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1 Russia's collective punishment of the Crimean Tatars is a war crime
2 Turkey concerned over raids on homes of Crimean Tatars
3 Zelensky signs decree on support of Crimean Tatar language | KyivPost
4 New Raids and Arrests in Crimea
5 Halya Coynash: Russia silenced Crimean Tatar media | KyivPost
6 Crimean crisis: Hope for peace amid differing views | Daily Sabah
7 Turkey’s Foreign Ministry: International community must do more to protect Crimean Tatars
8 State policy on de-occupation of Crimea discussed at Foreign Ministry
9 Halya Coynash: Russia uses fake witnesses in trials of Crimean Tatar prisoners | KyivPost
10 Wayne Jordash, Anna Mykytenko: Russia's collective punishment of the Crimean Tatars is a war crime | KyivPost
11 Russian Authorities Redouble Pressure to Preserve Crimeans' Loyalty
12 Russian perspective on Crimean water crisis | Daily Sabah
13 Mejlis activist suggests creating Crimea’s government in exile
14 Ukraine- Mejlis activist suggests creating Crimea's government in exile
15 Crimea Platform: Ukraine's Initiative to Raise the Costs of Russia's Occupation
16 Prominent Crimean Tatar Gets 19-Year Prison Sentence In Absentia
17 Inside Crimea: What Moscow-Kyiv dispute means for water crisis | Daily Sabah
18 Ukraine scores court victory in long quest for justice over Russia's Crimean crimes
19 Kuleba: Recent wave of repressions against Crimean Tatars basis for introduction of new sanctions against Russia
20 From Stalin to Putin: The Crimean Tatars face a new era of Kremlin persecution
21 Biden may take part in Crimean Platform summit Dzhemilev
22 Turkish parliament head to pay weekend visit to Ukraine
23 UCC condemns Russia's persecution of the Crimean Tatar people
24 Turkey concerned about Russian raids on Crimean Tatar homes | Daily Sabah
25 Russian Court Jails Three Crimean Tatars On Extremism Charges
26 Crimean Tatar civic journalists risk persecution to cover their community in Russian-annexed Crimea
27 UNPO: Crimean Tatars: Mejlis ask for UN, OSCE visit on COVID-19
28 Russian Authorities In Occupied Crimea Detain Tatar Activists, Search Their Homes
29 FM Çavuşoğlu meets with Ukrainian PM, leader of Crimean Tatars, pledges Turkey’s support | Daily Sabah
30 UNPO: Crimean Tatars: Indigenous Rights Must be Restored, says President of Ukraine
31 UNPO: Crimean Tatars: Chairman of the Mejlis Denounces Propaganda Ahead of Visit of Russian Journalists
32 Abductions, Torture, 'Hybrid Deportation': Crimean Tatar Activist Describes Six Years Under Russian Rule
33 World remembers Genocide of Crimean Tatar people
34 'Deportation of Crimean Tatars in 1944 was genocide'
