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1 Ben Shapiro stepping down as editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire
2 BLM Protesters Assault Pastor and Ferociously Harass NY Baptist Churchgoers, Including Children
3 Ben Shapiro: 'Cancel culture' heroes – Are we seeing the first truly good people in all human history?
4 Facebook Confirms Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire Has Been Very, Very Bad
5 Ben Shapiro: The problem of 'anti-racism'
6 Facebook has repeatedly caved to bogus right-wing pressure
7 The Shadowy Right-Wing Network Behind Ben Shapiro's Facebook Success
8 Ben Shapiro sounds alarm over media's 'gaslighting' of Trump's July 4th remarks: 'You're not crazy, all this stuff is happening'
9 EXCLUSIVE: Daily Wire turns five years old, names new editor-in-chief
10 Ben Shapiro: Our totalitarian moment
11 How Ben Shapiro exploits Facebook's networks of "racial bias, religious bigotry, and violence" to reach a huge audience
12 Ben Shapiro calls Seattle protesters' neighborhood takeover 'beyond parody': 'You stupid Communists'
13 What Ben Shapiro's failed career as a 'dramedy' scriptwriter tells us about the American right
14 Daily Wire host: “It's not possible to support your country, to support your family” and also support Black Lives Matter
15 Sorry, Ben Shapiro, But Sports Are Only Going To Get Even More Political
16 POLITICO Playbook: White House searches for intel leakers
17 How Twitter is shifting the power balance from companies to their employees
18 Statue in Lincoln Memorial Was Not Defaced by Protesters
19 Conservatives blast Gorsuch after LGBTQ discrimination decision: 'Among the worst jurists in the history of the United States'
