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1 'Huge Win': Court Orders DeVos to Cancel Loans for Mass. Students Defrauded by Corinthian Colleges
2 House falls short of overriding Trump’s veto of measure to overturn student loan forgiveness rule
3 Federal Judge Orders DeVos To Cancel Student Loans For Some Students
4 Student Loan Relief Denied in Some Fraud Cases
5 DeVos Tries Everything to Force Deceived Students to Repay Loans
6 Judge Orders DeVos: Cancel These Student Loans Immediately
7 For-Profit Colleges, Long Troubled, See Surge Amid Pandemic
8 The road ahead
9 Corinthian Colleges students want Education Dept. to face additional sanctions for violating a court order
10 Column: In Corinthian Colleges fiasco, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' actions define 'contempt'
11 Trump administration reveals that far more Corinthian Colleges students faced debt collection in violation of a court order
12 DeVos reaches settlement over stalled student debt relief claims
13 Defrauded college students will no longer be taxed on their canceled loans
14 Trump Vetoes Move to Ease Loan Forgiveness for Defrauded Students
15 Student loans: Court fight looms over debts of former Corinthian Colleges students
16 Column: SEC gives former execs of Corinthian Colleges, a massive scam, slaps on the wrist
17 Feds found widespread fraud at Corinthian Colleges. Why are students still paying the price?
18 Education Department erroneously collected additional Corinthian College loans
19 Betsy DeVos Overruled Education Department Findings On Defrauded Students
20 Betsy DeVos, Education Department Held In Contempt In Student Loan Case
21 Scammed borrowers sue Betsy DeVos, alleging she illegally limited student-loan cancellation
22 How Corinthian Colleges, a for-profit behemoth, suddenly imploded
23 Consumer Groups to Challenge 'Partial Relief' Rule
24 Hope for student borrowers: Settlement requires administration move faster
25 Student Debt Battle Pits DeVos With Key House Democrat
26 For-profit college borrowers eligible for loan forgiveness
27 DeVos and Education Dept. could face new sanctions for violating a court order
28 The Collapse Of Corinthian Colleges : NPR Ed
29 Corinthian Colleges Shuts Down, Ending Classes for 16,000 Overnight
30 DeVos orders partial loan relief for many duped student borrowers
31 Betsy DeVos is letting for-profit colleges trap students in debt they can never repay
32 DeVos Defends Restricting Debt Relief for Bilked Students
33 Senator urges high school principals to warn students about predatory for-profit colleges
34 Education Department pleads with federal judge to reconsider $100,000 fine
35 DeVos violated a court order to stop collecting on the debts of Corinthian College students. Now, they want her held in contempt.
