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1 Trump Officials Were Told to Be Sympathetic to Alleged Protest Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, Says Report
2 Another QAnon Mom Has Allegedly Kidnapped Her Kid
3 Trump Planned to Go Feral on Biden. Now Allies Want to Call Animal Control
4 Trump's Jab on Hunter Biden's Drug Addiction Horrifies Treatment Advocates
5 The Trump Campaign Is Quietly Purging Brad Parscale From Their Website
6 Trump Came Across Like 'a Total Assh*le' in the First Debate
7 Gavin Newsom Ignores the Desperate Pleas of Hunger-Striking Disney Workers
8 Poll Workers: Trump's Goons Won't Stop Us Doing Our Election Day Jobs
9 Borat Congratulates 'Premier Trump' on Great Debate Victory
10 Top Republicans Panic as Dems Take 'Astronomical' Lead in Early Mailed Ballots, Says Report
11 'Putin's Piglet': Russian Media Admits Trump Lost the Debate
12 Essence Magazine Furloughs Staff, Will Only Pay Salaries Through the Week
13 Facebook Pulls Sick Trump Ad That Said Refugees Will Bring COVID-19 to America
14 Seven Shot at Milwaukee Funeral Home During Service
15 Trump's America Meets All 'Four Threats' to Democracy
16 Chris Cuomo Eviscerates Ted Cruz: Why Won't You Stand Up for Your Wife?
17 Help, QAnon Just Came Between Me and My Hairdresser!
18 Proud Boy Member Arrested for Pointing Gun at Portland Protesters
19 'Fox & Friends' Trashes Trump for Blowing the Debate Over White Supremacists
20 Donald Trump, Proud Boy in Chief, Gives His Marching Orders
21 The Best Face Masks to Show Your Halloween Spirit, Whether You're Trick or Treating or Not
22 Belarus' Hi-Tech Park Turns on Its Creator, as Hackers Lead Revolution Against Lukashenko
23 Trump Paid Just $750 in Federal Income Taxes the Year He Was Elected: NYT
24 Trump Got a 'Kick Out of' the Election Fears He's Stoked. Inside the DOJ, There's Some Panic.
25 Fox News Lobotomizes Its 'Brain Room,' Cuts Fact-Based Journalism
26 Armenians Fear Turkey Is Back to Finish Off the Genocide
27 Ex-Washington Post Editor Leonard Downie Dishes on Bob Woodward, Fox News, and the Importance of Being Factual
28 Hollywood's Rich and Famous Want You to Calm Down
29 Daily Beast Favorite Products September 2020
30 Texas Sheriff Accused of Destroying Footage of Black Man's Death in Police Custody
31 Vatican Accuses Team Trump of Trying to Exploit Pope Francis
32 A History of Hemp in the US Brought to you by Charlotte's Web
33 'Fox & Friends' Hosts Look On in Horror as Rudy Giuliani Blurts Out Biden Dementia Conspiracy Theory
34 NYT Will 'Re-Report' Blockbuster Podcast After Main Character's Terrorism Hoax Charges
35 Trump's Facebook Advantage Over Biden Is Disappearing
36 EU Sues Britain Over Boris Johnson's Plan to Break International Law Over Brexit
37 'Dangerous Megalomaniac': Seagram's Heiress Sentenced to 81 Months in NXIVM Sex Cult Case
