Appointment of Agency's New Consumer Ombudsman
73 Consumer Product Safety Commission warning parents about potentially hazardous baby products
74 CPSC Improvements Webinar
75 Price gouging and defective products rampant on Amazon, reports find
76 CPSC Cautions Consumers Not to Use Inclined Infant Sleep Products
77 Executing Product Safety Recalls in the Age of COVID-19
78 Disinfection dangers: How to avoid viruses without exposing yourself to toxics
79 Consumer Product Safety Commission warns against using or charging New High-Tech X1-5 Hoverboards
80 What to Know as Hurricane Sally Nears: Dangers and Realities of Portable Generators
81 Federal agency mysteriously tweets ‘why’ – and nothing else. Twitter had funny guesses
82 May 2020: CPSC Update
83 PUBLIC HEALTH: 'Sluggish' agency slow to act on toxic baby products
84 Most consumers don't return recalled items, says Consumer Product Safety Commission
85 CPSC Issues Warning: Liquid Nicotine Can Be Deadly for Children and Pets
86 Looks Like Trump's Consumer Product Safety Commission Nominee Is Toast
87 Commander urges families to anchor large furniture to protect children
88 Robert Adler Becomes Acting Chairman of US Consumer Product Safety Commission
89 CPSC presses for Hodedah recall
90 COVID-19 Pandemic Highlights Consumer Product Safety, Compliance Issues in 3D Printing
91 US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Shows Increase in Drowning Deaths
92 Quinn the Quarantine Fox Wants You to Be Safe at Home
93 Reporting to the CPSC
94 You Need No Longer Fear Dr. Duck's Deadly Buttons!
95 Consumer Safety: Make sure you're not gifting these recalled products
96 COVID-19 CPSC Policy Discussions Forging Ahead
97 Safety Regulator Warns Vape Shops and Other Retailers: Selling Liquid Nicotine without Proper Packaging is Against Federal Law
98 CPSC Urges Consumers to Remove Latches/Locks on Cavalier Cedar Chests; Three Suffocation Deaths Reported
99 Regulators again struggle with response to crib bumper deaths
100 Solving for Stupid: How Far Should the CPSC Stretch to Address Foreseeable Misuse?