36 Betsy DeVos ignored her own staff, forced students defrauded by for-profit colleges to pay
37 Defrauded By Your College? New Rules May Make Canceling Your Loan Harder
38 Corinthian Colleges Misled Students On Job Placement, Investigation Finds
39 Senator Durbin Proposes Debt Cancellation For Borrowers Defrauded By ITT Tech And Corinthian
40 Legislators Are Trying to Block Devos' Rule on Student Loan Forgiveness—Here's What You Need to Know
41 Trump administration agrees to turn over documents on student debt relief under threat of subpoena
42 Government to Forgive Student Loans at Corinthian Colleges
43 DeVos imposes tougher debt relief standards for student borrowers alleging fraud
44 Politics, legal fights muddy picture for defrauded student loan borrowers
45 Federal judge slams DeVos, Education Department for violating order on Corinthian loans
46 The Meltdown of a For-Profit College Behemoth
47 Federal judge slams DeVos and Education Department for violating order and weighs sanctions
48 Student loans: Former Corinthian Colleges students win a reprieve in fight with feds
49 House votes to make it easier for scammed borrowers to cancel student loans
50 Veterans’ And Consumer Groups “Heartbroken” After Trump Vetoes Student Loan Relief Bill
51 Monitor raises questions about successor to Corinthian Colleges
52 Students defrauded by Corinthian Colleges will only see partial loan relief
53 US Fines Corinthian Colleges $30 Million and Effectively Closes Heald Chain
54 Congress rejects reversal of student loan forgiveness rule: For-profit colleges termed the “coronavirus of higher ed”
55 Why won't Betsy DeVos offer students college debt relief?
56 California Sues Betsy DeVos Over Student Loan Forgiveness
57 Massachusetts AG Sues DeVos Over Debt Relief
58 Betsy DeVos unveils new student loan forgiveness 'methodology.' Critics call it 'bad math' and 'mystifying.'
59 Elizabeth Warren Took On Obama Over Student Debt Forgiveness. How She Won Is Central To Her 2020 Campaign
60 Appeals Court Nominee Shaped DeVos’s Illegal Loan Forgiveness Effort
61 Corinthian Colleges must pay nearly $1.2 billion for false advertising and lending practices
62 Education Department could face new sanctions for violating a court order over debt collection
63 Betsy DeVos' Cruel Math Denies Relief to Defrauded Borrowers
64 Sallie Kim '86 threatens Betsy DeVos with jail in student loan debt case
65 Betsy DeVos Forgives Around 4,000 Student Loans While Federal Lawsuits Continue
66 Guaranty agency buys half of Corinthian Colleges and forgives $480 million in student debt
67 Over 45,000 Students Forced to Repay Loans by Mistake, DeVos Says
68 A judge calls Betsy DeVos to account
69 Corinthian Colleges files for bankruptcy
70 Trump’s college bowl for criminals
71 For-Profit College Set To Collect $17 Million In Federal Stimulus Cash Is Sued For Predatory Practices
72 DeVos Sued Amid New Evidence About Whether Her Agency Aided For-Profit Operator
73 Judge Threatens Betsy DeVos With Jail In Student Loan Case
74 Could Senate rebuke DeVos over borrower-defense rule?
75 DeVos Toughens Rules for Student Borrowers Bilked by Colleges
76 Students of defunct Corinthian Colleges to get millions in loan refunds
77 Her Firm Represented Awful For-Profit Colleges. Now She's DeVos's Enforcement Chief.
78 Students Who Took Private Loans Through Corinthian Colleges Eligible for Relief
79 For Corinthian Colleges Students: What You Need to Know about Debt Relief
80 Trump’s Dilemma: Reject DeVos Debt Forgiveness Rollback or Anger Veterans
81 House Democrats Threaten to Subpoena DeVos, Again
82 Costs to federal government mount from for-profit college shutdowns
83 Education Secretary Betsy DeVos faces another lawsuit for overturning an Obama-era rule
84 The rise and fall of Corinthian Colleges and the wake of debt it left behind
85 Why For-Profit Colleges Are Nervous About A President Elizabeth Warren
86 Dems battle Education Secretary Betsy DeVos over student loan forgiveness
87 Florida For-Profit College, Getting $17 Million in COVID-19 Aid, Accused of Scamming Black Students
88 DeVos Says Student Debt Relief Class Action Now Moot
89 Betsy DeVos orders probe after USA TODAY finds college evidently without faculty, students
90 Corinthian Colleges Is Closing. Its Students May Be Better Off as a Result.
91 Corinthian Colleges Used Recruiting Incentives, Documents Show
92 Column: A federal court gives defrauded Corinthian College students a victory over Betsy DeVos
93 There Is Power in a Debtors' Union
94 Ukraine Scandal's Gordon Sondland Invested in Predatory College Loans
95 More student borrowers may be eligible to cancel federal student loans than have applied for relief
96 Feds to forgive loans for thousands of students whose colleges closed
97 Judge Sallie Kim '86 fines Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for contempt of court
98 Government watchdog wins $530 million lawsuit against for-profit Corinthian Colleges. Too bad it will never see a dime.
99 Former Corinthian College students continue to be denied full debt relief
100 Ways You Can Actually Get Your Student Loans Forgiven Today