38 The Fall Second Wave Coronavirus COVID-19 Surge May Already Be Here
39 White House Told CDC: Come Up With More Evidence to Support School Reopenings
40 Lindsey Graham on Spreading Potential Russian Disinformation: It Doesn't Matter If It's True
41 Mary Trump Sues Her Uncle—the President—for Fraud
42 Did Early Christians Use Psychedelics?
43 Joy Behar Goes at It With Ted Cruz Over GOP's COVID Failures
44 Donald Trump Personally to Blame for 37 Percent of the World's COVID-19 Misinformation, Study Finds
45 Brad Parscale's Wife Showed Bruises on Arms to Police During Three-Hour Standoff at Ex-Trump Chief's House
46 Trump Administration Plans Immigration Raids in 'Sanctuary Cities' as Pre-Election Stunt, Says Report
47 Top White House Officials Want a Lid on Talk of Election Threats
48 Trump Campaign Spent Nearly Half a Million on Fireworks
49 Adult Swim Quietly Retires a Number of 'Offensive' Animated TV Episodes
50 The Big COVID-19 Vaccine Challenge Is Keeping Them Super-Cold
51 Trump's 2016 Campaign Listed Millions of Black Voters It Wanted to Stop From Voting, Leak Reveals
52 The Left Secretly Preps for MAGA Violence After Election Day
53 CNN Anchor Shuts Down Trump Spox for Attacking NYT Reporters on Tax Story
54 11-Year-Old Boy Among Several Dead After Oregon Siege
55 Loud Explosion Over Paris Caused by Fighter Jet Breaking Sound Barrier Ruffles Nerves
56 Mariah Carey Book: Tommy Mottola Threatened Me With a Knife When It Was Clear I Was Leaving Him
57 Turkey Sends ISIS Warlord to Face Off Against Putin's Allies
58 Four Women Reveal Their Horror Stories of Teddi Mellencamp's 'All In by Teddi' Diet
59 Sealed Docs: FBI Investigating Jacob Wohl Over Roger Stone Trial Leaks
60 Steve Bannon's Dodgy Nonprofit Teamed Up With Company Linked to Gold Scammers
61 Liberal Groups Fear O'Keefe Election Sting
62 Disgraced Cardinal George Pell Slithers Back to Rome and Targets His Vatican Bank Enemies
63 Dems Balk at Using Their Biggest Weapon in SCOTUS Fight
64 Spineless North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum Lets Third Health Director Take the Fall as COVID-19 Cases Soar
65 Trump's Justice Department Threatened Melania's Former Senior Adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Docs Show
66 Coronavirus NYC Surge in Brooklyn's Borough Park Powered by Mask Complacency, Herd Immunity Delusion
67 Putin's Troll Farm Busted Running Sprawling Network of Facebook Pages
68 Donald Trump Would Like to Momentarily Pause This Campaign to Tell You How Good His Brain Is
69 Is Netflix's 'Ratched' Really Worth Your Time?
70 How Trump Screwed His Own Campaign With One Executive Order
71 Alleged Compton Gangster Deonte Lee Murray Charged With Ambush Shooting of Two Los Angeles Deputies
72 The Racism I Faced as Milwaukee's Health Boss Under COVID-19
73 The Coronavirus Death Toll in the United States Compared to Pearl Harbor, September 11, Benghazi and More
74 Everyone Trashes Chris Wallace, the Debate Moderator Who Couldn't
75 Fred Perry Pulls Polo Shirts Embraced by Proud Boys
76 Fauci on Trump's Vaccine Boasts: No One's Seen the Data
77 Has Any American Killed More Americans Than Donald Trump?
78 RedState COVID Troll Streiff is Actually Bill Crews, and He Actually Works for Dr. Anthony Fauci
79 Trump Was 'Ecstatic' About Talking to Woodward—Until He Wasn't
80 Kremlin's World War III Propaganda Meltdown Shows Putin Is Cornered
81 Hugo Weaving: Why the Alt-Right's Got 'The Matrix' All Wrong
82 Roger Stone's Election Plan: Have Feds Block Voting, Arrest 'Seditious' Daily Beast Staff
83 Ex-Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith Vows to Fight Disinformation With New CNBC Show
84 Trumpy Cable Network Is Now Selling Emojis to QAnon Cultists
85 US Admits That Congressman Offered Pardon to Assange If He Covered Up Russia Links
86 Russian State Media Posts Deepfake Showing Trump as Putin's Stooge
87 We Beat Back the Russians. The Troll-in-Chief Is Still Ahead.
88 He Hunted Bin Laden for CIA. Now He Wants Americans Dead.
89 Revealed: Bill Clinton's Intimate Secret Dinner With Ghislaine Maxwell
90 Fox News' Bret Baier Shuts Down Trump Campaign Spokesperson Tim Murtaugh's Lies About Woodward Tapes
91 Even Fox's 'Hard News' Shows Don't Want to Book Trump's Favorite New COVID Adviser
92 China's State Media: We Should Carve Up Facebook Just Like TikTok
93 Trump Went to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, and Fred's Widow Is None Too Happy
94 Steve Bannon Is Behind Bogus Study That China Created COVID
95 Dems Can't Block Barrett—So They'll Use Her as 2020 Cudgel
96 Team Biden Says 'Stupid Bastards' Comment Was Made in Jest
97 Facebook's Internal Black Lives Matter Debate Got So Bad Zuckerberg Had to Step In
98 Man Known as BabyQ Is in Trouble for Using Synthetic Penis
99 She Was Tricked by Russian Trolls—and It Derailed Her Life
100 Workers Reveal Disney Is Covering Up Its COVID Cases