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Result Content Idea Research
1 Management of DOD records is made easier with the right framework
2 USPS weathering the storm through 2020 election
3 Coronavirus has boosted federal contract spending
4 NARA’s three-legged stool to transform records management
5 The Inside Story of How Trump's COVID-19 Coordinator Undermined the World's Top Health Agency
6 Former top CIA analyst on al Qaeda, Iraq and 9/11
7 These 12 Exemplary Feds Led Hurricane Response, Coronavirus Vaccine Research and Much More
8 How Agencies Are Transitioning to Electronic Archives
9 Democrats want Biden to fix the State Department. They’re divided over how.
11 Pentagon says it’s working now to make sure JEDI hits the ground running
12 Burning 'forever chemicals' emerges as industry flash point
13 NARA to shed more light on paper records phase-out through updated guidance
14 The Week That Will Be
15 Paper records phase-out looks to ‘accelerate digital transformation’
16 Dexus Finance Pty Limited: Dexus and HWPF to acquire state-of-the-art healthcare development
17 NARA seeks workforce reskilling, AI tools in weaning agencies off paper records
18 New chart reveals military's vast involvement in Operation Warp Speed
19 United States Africa Command
20 Phishing via open redirector domains. Twitter on content moderation. Investigation of influence ops; Section 230 scrutinized.
21 US Executive Branch Update
22 US Executive Branch Update
23 Better Coronavirus Stock: AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson
24 Validea David Dreman Strategy Daily Upgrade Report
25 Think Antitrust Is Coming for Big Tech: These 3 Stocks Would Be Huge Winners
26 The 3 Safest Industrial Dividend Stocks Right Now
27 Validea John Neff Strategy Daily Upgrade Report
28 Validea James P. O'Shaughnessy Strategy Daily Upgrade Report
29 Streamline End-to-end Records and Ensure Compliance with Newgen's Advanced Records Management System
30 VA and DOD Now Default to Sharing Patient Data with Private-Sector Providers
31 OMB Directs Agencies to Make All Records Electronic – MeriTalk
32 Senior Executive Service: Opportunities for Selected Agencies to Improve Their Career Reassignment Processes
33 OPM to host listening sessions with agencies, private sector on new federal hiring EO
34 4 ways to gain ground in the journey toward NARA compliance
35 GAO Issues Definitive List of Most Important Federal IT Acquisitions
36 On-time mail delivery still not performing at pre-Dejoy level
37 NARA building in, not bolting on e-records standards
38 First Formal Assessment of Increased Telework Finds Mostly Positives
39 Online interviews, virtual oaths of office are some of the ways agencies are evolving hiring
40 IGs Announce Plan to Probe Joint DOD, VA Electronic Health Records Programs
41 USPS seeks early retirements for non-union postal employees, management hiring freeze
42 Health Records Integration, Analytics Continue at VA During COVID-19
43 Pepcid as a virus remedy? Trump admin’s $21M gamble fizzled
44 3 ways to ensure records management compliance
45 Defense Officials Tout Smoother Electronic Health Records Rollout
46 Emergency Reporting, Leading Provider of Fire and EMS Records Management and Reporting Software, Acquires Spotted Dog Technologies
47 Board recommends eliminating DoD CMO’s office, replacing it with one of 3 options
48 YRCI supports the PMA’s cross-agency priority (CAP) goal of Sharing Quality Services
49 VA Delays Major IT Programs to Focus on COVID-19
50 FCW Insider: May 19
51 VA Wants a Veteran-Owned Business to Upgrade Wichita Facility's IT Ahead of Health Records Rollout
52 VA chief Wilkie sought to dig up dirt on woman who complained of sexual assault, agency insiders say
53 OMB, NARA nudge paperless government
54 NDAA redesigns oversight of $20B in health record modernization
55 DOD watchdog finds no White House interference in $10B JEDI award
56 It’s not just privatized military houses with issues
57 USPS forecasts push back timeline of when it expects to run out of cash
58 Pentagon Says Guard Did Not Tear-Gas Protesters; Downplays Role In Militarized Response
59 OPM nominee insists past rhetoric is behind him, says discrimination has no place in government
60 The “Most Abused” Freedom of Information Act Exemption Still Needs to Be Reined In
61 Records management responsibilities remain despite additional duty reduction
62 GAO finishes inquiry into members of Trump’s golf club having influence on VA
63 Coast Guard Begins Deploying Pentagon's New Electronic Health Records System
64 Congress weighs fate of DOD's chief management officer
65 Office of Congressional Workplace Rights: Using Key Management Practices Would Help to Fully Implement Statutory Requirements
66 Will COVID finally kick-start federal telework efforts?
67 DHS, USCIS Aim to Expand Authority to Collect Biometric Data, Including DNA
68 Federal agencies on the watch for fraud in coronavirus response
69 IG: VA Knew Infrastructure Upgrades Wouldn't Meet Timeline For March Health Records Rollout
70 Records management: Look beyond the NARA mandates
71 Did the Intelligence Community see this pandemic coming?
72 Trump administration resists Ukraine disclosures ordered by court
73 VA joins Army in major DOD research effort to prevent suicides
74 What Is Public Trust Security Clearance?
75 GAO’s high risk list receives more recognition
76 Stifling Dissent
77 Letter: CFO Vision Act
78 OPM inspector general nominee has virtual day in front of Senate
79 Lawsuit filed against SSA for refusing electronic signatures
80 Federal employees get more protection from age discrimination
81 Security clearance processing times are down, continuous evaluation enrollment is up
82 No Ma'am: Pentagon down to just handful of women appointees, spotlighting history of inequality
83 Why agencies need to prevent a classified spillage
84 DHA sees network consolidation as ‘key enabler’ to health IT cybersecurity
85 Senate sends shutdown-averting spending bills, federal pay raise to Trump’s desk
86 Vendors who can’t work due to coronavirus asking for more clarity, consistency
87 White House intensifies effort to install Pentagon personnel seen as loyal to Trump
88 DOD makes progress in Fourth Estate IT consolidation
89 (Another) roadblock identified in VA, DOD transition to Cerner EHR
90 How do agencies tell if cybersecurity money was well spent?
91 INOVIO Expands Senior Management Team
92 Is there a $25K to $40K buyout in your future?
93 BLM to offer buyouts for workers who don’t want to relocate
94 Decisions To Reopen GSA Regional Offices Will Be Made At the Local Level
95 Lawmakers hope to secure more funding for NIH’s coronavirus efforts
96 How McKinsey Is Making $100 Million (and Counting) Advising on the Government’s Bumbling Coronavirus Response
97 Yet another federal procurement ban on Huawei and certain other Chinese telecom equipment and services
98 VA’s record-high 2020 spending request illustrates future, broader budget battles
99 Federal CIO Kent sees a bigger opening to push for IT modernization
100 Energy Dept. officials are 'trying to undermine' nuclear weapons agency, Inhofe alleges