35 Intimidation of Crimean Tatars continues in Russian-occupied Crimea, Turkey says | Daily Sabah
36 Russian Court Sentences Seven Crimean Tatars To Lengthy Prison Terms
37 Will Russia use the pandemic to crack down further on Crimean Tatars?
38 Crimean Tatars: Russian Court Sentences Crimean Tatar Activist
39 UNPO: Crimean Tatars: Community Over-represented in Crime Statistics
40 UNPO: Crimean Tatars: EU Calls on Russia to Release Illegally Detained Ukrainians
41 President: Ukraine has to restore rights of Crimean Tatars as indigenous people
42 Russia-Controlled Court Sentences Crimean Tatar For Participation In Resistance Group
43 Halya Coynash: Remember Reshat Ametov, slain for opposing Russia's occupation of Crimea | KyivPost
44 UNPO: Coronavirus: Crimean Tatars Forbidden to Wear Masks
45 Crimean Tatar ornament could be put on UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list
46 Under Russian rule, Crimean Tatars face oppression and abuse
47 Crimea: Persecution of Crimean Tatars Intensifies
48 Ukraine: Escalating Pressure on Crimean Tatars
49 Russian Court Sentences Three Crimean Tatars To Prison Terms On Extremism Charges
50 Crimean Tatars in Ukraine: a photo project explores the unhealed wounds of displacement
51 Crimean Tatars: Letter Calls for Unconditional Release of Activists
52 Halya Coynash: Wave of police raids as warning to Crimean Tatar activists | KyivPost
53 Difficult neighbors: How the Belarus crisis has strained ties between Minsk and Kyiv
54 Crimean Platform to take more initiative on peninsula’s problems | Daily Sabah
55 Kuleba: Ukraine demands release of Crimean Tatars
56 Russian Repression a Persistent Reality in Crimea
57 Behind the Headlines: Who Are the Crimean Tatars?
58 Activist: Ukrainian, Crimean-Tatar Language Learning Being Squeezed In Crimea
59 Ukrainian Canadians condemn Russia's persecution of Crimean Tatars
60 Crimean Tatar leader Dzhemilev: Putin personally responsible for torturing prisoners in Crimea
61 For Crimean Tatars, history is repeating itself, community members say | KyivPost
62 “100 Crimean Tatar Kids Who Lost Their Fathers”
63 President’s Office: Crimean Tatar flag becomes symbol of unbrokenness for whole world
64 Four Crimean Tatars detained in Russian-occupied Crimea
65 Russian 'Expert' Denies Documented Repression of Crimean Tatars
66 Who Will Speak for the Tatars? – Foreign Policy
67 Why are Crimean Tatars so hostile to Russia?
68 Longing For Home: Crimean Tatar recalls harassment, torture in Russia-annexed Crimea (VIDEO) | KyivPost
69 Crimea: Baseless Conviction of Crimean Tatar Leader
70 Turkey raises alarm over detentions of Crimean Turks
71 Snatched In Plain Sight: No Justice In Crimean Tatar's Slaying Five Years After Russian Annexation
72 Crimea: At least 20 people detained in a new crackdown against Crimean Tatar minority
73 Europe’s duty to help protect Crimean Tatars
74 Russia Jails Crimean Tatar Blogger on Bogus 'Terrorism' Charges
75 New Folk Art Series Showcases City Cultural Groups
76 Crimean Tatars: Russia "persecuting" Tatar Journalist Ayder Muzhdabaev
77 Crimean Tatar Elected Body Banned in Russia
78 Crimean Tatar Activist Dies After Search by Russian Agents
79 Russian Court Rejects Crimean Blogger's Appeal
80 Crimea only test field for Russia’s growing appetite in region, Ukraine's Deputy FM Dzhaparova says | Daily Sabah
81 A family business: how Russian security forces target the Crimean Tatar community
82 Crimea: the resistance of the Tatars / Ukraine / Areas / Homepage
83 Birlik Crimean Tatar cultural center opens in Kyiv region
84 Ukraine-Based Crimean Tatar TV Channel Blames Lack of State Funding for Imminent Closure
85 Turkey's political balancing act over Crimean Tatars' rights
86 Crimea: Story of a twice stolen peninsula | Daily Sabah
87 2021 Sony World Photography Professional Competition: Finalists and shortlist (Part One)
88 Russia-Imposed Authorities In Crimea Search More Crimean Tatars' Homes
89 Lithuanian Lawmakers Recognize 1944 Soviet Deportation Of Crimean Tatars As Genocide
90 Who are the Crimean Tatars, and why are they important?
91 Crimea: More than 70 Crimean Tatar activists put on trial simultaneously in brazen crackdown
92 Ukraine to broadcast to Crimean Tatars
93 Exploring the Complex History of Crimean Tatar Fashion
94 UNPO: Crimean Tatars: Commemorations of Victims of Deportation
95 Occupied Crimea: 177 children of arrested Crimean Tatars grow up without fathers
96 Vandals Smash New Monument To Crimean Tatar WWII Victims
97 UNIAN: Ukrainian police respond to detention of 120 Crimean Tatars | KyivPost
98 UN calls on Russia to stop tortures and lift ban on Mejlis activities in Crimea
99 Russia Jails 6 Crimean Tatar Activists for Terrorism, Sparking Condemnation
100 Why we should write about the Crimean Tatars