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1 Tighter Trade Restrictions To Support Endangered Species Survival In The Wild
2 Landed by the thousands: Overfished Congo waters put endangered sharks at risk
3 Rosewood conservation: a success story from Madagascar
4 CITES protection of animals no longer fit for purpose, says wildlife filmmaker
5 China urged to end rhino trophy imports
6 WATCH: Turtle Being Strangled by Plastic Band Reminds Us How Earth is Becoming Inhabitable for Wildlife
7 Florida man sentenced for smuggling lizards
8 Conservationists demand closer scrutiny of global ‘legal’ wildlife trade
9 Fashion industry alerted to new guidance for trade of animal products
10 Florida man gets federal probation for trafficking in water monitor lizards
11 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
12 How We Can Use the CITES Wildlife Trade Agreement to Help Prevent Pandemics
13 EU and U.S. Leadership Is Needed to Protect Endangered Shortfin Mako Sharks
14 'The legal and illegal trade are inseparable': The drain of Africa's chimpanzees for foreign zoos
15 Three suspected ivory traders arrested in Lampung
16 CITES, the Treaty that Regulates Trade in International Wildlife, Is Not the Answer to Preventing Another Zoonotic Pandemic
17 £14k alligator skin designer bag destroyed at Australia customs over lack of import permit
18 What is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species?
19 Botswana: Bacteria poisoning killed more than 300 elephants
20 There are no winners in the illegal trade in wildlife
21 CITES, WWF and TRAFFIC release new guide to identify smuggled ivory
22 UN issues stamps celebrating CITES-listed migratory species | CITES
23 Hawaiian hawksbill sea turtles are ‘truly local,’ study finds
24 Treaty on Wildlife Trade Washes its Hands of COVID-19
25 UNODC launch the World Wildlife Crime Report 2020 | CITES
26 Does Zimbabwe need an elephant cull?
27 Restricting trade in endangered species can backfire, triggering market booms
28 CITES conference responds to extinction crisis by strengthening international trade regime for wildlife
29 Message of CITES Secretary-General Ivonne Higuero for World Environment Day, 5 June 2020
30 Empire State Building to be lit in celebration of World Wildlife Day
31 The world's biggest conference on wildlife trade is happening. Get the details.
32 Turtles still at risk despite record year
33 Opening remarks of CITES Secretary-General Ivonne Higuer at the Debriefing of Operation Thunderball
34 15-Year-old Named Winner of World Wildlife Day 2020 International Youth Art Contest
35 CITES Parties Revise Trade Rules for Dozens of Threatened Wildlife Species | News
36 As COVID-19 pandemic deepens, global wildlife treaty faces an identity crisis
37 A Crucial Step Toward Preventing Wildlife-Related Pandemics
38 In support of World Wildlife Day 2020: IFAW joins CITES and UNDP to sponsor Global Youth Art Contest
39 Finalists Announced for World Wildlife Day Film Showcase | CITES
40 “Sustaining all life on Earth” announced as theme of World Wildlife Day 2020
41 We Must Address Exotic Wildlife Consumption to Avoid the Next Global Pandemic
42 UN convenes CITES summit to tackle threat of mass extinction
43 What is the wildlife trade? And what are the answers to managing it?
44 CITES Secretary-General's remarks at the event to celebrate the second anniversary of the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online
45 Message from CITES Secretary-General Ivonne Higuero for the 2019 Asia Environmental Enforcement Awards
46 We Must Prevent Future Viruses by Ending Wildlife Trade
47 UN World Wildlife Day highlights wild fauna, flora and biodiversity in film competition
48 Proposals to change protection levels of species under international trade at the next World Wildlife Conference available online
49 CITES Secretary-General commends outcomes of first high level conference on illegal wildlife trade in the Americas
50 Implementing the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) through fisheries legal frameworks
51 CITES votes to ban trade in two endangered otter species
52 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species – CITES COP 18
53 Message of CITES Secretary-General Ivonne Higuero for International Day for Biological Diversity, 22 May 2020
54 China's hunger for rosewood helps fund armed conflicts in South East Asia and Africa
55 Humpback dolphins at risk of extinction
56 How well does this treaty prevent wildlife trafficking?
57 CITES Protects Giraffe for the First Time
58 Confront illegal wildlife trafficking with international criminal laws, former global trade chief says
59 Trade in wildlife as a pathway to sustainable development in poor countries – critical assumptions
60 Wildlife trade: Regulated markets involving local communities, 'essential' to balance humans and nature
61 As Covid-19 pandemic deepens, global wildlife treaty faces scrutiny
62 Senegal and Bangladesh Protect Sharks and Rays
63 CITES – a flawed convention that does wildlife conservation no favours
64 CITES welcomes new UN General Assembly resolution on tackling illicit trafficking in wildlife
65 CITES Secretary-General in Mexico to address the Vaquita and Totoaba crisis fueled by illegal international trade
66 Illegal poachers turn to helmeted hornbills
67 Biodiversity-related conventions now better integrated into global environmental negotiations
68 New study lifts the lid on addressing corruption in CITES documentation processes
69 CITES, UNGA Further the Fight Against Trafficking | News
70 The drivers of species loss are multilateral in nature
71 Message of CITES Secretary-General for World Ranger Day 2019
72 The CMA CGM Group commits to fight illicit trafficking in protected species and tightens its shipment control procedures
73 Explainer: what is CITES and why should we care?
74 Music to your ears: CITES CoP18 moves towards strengthened regulations for tropical trees, as well as cautious exemptions for rosewood musical instruments
75 Why the wildlife trade convention failed to prevent Covid-19
76 Successful trade-in-biodiversity cases shown at CITES meeting
77 Study: Hundreds Of Threatened Species Still Waiting For Protection From International Trade
78 Statement by CITES Secretary-General Ivonne Higuero | CITES
79 The Invisible Trade: Wild plants and you in the time of COVID-19
80 Wildlife trade summit to decide future of iconic species
81 Endangered species on supermarket shelves: Surprising prevalence of European Eel in Hong Kong's food supply
82 Campaigners push for reform of outdated CITES wildlife trade system
83 United States supports the strengthening of CITES implementation for selected marine species
84 Black Teatfish Sea Cucumbers Move Toward Endangered Species Protection
85 More protection for endangered mammals? UN panel to decide
86 Legal Petition Urges U.S. to Certify That China's Pangolin Trade Violates Wildlife Treaty
87 Centre unveils new rules to regulate exotic animal trade
88 CITES CoP 2019: 18 endangered sharks and rays afforded protection
89 More caged birds than wild: Javan songbird crisis revealed
90 Cheetahs, CITES, and illegal trade: Are consumer countries doing enough? (commentary)
91 38 endangered Brazilian tree species legally traded, poorly tracked: Study
92 Conference to Tackle Illegal Trade in Endangered Species
93 – CITES to Update Wildlife Trade Rules for 550 Species | ENS
94 CITES annual meeting sees States stepping up action against the over exploitation of precious timber and other species
95 Three ways the United Nations Environment Programme works to address illegal trade in wildlife
96 Many threatened species are overlooked
97 This Songbird Is Nearly Extinct in the Wild. An International Treaty Could Help Save It — but Won’t.
98 CITES, UNDP and FAO bring global representatives together at UN headquarters to celebrate World Wildlife Day and “Life below Water”
99 ‘World’s most beautiful snails’ threatened by illegal trade
100 Opening remarks of CITES Secretary-General at the 18th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES