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1 NASA Extends Deep Space Atomic Clock Mission
2 NASA Deep Space Atomic Clock Mission Extended in Search of Future Navigation Technology
3 What Is an Atomic Clock? And the Deep Space Atomic Clock?
4 News | NASA Activates Deep Space Atomic Clock
5 NASA/JPL What Is an Atomic Clock?
6 Atomic Clocks Explained: NASA Set To Launch a Deep Space Timekeeper Monday
7 Deep Space Atomic Clock (DSAC)
8 Nasa puts up deep-space atomic clock
9 How a Toaster-Sized Atomic Clock Could Pave the Way for Deep Space Exploration
10 NASA's Deep Space Atomic Clock Could Revolutionize Space Travel
11 Pioneering Deep-Space Atomic Clock Taking Flight This Month
12 Deep Space Atomic Clocks Will Help Spacecraft Answer, with Incredible Precision, if They’re There Yet
13 SpaceX is about to launch a remarkable atomic clock for NASA that may change how we explore space
14 NASA details Deep Space Atomic Clock and other tests launching on SpaceX Falcon Heavy
15 How an Atomic Clock Will Get Humans to Mars on Time
16 NASA's Tiny New Atomic Clock Could Let Spacecraft Drive Themselves in Deep Space
17 Mercury-ion atomic clock holds promise for greater GPS accuracy
18 NASA's About to Send an Atomic Clock Into Orbit, And It'll Revolutionise Space Travel
19 Why the Deep Space Atomic Clock is key for future space exploration
20 Using GPS, NASA tests atomic clock for deep space navigation
21 NASA has switched on the atomic clock that could help get people to Mars
22 NASA's Deep Space Atomic Clock to launch into Earth's orbit in late June
23 This Deep Space Atomic Clock Is Key for Future Exploration
24 NASA to Launch 'Deep Space Atomic Clock' Into Orbit Aboard SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket
25 5.0 Guidance, Navigation & Control
26 New atomic clock to tell time even more precisely
27 The Next Falcon Heavy Will Carry the Most Powerful Atomic Clock Ever Launched into Space
28 NASA’s Deep Space Network Welcomes a Super Powerful New Dish to the Family
29 High-Energy Signals From Extragalactic Stars Connect Optical Atomic Clocks Across Earth for the First Time
30 NASA Is Sending an Atomic Clock Into Deep Space
31 Advanced Atomic Clock Narrows the Search for Elusive Dark Matter
32 New, More Precise Atomic Clock Could Help Detect Dark Matter and Study Gravity’s Effect on Time
33 NASA Technology Missions Launch on SpaceX Falcon Heavy
34 General Atomics selects Firefly to launch NASA Earth science instrument
35 Pulsed Optically Pumped Atomic Clock Design Achieves State-of-the-Art Frequency Stability
36 NASA Explores Upper Limits of Global Navigation Systems for Artemis Moon Missions
37 New Time Dilation Phenomenon Revealed: Timekeeping Theory Combines Quantum Clocks and Einstein’s Relativity
38 Measuring time in deep space | Human World
39 Nuclear Versus Atomic Clocks
40 Trudy Kortes, Director of Technology Demonstrations | NASA
41 NASA atomic clock to help spacecraft navigate in deep space
42 These Super-Precise Clocks Help Weave Together Space And Time
43 MIT's extremely precise new atomic clock can help detect dark matter
44 New Optical Atomic ‘Tweezer Clock’ May Be Most Accurate and Precise Timekeeper Yet
45 NASA prepares deep space atomic clock for test flight
46 Nasa sending next-generation atomic clock for deep space missions
47 NASA to fly atomic clock to improve space navigation
48 New type of atomic clock keeps time even more precisely
49 What Could NASA’s Atomic Clock Mean for Space Tourism?
50 Caltech & JPL launch hybrid high rate quantum communication systems
51 NASA to Test New Atomic Clock
52 NASA Discoveries, R&D, Moon to Mars Exploration Plans Persevere in 2020