20 Facts Matter: Vietnam wall not damaged during protest
21 Ben Shapiro DISMANTLES Supreme Court's LGBTQ decision: 'Cramming down a one-size-fits-all rule' does NOT work
22 Facebook failed to investigate The Daily Wire's misinformation tactics: NYT
23 Nearly 270 criminology professors, grad students call for Adams' termination at UNCW
24 The Daily Wire and black salve show that Facebook's takedown policies have one thing in common: Inconsistency
25 Daily Kickoff: Interview with Rep. Nita Lowey as she reflects on 16 terms in Congress
26 The Daily Wire is a cesspool of hatred and bigotry
27 Student Association candidates condemn Ben Shapiro visit
28 College Republicans reject resolution condemning Ben Shapiro
29 Ben Shapiro: The 3 big questions no one is answering
30 Ben Shapiro may visit SU in October
31 Ben Shapiro: Making the world a worse place, one Twitter mob at a time
32 Ben Shapiro: Coronavirus is the 'Chinese virus' | Columnists |
33 Ben Shapiro blasts media for playing 'gotcha game with Trump, while protecting Joe Biden'
34 Ben Shapiro on lifting lockdowns: Some in media 'want to see Republican governors humiliated' over coronavirus
35 Ben Shapiro on debate over wearing masks: 'The desire to virtue signal on both sides is truly insane'
36 Opinion | Backlash against Ben Shapiro shows fear of opposing viewpoints
37 Sen. Ted Cruz Starts Impeachment Podcast with The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles
38 Ben Shapiro mocks 'bullcrap' NY Times report on Elon Musk 'red pill' tweet, jokes he 'must be cast out'
39 Ben Shapiro rips Washington Post profile of 'nonentity' Abrams: 'Your pathetic, stupid, terrible media'
40 Ben Shapiro at BU: the Speech, the Protests, the Reactions
41 Ben Shapiro blasts Obama response to Flynn dismissal motion as 'high-handed garbage'
42 Here’s the presidential tweet that caused one notable conservative commentator to urge Trump to ‘STOP’
43 Ben Shapiro, right-wing pundit, to speak at BU, stirring controversy on campus
44 Ben Shapiro: George Floyd's death, riots and the liberal media's nonsensical, dangerous game
45 Ben Shapiro: The controlled burn rages out of control
46 At Boston University, Conservative Agitator Ben Shapiro Gives Talk Amid Protests, Criticisms
47 Ben Shapiro's message to looters: 'You're not honoring George Floyd's memory ... by stealing a TV'
48 Ben Shapiro: Coronavirus reopening -- Is it time for a 'controlled avalanche' strategy?
49 Ben Shapiro: America needs a formula for reopening
50 Conservative radio host Ben Shapiro to visit UCF
51 Ben Shapiro: Demagoguery On Economic Reopening Amid Coronavirus Is One Of The Most Cynical Things I've Ever Seen
52 Daily Wire Host Upset By Women Fighting With Swords in 'The Witcher'
53 Ben Shapiro: The Biden double standard
54 Ben Shapiro rips 'absolute a-hole' Cuomo for 'insane' response to NY lockdown protests
55 Daily Wire hosts demean trans high school athletes at center of Alliance Defending Case
56 Ben Shapiro Demands LGBTQ People Leave Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and His 'Fragile Flying Back' Alone
57 Right-wing Daily Wire bigot manages to be transphobic in just 27 seconds
58 Ben Shapiro at BU says America was not built on slavery – The Daily Free Press
59 Ben Shapiro to speak on campus after Stanford admin criticized his collaborator's visit in May
60 Ben Shapiro explains why Americans should take coronavirus aid money without a second thought
61 Ben Shapiro slams Dems for excusing packed protests during pandemic: 'I don't think the virus changed'
62 The Daily Wire and The Western Journal use Facebook page networks to spread right-wing spin about coronavirus
63 Ben Shapiro & Mark R. Levin go against the liberal media grain
64 Ben Shapiro: Biden 2020 strategy gives Trump this massive opportunity
65 Ben Shapiro: If you have to work more than one job, you probably shouldn't have taken the first one
66 The Daily Wire's Andrew Klavan claims “sensible people” see China as a place people "eat bats, like savages"
67 Ben Shapiro on Bloomberg audio: He should defend his policies as saving black, Hispanic lives
68 Trump tweeted a photo of a Medal of Honor recipient — who was edited out and replaced by Conan the dog
69 Ben Shapiro blasts 'worst mayor in America' de Blasio for singling out NYC 'Jewish community' in tweet
70 Daily Wire's Matt Walsh melts down about pedophilia because Pete Buttigieg helped a kid come out
71 Ben Shapiro: As a matter of fact
72 Ben Shapiro: Pete Buttigieg's big mistake
73 “Let Me Make You Famous”: How Hollywood Invented Ben Shapiro
74 Ben Shapiro warns GOP senators that opposition to impeachment witnesses could backfire
75 Ben Shapiro: The worship of dictators | Columnists
76 Ben Shapiro blasts 'moron' AOC's tweet celebrating oil crash: 'What in the actual eff is she talking about?'
77 Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro blasts alt-right, radical left, identity politics in MemAud lecture
78 Ben Shapiro: Stop pretending coronavirus politics are the new normal — here's why
79 Ben Shapiro and David Berlinski on the Reversion to the Primitive in Modern Life
80 How Ben Shapiro’s site, the Daily Wire, is gaming Facebook
81 Ben Shapiro: Iowa caucus fiasco result of 'incompetence and idiocy' by Democrats
82 Ben Shapiro: Michael Bloomberg and the politics of money
83 The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh: "Chinese is not a race. You can't be racist against Chinese people"
84 Ben Shapiro: Anti-Semitism is on the rise but the left (and its media allies) play a dangerous game
85 Tech Giants Prepared for 2016-Style Meddling. But the Threat Has Changed.
86 A Fox News guest called Greta Thunberg ‘mentally ill.’ The network apologized for the ‘disgraceful’ comment.
87 Buttigieg adviser spars with Daily Wire reporter over meat comments | TheHill
88 The problems with online ‘debate me’ culture
89 Ben Shapiro: The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez School of Economics
90 'Frightening' online transphobia has real-life consequences, advocates say
91 Ben Shapiro: Why Biden's blunders and age may not hurt him against Trump
92 Twitter Users Destroy Ben Shapiro After He Demands to Know What Brett Kavanaugh’s Penis Looks Like
93 Ben Shapiro: Radical leftists Omar, Tlaib willfully ignore the real meaning of #NeverAgain
94 It is time for Facebook to stop coddling the far right
95 Inside the mind of Ben Shapiro, a radical conservative
96 Daily Wire host calls Gov. Gretchen Whitmer “a political dominatrix”
97 Watch Ben Shapiro (Accidentally) Destroy the Myth of Meritocracy
98 Sean Spicer to visit SU in March
99 A viral fake news story linked trans health care to 'thousands' of deaths
100 Ben Shapiro: The alternative history of the United States