53 A Tiny Particle’s Wobble Could Upend the Known Laws of Physics
54 Mini Atomic Clocks Promise Greater Accuracy and Alt-PNT Independence
55 JPL Visions of the Future Posters
56 New “Sun Clock” Quantifies Cycle of Extreme Space Weather With Astonishing Precision
57 This Unknown Metal May be a Gamechanger for Space Travel
58 Next-Generation Atomic Clock Design Features Laser ‘Tweezer’ Control
59 A New Way To Build Atomic Clocks Could Make GPS Even Better
60 Arabidopsis Clock: Plants Set a “Bedtime” Alarm to Ensure Their Survival
61 Our New Atomic Clock Is So Precise That We Need a Better Understanding of Gravity To Use It
62 Subnanosecond Optical Switching May Enable High-Performance All-Optical Data-Center Networks
63 Newly Discovered Property of Cadmium Could Lead to the Most Accurate Clock Ever
64 Why Do We Need Super Accurate Atomic Clocks?
65 Timing of Exercise During the Day May Rewind or Fast Forward Our Body Clocks
66 Scientists Deconstruct the “Biological Clock” That Regulates Precise Timing of Complex Birdsong
67 Manipulating Magnets at the Atomic Scale for Fast and Energy-Efficient Future Data Processing
68 Culture Of Time: Unraveling The Mysteries Of Time With Scientists From MIT
69 Here Is the World's Most Stable Atomic Clock
70 Genetic Analysis Reveals Plants Can Be Early Birds or Night Owls Just Like Us
71 How Could Quantum Sensing Transform Industries and our Society?
72 NASA’s Cosmic GPS System For Astronauts Launching This Month
73 Daily Rhythms May Impact Our Ability to Fight Disease – Immune System Killer Cells Controlled by Circadian Rhythms
74 Intermittent Fasting Improves Health Without Altering the Body’s Core Clock
75 Declan Long on Yuri Pattison
76 SpaceX Falcon Heavy to launch cutting-edge NASA space tech
77 The mystery behind radio signals from deep space
78 DARPA To Develop Advanced Tiny Chip-Scale Atomic Clocks For Military PNT Applications
79 The most precise atomic clock ever made is a cube of quantum gas
80 Pairing lasers with microwaves makes mind-bogglingly accurate electronic clocks – a potential boon for GPS, cell phones and radar
81 26 mind-blowing discoveries and breakthroughs in space in 2019
82 Live coverage: SpaceX's Falcon Heavy lifts off from Kennedy Space Center – Spaceflight Now
83 Space Race 2.0: Are we ready to stay in outer space?
84 More photos from SpaceX's first Falcon Heavy night launch – Spaceflight Now
85 Breaking News | NASA pursues tests of solar sail, laser communications
86 SpaceX’s next Falcon Heavy launch from Cape Canaveral will be at night for the first time
87 So what is the exact time? Precision devices count it down
88 SpaceX Falcon Heavy with Block 5 boosters targeted for fall launch from KSC
89 Live coverage: Falcon Heavy engines test-fired for launch next week – Spaceflight Now
90 Using a Single Oxygen Atom as a Sensor to Study Surfaces As Gently as Possible on an Atomic Scale
91 Photos: Falcon Heavy lights up Florida's Space Coast – Spaceflight Now
92 First Falcon Heavy night launch slips to June 24 – Spaceflight Now
93 Quantum Logic Spectroscopy Unlocks Potential of Highly Charged Ions
94 Signals from distant stars connect optical atomic clocks across Earth for the first time
95 Physicists Put Einstein to the Test With a Quantum-Mechanical Twin Paradox
96 The Higher You Are, the Faster You Age
97 How to Watch SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Launch a Solar Sail Tonight
98 The Most Precise Atomic Clock Ever Could Change Our Understanding of Physics
99 The Owner's Guide To Your New Space Station
100 Sharper GPS needs even more accurate atomic clocks